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21 Chic Style Cozy Glam Bedroom Decor Ideas

A bedroom is an individual’s personal space in the house. It is a place where you would like to not only rest but also be comfortable. And that is why the room’s atmosphere is important and should be taken care of. This can be done by creating the right look and feel for your bedroom. When it comes to glam bedrooms with chic style, room decor plays a key role. There are different glam bedroom decors. You can select the cozy glam bedroom decor that you like the most and re-design your bedroom with the same.

1. Playing with the Patterns

glamour bedroom

You can add class and glamour to your bedroom by thoughtfully pulling in different patterns with this cozy glam bedroom decor idea. You can do this with the rugs, bedding, bedroom walls, flooring, ceiling, etc. For example – A satin cover draped over the bed, a ceiling lamp, wooden flooring, and a designer mirror on the wall just above the bed.

2. Velvet Bedspread

velvet bedspread

When it comes to adding glam and allure to your bedroom, then adding velvet to your bedspread is a great option. The soft, smooth, and shiny material of velvet give an elegant look to the bed. Matching it with a white bed cover and white pillows will also bring out a charismatic look.

3. Single-color Use

Single color bedroom

Rooting for a single neutral color palette can give your bedroom a serene look. Using undertone colors like gray and layering beiges in your bedroom, for example – having a beige tufted headboard, beige curtains, and wallpaper, can not only give it a serene look but also add a luxe feel. This cozy glam bedroom decor idea nearly has all that one can expect of.

4. Bed Framing with Mirrored Nightstands

bed framing with mirrored nightstands

Framing your bed with mirrored accents will give your bedroom a cozy, chic-styled, and sophisticated look. It also makes the room space look bigger. You can also put a chandelier, especially if the room has a warm and light color for achieving the perfect cozy glam bedroom decor in your private space.

5. Headboard Focused

 wall color will highlight the headboard and give the bedroom a chic style

Give your room a five-star feel by increasing the headboard height. To make it more glamorous by adding a velvet tufted headboard. Keep your bedding simple to keep it classic and not overwhelming to the eyes. Also, putting the velvet tufted headboard color in contrast with the wall color will highlight the headboard and give the bedroom a chic style.

6. The Metallic Accent

mixing metal when decorating can bring glam bedroom

Mixing metals when decorating can bring glam to your bedroom. Trying out a mix of metal finishes will make your bedroom look sassy. Fox example – Putting silver bedside table lamps and nightstands with golden chandeliers and mirrors is a good mixture of luxe metal in your bedroom which, when used with crystal accents, can add sparkle to your bedroom.

7. Lacquer and Grand Bed

athome usa sarah king size bed in grey birch lacquer finish

A king-size bed and shiny lacquer can be enough for a glam bedroom with a high-fashion look. The bed should have unique decoration and detailing to make it the center of the room. You can also set the bed apart from the rest of the bedroom space by selecting velvet linen or black and white bedding. Using shiny lacquer on walls or cabinets elevates the bedroom design and creates an elegant look.

8. Satin’s Touch

5 piece satin silk comforter set

The slight reflective finish of satin fabric instantly brings a glam look. You can put a satin headboard or bedding, or you can put both together with a stain sheen and matching metallic nightstands. This will give your bedroom a royal touch.

9. Matching Metallic Nightstands

Isabella Metallic 4 piece Bedroom Set with 2 Nightstands and Dresser

A key to a chic style glam bedroom is symmetry. And one of the ways to bring symmetry is to put matching metallic nightstands in your bedroom. There are other bedroom decors that you can use in combination with matching metallic nightstands. Like heightened tufted headboard with pendant lighting and matching metallic nightstands creates a classic chic-style bedroom interior.

10. Natural Shade Textured Wall

natural shade textured wall

A natural shaded wall texture creates focus and a classic feel in the bedroom. Ivory and gray color pallets bring a different charm to the bedroom. You can also add wallpaper with an ivory or gray texture. Matching it with the gold metallic decor like the gold nightstands or chandelier will give your bedroom a glamorous touch.

11. The Jewel-Tone Presence

jewel tone bedroom gold bed fur decorating

A jewel tone in your bedroom is like giving your bedroom a royal touch. Bringing in the jewel tones like amethyst, ruby, sapphire, etc., with bedding, matching décor, and a simple chandelier and light wall color can make it look richer.

12  Four-Poster Bed

glamour and luxe bedroom

If you want to add glamour and luxe to your bedroom, then try out a four-poster bed  Combining other decors like a crystal chandelier, vaulted ceiling, and velvet tufted furniture brings in more dramatic and vintage vibe into your bedroom.

13  Retro Metal Headboard

Bed metal frame with storage headboard foot board (black)

Add chic-style glamour to your bedroom by using a retro metal headboard  You can put the retro metal headboard on the featured wall of your bedroom  Placing it against a dark -colored wall feature wall adds drama to your bedroom space  Complimenting it with metal nightstands would give your bedroom a classic look.

14  Black Wall with Gold Chandelier and Headboard

Black walls with a golden touch in the bedroom

Black walls with a golden touch in the bedroom are a great combination to bring glamour and mystery to your bedroom  Adding a golden tufted headboard and chandelier will take this to another level  Your bedroom will give you a royal look.

15  Gold Metallic Table Lamp

Lampshades add pattern to the gorgeous Victorian bedroom

A gold metallic table lamp looks good when used in a bedroom whose wall has bold colors  When perched next to your bed on the nightstand, it brings glamour and chic style to your bedroom  Add a 3-set painting on the wall above the headboard, and a gold chandelier with it will bring another level of drama and luxury vibes to your bedroom.

16. Crystal Chandelier with a Tulip Glass Candlestick

Crystal Chandelier with a Tulip Glass Candlestick

A crystal chandelier is a great option to exhibit richness and splendor in your bedroo . It can work with anything, be it the design style or color scheme of the roo . When combined with tulip glass candlestick, it makes the bedroom look extra-luxurious and glamorou . You can keep this luxe tulip glass candlestick on the nightstands or shelves or display them with candles/flowers to make them look more appealing.

17. Square Ottoman with Traditional Wall Mirror

Square Ottoman with Traditional Wall Mirror

A chic-style cross-legged ottoman with elegant trim will bring luxe and glamour to your bedroo . Choosing the shade and tone that is suitable for your bedroom design and putting a traditional wall mirror can create classic glamour and luxury touch in your bedroo . You can also put wall paintings and paint the walls in a darker tone to enhance the mirror effect.

18. Solid Square Shams and Pattern Pillows

Solid Square Shams and Pattern Pillows

A combination of solid square shams and pattern pillows on the bed can bring in a classic chic-style vibe in the bedroom, especially when they are either of the same colors as the bedding or with the wal . You can also lay them against the headboar . Leaning them against the tufted headboard will enhance the look of the bed.

19. Throw Blankets with Golden Side Lamps

throw blankets with golden side lamps

Adding a throw blanket, especially with a jewel tone, can instantly bring a glam touch to your bedroo . If your bedroom walls have a neutral tone, then adding golden side lamps will add luxe to your bedroom.

20. Shiny Lacquer

shiny lacquer

Give your room an elegant and rich look with shiny Lacque . They are naturally elevated and give a luxe feel if matched with decors made of darker woo . They can also be matched with metallic nightstands and lamps to give your bedroom a glam look.

21. Painted Ceiling with a Chandelier

painted ceiling with a chandelier

A painted ceiling with a chandelier gives the bedroom a classy, glamorous, and ultra-luxurious loo . Regardless of the bedroom’s design, style, and color combination, a chandelier and a painted ceiling can go with anything and elevate the roo . You can also combine them with a four-poster bed for a chic look.


Your room is that place in your house where you spend most of your tim . Therefore, it is important to take care of your room’s space to get a cozy, refreshing, and comfortable feeling.

This can be done by creating a suitable look and style for your bedroo . For example, if you want to transform your bedroom into a glam bedroom with chic style, then you can choose any of the above chic style decors.

You can also try new decors and their combinations which are suitable for your bedroom design.

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