What Are Some Seasonal Farmhouse Decor Ideas

What Are Some Seasonal Farmhouse Decor Ideas?

Farmhouse decor ideas bring a rustic charm with practical elements to your space. But is it the right decor idea for your home? What seasons does this decor idea add brilliance to your place?

Interestingly, there’s a lot of warmth and refreshing vibes, starting in spring and going up to winter, and farmhouse ideas can take the aesthetics of your home several notches higher. Think of barn boards, vintage furniture, wicker, rattan, and exposed wooden beams for a homespun feel.

Farmhouse decor ideas are characterized by earthly tones, wooden and metallic accents, and warm and cool neutrals with hints of natural greens and blues. A down-to-earth approach, farmhouse decor elements are more nature-inspired with hand-crafted and repurposed decorative and accent pieces.

Keen on how to convert your space with seasonal countrified elements? Here are 10 easy room-by-room farmhouse decor ideas to try out.

1. Nature-Inspired Ideas

Nature-Inspired Ideas

Nature is an integral part of a typical farmhouse. However, you have to be careful of what you are picking for the decor though. You need to avoid tropical plants. Rather, you should go in for olive or eucalyptus plants. The use of huge galvanized planters gives a vintage aesthetic feel. You can use these planters outdoors, too, to plant some seasonal plants like pansies and other season-colored vegetables.

2. Milk Cans to Make Farmhouse-Style Tables

Milk Cans to Make Farmhouse-Style Tables

This one is a farmhouse decor idea for summer. Visit a local flea market to buy vintage milk cans. The height of these cans is just appropriate to make for a side table. You can also order a ready-made milk can side table online.

3. Strawhats on the Wall

Strawhats on the Wall

A romantic straw hat, when hung on the wall, transforms the look of your home dramatically. It is an easy farmhouse decor idea. You can add a few springs and seasonal flowers to the hat to make it look fall-appropriate or summer-relevant. For fall, orange or yellow-colored chrysanthemums, and for summer, use geraniums, sunflowers, or dahlias.

4. Add Neutral Shades for a Boho Look

Add Neutral Shades for a Boho Look

An everlasting farmhouse decor idea is to recreate your living room ambiance with neutral shades and colors. Light colors like white, gray, or beige or darker colors like black and brown are the rustic color choices. This color combo works brilliantly throughout all seasons. Use white sofa covers, cushions, pillows, throws, etc., to achieve the look.

5. Mirrors, Mirrors on The Wall

Mirrors, Mirrors on The Wall

This is another way to spruce up your space with this farmhouse decor idea. Positioning a few mirrors opposite each other helps reflect the natural light. The outcome is the impression of a bigger and lighted space. If you have small rooms and corridors, this idea will work fabulously for you.

6. Hanging Wicker Baskets

Hanging Wicker Baskets

Do you have a good collection of a bevy of wicker baskets? If yes, this farmhouse decor idea is a practical one for you. The line of baskets also becomes an incredibly interesting storage solution, out of reach of kids and pets.

7. Pantry Ideas

Pantry Ideas

No better way to welcome the breezy and fresh Spring than cleaning out your pantry. We have a fabulous farmhouse decor idea to spruce up this place of yours. Paint the entire place in one of the earthly colors or serene white. Replace your typical crockery with mason jars, vintage accessories, baskets, and more.

8. Add a Few Floral Paintings

 Add a Few Floral Paintings

Pep up the internal decor of your living or bedroom with a few colorful paintings of season-specific flowers. Not only does this farmhouse decor idea bring in a countryside vibe to your place, but If you have some monochrome, black-and-white paintings stacked up somewhere, it is time to get them out and decorate your entire home.

9. A Wreath Using Chicken Wire

A Wreath Using Chicken Wire

A farmhouse decor idea is incomplete without a wreath or chicken wires. Our idea is to use a distressed wooden frame with the chicken wire stuck to the frame on all sides, decorated with lemon. Use lemon leaves to add a pinch of green to the decorative as well as the fruity flavorsome scent of lemon flowing all across the room.

10. A Table Arrangement

 A Table Arrangement

For your center or dining table, use this farmhouse decor idea to spruce it up. It is simple and can be made from items readily available in your house. Use any cloth to make a ribbon. Place a candle inside a lantern at the center of the arrangement. Use bright sunflowers and a little bit of foliage to make it worthy as a center of attraction as a decorative piece in your place.

11. A Rustic Chandelier

A Rustic Chandelier

To give a rustic feel to your living room, DIY a chandelier with our next farmhouse decor idea. Use milk glass bottles and tie them up across a branch of a log piece. Use strings to tie this arrangement up above the dining table or where the sofas are placed in the living room.

12. Wooden Crates

 Wooden Crates

Use wooden crates in the living room to bring a rustic vibe to the place. You can place battery-powered candles, mini trees, foliage, lamps, and flowers to amp up the look of the room. You can also use these crates as a bookshelf in your kids’ room.


Farmhouse decor ideas give a rural touch to a modern and contemporarily-styled home, drawing attention to different rustic elements with a subtle, stylish demeanor. All these twelve decor ideas are easy to render with the help of items that are usually found in most homes. This means that you do not have to spend much from your pocket for these seasonal add-ons for a countryside feel.

Let us know what you think about these farmhouse decor ideas in the comments below. Share these ideas with your friends and family, as each house celebrates the simple, minimalistic look and feel of a rustic place.

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