Glam Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire You

15 Glam Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Elevate the look of your Bathroom with these 15 Glam Bathroom Decor Ideas.  Your Bathroom is usually the first and the last space you visit in your day.

So, it is important to make this place feel welcoming. Shaking things a little and making a few changes in your space will ramp up your bathroom game. The good part is it is also very easy with these tips and tricks.

Here are 15 Glam Bathroom Decor Ideas that can help you with it.

1. Make Full Use Of A Mirror

On the top of our Glam Bathroom Decor ideas list is bringing a new mirror to your space. Adding a mirror will instantly make your Bathroom feel elevated. While there are different mirrors out there, you can choose one based on how you want the final look to be. Choosing a big mirror will open up the space and create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. You can also choose a curved mirror to give your space a little contrast.

Glam Bathroom Decor

In addition, to ramp your game even further,  you can get a mirrored bathroom vanity. It is a unique element on the list of Glam Bathroom Decor. Mirrored furniture is taking the inclusion of mirrors to a whole different level. So, you can use that to make your Bathroom look like the ones straight out of a magazine.

2. Add The Marble

Adding marble flooring to your Bathroom is also a glam trick that will make your Bathroom look really sophisticated. Marbles are great surfaces that reflect light and give a very elegant look to the whole space. Adding it to your Bathroom would be a great way to achieve the goals. If you are willing to take it a little further, you can add this stone to your walls and shower floors too.

Marble- Glam Bathroom Decor

3. Play With The Patterns

You can add a touch of glam to parts of your Bathroom by playing with patterns. Another Glam Bathroom Decor Idea is using some pattern in your space to break the monotony. You can put up a shower curtain or a patterned sink skirt to include some patterns and prints in your Bathroom.

Sink Skirt- Glam Bathroom Decor

In addition, you can put patterned wallpapers or tiles on your bathroom walls. This will be a bold addition to the space, making it look elevated. If you plan on going bolder, you can put multiple coherent patterns together.

4. Breathe Some Life In Your Bathroom (Quite Literally!)

Adding another element to your Glam Bathroom Decor is bringing some life into the space. Add some plants in the form of succulents, or get some flowers. A few stems of flowers in a jar would also do the job. As an artistic touch, you can hang some of these plants in your shower.

Flower-Glam Bathroom

5. Be Wise With The Color Palate

Colors have the power to decide the mood of any space. Putting a fresh coat of paint on your bathroom walls is going to make your Bathroom feel new and fresh. It will breathe a lot of life into the Bathroom. But, what will make it even more worth it will be you making a wise choice while choosing the color for your space.

Pink bathroom Glam Bathroom Decor

For instance, you can choose a warm pink if you are looking for a flattering and welcoming space. You can also jump to the other side of the wheel and try a blue if you want a calming, relaxed, soothing feel. Depending on the kind of vibe you’re looking for, pick a color and paint it however you want.

6. Personalize It a Little

Make it personal. One of the things that you can do to make your Bathroom look more sophisticated and glamorous is to bring a little bit of ‘You’ into it. So, you can get your towels and tissue box monogrammed. This would give your Bathroom a luxury feel in no time at all. Additionally, you can also put a signature scent in your Bathroom. This is a great way of personalization too.

Monogram Towels- Glam Bathroom Decor

7. It’s The Touch of Gold

Anything luxurious and glam has a touch of gold. So, don’t forget the importance of bringing gold into your Glam Bathroom Decor. You can add some brass fixtures to your Bathroom or get a gold-ed mirror. Little touches of this metallic color are going to create a wow effect that will leave you swooning.

Brass Mirror- Glam Bathroom Decor

8. Here Light, There Light, Everywhere Light-Light

Lightning is everything. It can make or break your aesthetic. So, make sure you have just the right amount and kind of light coming into your Glam Bathroom Decor. If you really are bringing it all in, don’t let the dining rooms have access to chandeliers, bring one in your Bathroom too. But, if it is too much, you can always go for some crystal lighting. The clear crystals will reflect the light from the bulbs and give you a heavenly effect.

Chandelier- Glam Bathroom

9. Bold Ceiling

While we are still on the topic of going bold, another idea is painting your ceiling colorful. If not paint, you can even put wallpaper up there. This is a little unexpected, but it would give your Bathroom a contrast and bring a glam touch to it. This a rather new trend in the Glam Bathroom Decor area, but this will have you feeling million dollars in a moment.

Bathroom Ceiling- Glam Bathroom Decor

10. Get Creative With The Storage

A budget-friendly and easy option to add to your Bathroom is getting creative with your storage options. This completely depends on how your Bathroom is made, but a Glam Bathroom Decor Idea would be looking around and seeing if you have missed any opportunity there. You can add some floating shelves in your Bathroom or maybe some open shelves. This will make your Bathroom look extravagant without putting in much effort.

Floating Storage Glam Bathroom Decor

11. A Bathtub Is The Ultimate Princess Treatment

The most glamorous addition to your Bathroom will be a bathtub. It provides the ultimate Princess feel when you are relaxing and gives your Bathroom an ultra-glam look when not in use. To take it up a notch, add a bathtub tray. It doesn’t matter what you do with it, you could put some flowers, or scented candles and that will be enough.

Bathtub-tray-Glam Bathroom Decor

12. Hang Some Frames

Framed artwork can make any place look a little extravagant. So, why should your Bathroom lag behind? Bring in some of the art in your Bathroom and place them strategically. It will give a lot of character to your place and make it look glam, just like you want.

Frames Bathroom Glam Bathroom Decor

13. Placement And Concealing

One thing you cannot miss in your Glam Bathroom Decor is ensuring that everything is placed just right and you are not showing too much. Most decorators and designers pay special attention to the placement of things as it makes the space look sophisticated in a moment.

Symmetry Bathroom Glam Bathroom Decor

Bring symmetry to your decor to make your Bathroom look world-class. Not only that, make sure you only have small amounts of things showing. So many times, we fill our glass jars full of cotton balls. This can make your Bathroom look a little shabby. To avoid it, keep everything in storage and only put an adequate amount into the show.

14. Replace Your Bathmat

A little investment will go a long way. Make sure you invest in a good bathmat for your Glam Bathroom Decor. A dirty mat can change your Bathroom from a wow place to a no-no in a moment. So, replace your mats. Fancy bathrooms generally have Turkish and Persian rugs. You can invest in one of those if you want. However, if you are not looking to make big investments, you can always go for tufted wool rugs. They are soft and look just as beautiful.

Bathroom Rug Glam Bathroom Decor

15. Pay Attention To The Sensory Part

Nothing feels good till it smells good. So, while you are taking care of the visual part, also pay some attention to the sensory part. As a very easy option, hang eucalyptus in your Bathroom or shower for a spa-like feel. It will be a scent you didn’t know you needed but can’t live without it. This will take you on a relaxing getaway as soon as you close your eyes. Enjoy the ride.

Eucalyptus Shower Bunch- Bathroom Glam Decor

Glitz and Glamor, You are Ready To Feel Calmer – The Last Word

After a hectic day of running around and getting things done, it feels very nice to come back to a bathroom where you can feel the luxury and relax at the same time. Bringing that luxury to your space isn’t that hard with these Glam Bathroom Decor hacks. All this will leave you feeling like Princess every time you step in. So, don’t miss that and do it all. It does not necessarily has to be anything very big. Small changes will change the way everything looks. So, get started now.

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