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15 Flawless Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

The Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs are a perfect addition to your dining room. These chairs showcase elegant designs with smooth curves and clean lines.

Given how versatile these chairs are, they complement almost all kinds of interior designs. The Mid Century Modern Dining chairs strike a good balance between modern and traditional design patterns.

They are available in different designs, textures, and padding that you can choose from. Check out these 15 Perfect Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs to include in your space.

1. Velvet Upholstery Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair

The Velvet Upholstery Mid-Century dining chair is a chic option for your dining space. This Carrington Chair has a deep seat and comes with thick foam cushioning that provides comfort and support for longer periods. As a style element, the chair sports a winged back and has diamond quilting that gives it its chic look.

Velvet Upholstery Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair

2. Chisdock Upholstered Side Chair

Another one-of-a-kind chair to add to your Mid Century Modern Dining setup would be the Chisdock chair, which is made from solid oak. It’s available in a wide range of finishes and colors that will fit right into your dining room. These chairs are wrapped up in polyester blend fabric and have a curved back for comfortable seating.

Chisdock Upholstered Side Chair

3. Armen Living Jaguar Dining Chair

If you are looking for Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs that would blend right into your space, look no further because Armen Living Jaguar Dining Chairwould fit your needs perfectly. The splayed legs and simple seat on the chair make it a great fit for any dining room. The chair also has a curved rectangular backrest that gives comfortable seating. A perfect balance between modern and traditional, this chair is a very good option.

Armen Living Jaguar Dining Chair

4. CangLong Washable PU Cushion Seat Back

It’s not just about looks. While you are looking for a perfect chair for your dining space, you have to ensure that you pick the most comfortable chair out there. This CangLong Washable PU Cushion Seat Back is one of the most practical seats out there that will give you the comfort you need. These beautifully crafted mid-century modern dining chairs are elegant for any space.

CangLong Washable PU Cushion Seat Back

5. Jordan Arm Chairs

You can easily make your dining space look like a statement space by adding some iconic Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs. One such type of chair is the Jordan Arm Chair. Made with molded plastic, these are comfortable chairs that are suitable for meals, game nights, and even get-togethers. Sporting some solid wood legs with metal cross braces, these chairs truly will make your dining space dressed up. Not only that, we can’t emphasize enough how durable they are. So, these are worth checking out once.

Jordan Arm Chair- Mid-Century Modern Chair

6. The Modern Petal Dining Chair

If you are looking to give your Mid Century themed dining space an elevated and modern look, these Modern Petal Dining Chairs will do the job. These chairs have a stylish look and are made from richly-grained wood, and have an iron frame. This gives these Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs a modern look. They sport a comfortable contoured back and are a perfect fit.

Petal Mid Century Modern Dining Chair

7. Give It A Pop Of Color

Do you desire a dining room chair that stands out instead of blending in? This is it for you, then. These Invita Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs are a contemporary addition to your space and would give it a pop of color. Available in a variety of bold colors, these chairs are very versatile. While you have them in your dining room, you can also use them in your living room, bedroom, or even office.

Invita- Pop of Colour Dining Chairs

8. The Alexis Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair

Another great option to explore is these Alexis Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs. These are premium contemporary minimalist-style chairs that will fit just right in your dining room. They have gentle curves, which is a very convenient design. They allow you to have both style and comfort. These mid-century dining chairs are actually very stable because of their metal legs. This is a classic design, and you can invest in them without giving it much thought.

Alexis Chairs Mid Century Modern Design

9. Lunar Velvet Side Chair

This Mid Century Modern Dining chair comes with skid-proof caps that are also non-marking and give safety on the chair legs. Lunar Velvet Side Chair is built on a metal frame and has a vintage look. Its vintage stitchery, tapered legs, and rounded corners give a very aesthetic look to the whole space. The chair seating is covered with velvet and foam, which makes it a very comfortable addition to your dining room.

Lunar Velvet Chair

10. Drumawilin Dining Chair

Your quest for Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs that are simple and unique ends here. The Drumawilin dining chair offers you a comfortable sitting while giving the dining space an unparalleled charm. Constructed on solid wood, this chair can withstand any wear and tear during daily use. The backrest of it is curved and adds to the overall beauty of the set. Since these chairs are available in both walnut and oak finish, you can choose depending on your interior.

Drumvillian Chair- Mid Century Modern Dining Chair

11. A Bold Chair- The Marin Chair

If we had to describe this chair in one word, it would be bold. The Marin Chair is a chair that showcases a unique design and is not as geometrical as any normal chair would. But that, in no way, means that it isn’t mesmerizing. This chair has angular recessed arms and is made of a wood skeleton. The making of the chair gives your mid-century dining room a hint of luxury.

Bold Chair- The Marin Chair

12. Leather Upholstered Chair

A Leather Upholstered Mid Century Modern Dining chair is a chair that is perfect for you if you have a big family or a big dining table at least. It provides ample seating with durable material. Given how this chair is constructed, it can withstand all the wear and tear, making it very durable.

Leather Upholstered chair

13. Safavieh Chair

These Safavieh Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs are no ordinary chairs. Made with durable solid wood, they sport sturdy back support. They come in such great quality that the longevity of these chairs is guaranteed. If you decide to add these to your dining room, they will amp up the aesthetic of your room.

Safvieh Chair

14. Dylan Upholstered Side Chair

Another mid-century modern dining chair that will fit into your contemporary interior design would be this Dylan Upholstered Side Chair. This delicate and short chair is the stylish piece that you need in your home. All the legs of this chair are made of wood and are durable enough. The seating is a contrast to the wood, hence making it a perfect fit in your space.

Dylan Upholstered Side Chair

15. Modern-Vintage Armchair

If you are looking for a more dressy chair, this Xavier Cream Velvet chair might be the one for you. This Meridian Furniture sports a simple barrel seat with comfortable seating. The chair also sports a gold base for a sleek and contemporary look. The gold legs are sturdy, and the “X” leg in the back of the chair gives it an uber-modern vibe. A modern and elegant chair will make your room feel dressed up effortlessly.

Xavier White Chair

Why Choose A Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair?

  • With so many options available, it gets difficult to make choices. However, the Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs are clear winners if you ask us. These pieces are both traditional and modern, giving you an opportunity to have a balance of both. These are basically old chairs made with a modern approach.
  • These chairs are comparatively lighter on your wallet, and investing in them could be very rewarding.
  • Since the Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs have both modern and traditional chairs and you have too many options when it comes to making a choice.
  • These chairs are either pre-assembled or very easy to assemble. So, it is a setup that you can look forward to without making a lot of mess.


To conclude the word, Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs are functional, contemporary, and durable on a bigger canvas. They come in a number of colors, and it’s very easy to include them in your décor. There are a number of materials used in making these chairs, including glass, plastic, wood, and varied fabrics.

The best thing about including the Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs is that you don’t have to make a whole new setup for that. These are very versatile chairs and can easily be included in your already set up place. An additional good point about these chairs is that they can be used in more than one place other than the dining. You can use them in your rooms and other places in the house too.

Cleaning and maintaining these chairs is comparatively easier, and they can be a great investment option. The Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs are surely the kind that would want you to snuggle up and grab a cappuccino and cozy up in your dining room. Go ahead, and check out all the options.

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