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15 Ideas To Decorate Your Dream Parisian Bedroom

Although apartments with exquisite molding and parquet floors may be difficult to locate in every part of the world, there are certain fundamental characteristics of the contemporary French style that you can incorporate into any room.

Many Parisian homes have additional character and appeal that goes beyond interior design aesthetics, particularly when it comes to dining and relaxing.

If you’re seeking to turn your abode into a Parisian dream, this article is going to show you how to decorate your apartment with a French flair, just the way you want it.

1. Go for An All-White Paint Scheme

Parisian inspired open kitchen shelving

In a French bedroom, keep things simple by painting the walls white, adding lovely antique mirrors, and a bed frame. Keep the majority of your furniture white while painting the walls and even the flooring white. Only then, decide on decor pieces that will complement the mellow white theme.

2. Display Family Heirlooms

Display Family Heirlooms

The key to French interior design is fusing contemporary and vintage pieces to produce spaces that have a feeling of history. Using heirloom furniture and antiques that have been in the family for many years is the best way to bring the past into the present. For instance, the table that belonged to your grandmother and the painting that was painted by your great-uncle not only give your space a sense of permanence but also tell a story.

3. Add a Chandelier

french design bedroom

Ceiling light fixture choices may seem endless. Pendants, flush-mount fixtures, track lighting, recessed lighting, and directional lights exist, and so many other options exist. In contrast, if you’re going for a Parisian bedroom decor aesthetic, a chandelier is your only true option.

This classic element of French design is elegant and ageless in all spaces, including bedrooms, baths, and entryways. Choosing an old-fashioned or antique chandelier can add even more French flair.

4. Focus on Fabrics


Silk adds a distinctively French touch. Although floor-to-ceiling silk drapes may be out of your price range, it is worth it to splurge on a few silk-covered pillows. French ticking is another timeless fabric choice. It’s less formal but no less endearing for that. Common french patterns also include Toile, scrollwork, checks, and stripes.

5. Gold Mirror

gold mirror

Adding large-scale mirrors to the walls of the bedroom is one of the tactics Parisians use to keep it bright. Mirrors do, in fact, reflect light, keeping your space looking spacious and vibrant. Because of this, most Parisian bedroom decor frequently features a sizable decorative mirror with a gilded gold finish. Typically, a gold mirror is hung over the fireplace. It will immediately give your bedroom a chic, Parisian feel.

6. Accent Chair

accent chair

If you want to bring a bit of Parisian style to your bedroom, consider adding a slipper chair, a dining chair, or a bench. This will result in the creation of a cozy reading nook or a spot that is ideal for getting away and relaxing. In addition to providing a place to sit, this also functions as additional storage and wardrobe space.

7. Rug

Persian-style and Moroccan-style rugs in their living room

Some Parisians would rather display their gorgeous oak flooring than cover it with a mat. Although they have a lovely appearance, wooden floors in Parisian apartments make moving between rooms a noisy endeavor. For this reason, rugs can frequently be seen in Parisian bedrooms. In terms of pattern and colors, Parisians frequently go for Persian-style and Moroccan-style rugs in their living room or choose a beige or greige rug made of natural material to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

8. Accessories

decorated Parisian look bedroom

To obtain that slightly decorated Parisian look in your bedroom, use a fragrant candle, a few dried flowers, a few hefty pillows on the bed, and a few scattered coffee table books. A typical Parisian apartment is full of items from around the world, each of which has its own meaning and function. Parisians love to pick up antiques, home decor pieces, and other items when they travel. And a Parisian home always has all these precious travel stories in the form of all these accessories.

9. Elaborate Moldings on The Walls

Elaborate Moldings on The Walls

The combination of the old with the new is what defines the French way of life. To recreate the traditional Parisian bedroom decor, combine a contemporary home with complex and elegant French hallmark moldings. It takes some work, but it is absolutely worthwhile. Ornate moldings on the walls or ceilings effortlessly infuse your area with the old-world elegance of a Parisian home, adding a touch of dreaminess and luxury.

10. Touch of Vintage

touch of vintage

Mixing old and new, elegant and rustic, is the guiding principle of Parisian design. A little bit of vintage beauty may be found in any Parisian home. Adding subtle layers of vintage decor to your home will give it a cozy feel. The combination of old-world charm and modern design is what really gives a home a Parisian bedroom decor-inspired appearance, whether it be a vintage armchair in your seating area or an antique gramophone on your side table.

11. Include a Bistro Table

Vera Pedestal Dining Table

Make a bistro table part of your house by drawing design ideas from the cafés and streets of Paris. A piece like this is really versatile despite having a small dimension, and it can be used in a tiny room as a dining table, or it can be placed in the doorway to corral mail and showcase little trinkets. Either way, you can put it to good use.

12. Have A Grand Headboard

grand headboard

Your bed will be the main piece of furniture in your bedroom, regardless of its size. Because of this, you should make sure that your headboard is as big, majestic, and elegant as you can manage while designing a French-inspired bedroom. For all those lazy Saturday mornings when you want to be curled up with a book and some orange juice, a lovely cushioned or tufted headboard is helpful.

13. Consider a Boudoir

consider a boudoir

A boudoir is a perfect addition to a French bedroom without a closet or for extra wardrobe space. Because boudoirs are like blank canvases, you can paint or renovate one as necessary to match the aesthetic you already want for your home. You may also install shelves or drawers to fit your storage needs and hang a mirror inside the door easily.

14. Keep It Minimal

Parisian bedroom

With so many features to the Parisian flat, it is easy to overcrowd your space. Keep your home free of trinkets and unnecessary objects. Make sure everything in your space inspires or is meaningful to you.

Avoid placing too many loud things in your room. Combining bolder, more intricate components with simpler, cleaner pieces is one aspect of modern French design. When it comes to organizing your home like a Parisian, balance is essential.

15. French Candles

french candles

It is common knowledge that France is responsible for producing some of the most exquisitely scented candles in the world. The manufacturers are responsible for some of the most alluring scents you can possibly imagine. Hence, the French are known for their fondness of decorating their homes with candles in every available space. Rose and Berry-scented ones are the most common.


Having your own perfectly decorated French room to retire to is the most calming and lovely thing in the world. The Parisian design makes it possible to incorporate vintage and antique artifacts into the room to use as art pieces. Whether you use all of these suggestions or even just a few in your room, you will be blown away by the incredible environment you have produced.

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