nori veggie wraps- my everyday staple

this isn’t so much a recipe as a suggestion because it’s so simple.   it’s also something i eat every single day.  i’m a creature of habit and when i find something i love i usually eat it non stop until the day comes when the idea of it turns my stomach.  i expect i’ll be eating one of these a day at least through august.  the perfect light and healthy meal for midday.  and, the secret ingredient gives it just the kick i need to fully satisfy.  {more after the jump, including an animation!}

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sometime last fall i developed an obsession with popcorn and it’s turned into an every night thing: me and a giant bowl of popcorn watching the real housewives of wherever or some other bravo tv embarassment.  i can resist the popcorn just about as well as i can resist a housewives reunion show.  NOT AT ALL!  EVER!  so these sweet balls (heh) are a natural progression for an over zealous popcorn lover like myself.  and if i had children, these would be my go-to snack to satisfy their sweet tooths without getting them all hopped up on sugar.  hope you love!  xx sarah  {more after the jump}

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grilled radicchio and endive salad

i’ve been waiting a long time to fall in love with radicchio. i love how it looks but the bitterness of raw radicchio is not to my liking and i always end up picking it out of salad mixes. but grilled, with a sweet dijon dressing and some crunchy almonds… that changes everything. this is so simple to make, beautiful to serve and delicious to eat. i’m into it. *this is a salad that is better off as an accompaniment to a meal than the star of the show, in my opinion.  recipe after the jump.

the what:

1 small head of radicchio, quartered

3 endives, halved

refined coconut oil

1/4 cup tamari roasted almonds, rough chopped

2 tablespoons dijon mustard

2 tablespoons maple syrup

sea salt

cracked black pepper

the how:

cut bottom of endives (leave enough for them to stay together)

place quartered radicchio and halved endives onto a hot grill (or in my case, a grill pan, which i am mildly obsessed with!) *use refined coconut oil to grease the pan if you go that route

cook for a few minutes and use tongs to flip.  grill radicchio until it’s softened, browned and charred and endives until they are softened and have clear grill marks (see photos above for what you’re aiming for!)

while veggies are grilling, mix 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard with 2 tablespoons of high quality grade A maple syrup

once the radicchio and endives are fully cooked, remove from grill and chop into salad bite sized pieces.

toss with dressing (as much or as little as you prefer) and almonds.  season (liberally) with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.  enjoy!