Grain Free Pumpkin Muffins


Happy Friday!  The weekend is upon us and it’s begging the question- how will you treat yourself?!  I’m offering up these muffins as an option.  They’re free of refined sugar (and low in sugar in general) and gluten-free, easy to whip up and so delicious!  Slathered in organic grass-fed melted butter, they’re a dream.  A muffin lover’s Fall dream.  Hope you love and have a great weekend all!  xx- Sarah


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I’m not going to lie to you, I would marry these crispy peanut butter chocolate balls if marrying chocolate balls was a thing.  They are insane, the kind of crazy that’s so good it borders on bad.  The kind of crazy that’s best made to share because there’s pretty much no chance of resisting them once you have a batch of them in your refrigerator and THEY WILL BE EATEN ALL AT ONCE, if they have their way with you!  You’ve been warned.  Have at them!  xx- Sarah

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