Vegan + Gluten Free Banana Bread OMG


Good morning and happy Monday everyone!  As I’m sure you’ve either read elsewhere or surmised by now, Carlos passed away last Tuesday.  I want to write about it but I haven’t been able to yet.  Someday I will. Maybe sooner than later, I really don’t know.  Our hearts are heavy, we’re still in a bit of a daze.  But we spent yesterday with incredible friends who made us laugh, smile and forget our sadness for a time.  And I remembered that life moves forward.  One day at a time.  And things like banana bread are very helpful in times like this.  Honestly, when is banana bread NOT helpful?  And for all you gluten-free vegan baking skeptics, start here.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!  xx- Sarah

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Vegan + Gluten Free Banana Bread OMG

Vegan + Gluten Free Banana Bread OMG


  • 1 cup GF oat flour
  • 1 cup Bob's Red Mill GF all purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (melted)
  • 1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips (plus an extra handful for the top)
  • 3 very large, very ripe bananas


  • Preheat oven to 375 F.
  • In a large mixing bowl sift together 1 cup GF oat flour and 1 cup GF all purpose flour.
  • Add baking soda, baking powder and salt to mixing bowl and whisk together.
  • In a medium mixing bowl, use a fork or your hands to mash the peeled bananas.
  • Add mashed bananas, chocolate chips and liquid coconut oil to the dry ingredients and mix gently, being careful not to over-stir.
  • Spoon mixture into a lightly oiled 5 x 9 inch loaf pan. Add extra chocolate chips on top (optional but strongly suggested!).
  • Bake for 20-30 minutes, until top is lightly browned and a toothpick can be inserted and removed batter- free!


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Reader Comments

    • Sarah Yates|

      Yes Yes Yes! It’s super easy to throw together in the morning before the temps rise, DO IT!!!! 🙂 xx

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thank you so much Lucy! There is peace knowing that he’s happy and no longer has to deal with pain. Thank you for the sweet note. xx

  1. Alyssa|

    This look absolutely amazing! I love that there is no added sugar! I just made a cherry almond gluten free but it had sugar or actually truvia.. boo 🙁 I am DEFINITELY making this bread this weekend!


  2. Carmen|

    Carlos had such a beautiful face. For your heart to be this heavy, it must be filled with love. That love never dies. My deepest sympathy to you and Lou.

  3. Susan|

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, but I just wanted to express my sadness for you and your family. I wish you kindness and peace right now.

    One of my close friends has had some health problems recently and has eliminated gluten from her diet to feel better. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to brighten her day – I cannot wait to make this for her!


  4. Amy|

    My heart goes out to you – I know that so many of us who follow your blog will be sending supportive thoughts during this time of grief. Rest in peace, Carlos. XO

  5. Jan|

    Hi , I lost my Dad February 1st of this year. I miss him everyday. The only thing that gets me through is knowing he is with my Mom somewhere and that he has no more pain. If you can find a small book called- Gone from my sight – By Barabara Karnes. It is a wonderful help. She was a hospice nurse. It explains death and dying and is very comforting. My heart and prayers are with you. It does get easier. Much love, Jan Taylor

  6. thefolia|

    So sorry to hear of your precious loss. How fortunate that Carlos had such loving spirits with him in his finally days. Courage.

  7. Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes|

    Hi Sarah I saw it on your instagram page and just so you know I’ve been praying for your family. Death of a loved one is never easy; I lost my aunt three months ago and I still haven’t really accepted it. As you say life does go on, and it’s important that we reflect on all the good times we had with our loved one before their passing. I wish you all the best! So glad to see this banana bread which looks so delicious. I always come to your blog for the photography and the recipes.

  8. Rhode Izaguirre|

    My heart skipped a beat as I read your words about the passing of Carlos. I am genuinely so sorry. I know your hearts are heavy now. Just keep your memories with you always and that will help. God rest Carlos’ soul and give you all peace.

  9. Alexandra | Folk & Fest|

    I’m so so sorry for your loss Sarah, my thoughts are with you and your family. I wish you peace and comfort and hope you will find happiness. On a lighter note great recipe, I agree banana bread is always helpful 🙂 All the best 🙂 xo

  10. Jessica|

    Sarah and Lou,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Carlos. I’m thankful he is no longer suffering but I know how heavy your hearts are right now. Becoming a care taker is the hardest thing in the world. It’s also a true test of character. You both gave so much of yourselves to Carlos. That’s what love truly is.
    Carlos took a lot of love with him when he left on his next journey, even from complete strangers.
    Wishing you both love and blessings.

  11. Vanessa|

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m wondering if you don’t have GF all purpose flour, can it be substituted for something else? I don’t mind it having gluten. Can I just use regular flour? Thanks

    • Sarah Yates|

      Hi Vanessa, I haven’t tried but I don’t think you’ll run into any problems with substituting regular flour! Good luck! xx

  12. Paul Besco|

    Why not give us an idea of how many cups your three bananas are? Guessing can’t be good for replicating this bread.

    • Sarah Yates|

      If you use 3 regular sized bananas you’ll be good, it doesn’t need to be super precise! 🙂

  13. Carol Furlow|

    This is amazing!! Just made it! I ground my own oats for the oat flour. I can’t think of a better use of over ripe bananas! (And choc chips!! 😉

  14. Tonya|

    I have 3 questions 🙂
    1. Can i replace the oat flour with chickpea flour?
    2. How long does it keep?
    3. How/where should it be kept? (I live in a warm/moist climate)


  15. Leslie|

    Made this banana bread with 4 mushy bananas & gluten free “flour” mix…dense & del

    • Leslie|

      Delicious!! Loved by all! Went so fast..going to make all the time…didn’t add chocolate, just some chopped walnuts.

  16. Emily|

    Do you think the banana could be replaced with carrot? Or maybe pumpkin puree or zucchini?

  17. Olivia|

    I made this without the chocolate chips and replaced half the oil with a bit more banana. LOVE THIS RECIPE. BEST BANANA BREAD EVER !!! Thank you for this. Xo

  18. Danielle|

    Hi! Just made this bread 2ce. Couple of questions. The first time around it was not ready in 30 minutes, I left it in for 45. It was great but was a little dry. This time around I used 4 bananas to make it more moist. After 30/40 min it was still raw. It’s currently on the oven going on 50. What do you suggest to get it more moist without letting it become too dry? Also are my cooking times off? Thanks!

  19. Natalie A. Soleil|

    Tried a modified version and the results were lovely. Glad to find a simple gluten-free recipe!

  20. malorrie|

    Tried to make this tonight but with coconut flour, it seemed really dry.. it’s in the oven right now! Hoping it turns out ok!

  21. Sarita Shoemaker|

    Thanks for this idea!! My husband has practically eaten the entire loaf.

    I followed your recipe and needed to add a little water before pouring into the baking dish.

    I also lined my baking dish with parchment – it worked out excellent.

    I also added chopped walnuts. Oh, and I only needed two large bananas.

    The loaf is almost GONE! It was DEEEELISH!

  22. Diane|

    wondering how much dried cranberries can be used in place of the choc. chips. and even to add nuts if possible. what do you suggest?

    thanks so much,
    Diane Lombardi

  23. Kayla|

    Made these as cupcakes. Put them in for 18 minutes @ 375. They looked and tasted delicious.

  24. SUSanna|

    WAY too dry. I had to add almond milk and vegan butter
    and bake for 45 minutes . It passed as edible