Raspberry Granola {Vegan + GF}


Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend, I hope you ate delicious things, I hope you had that amazing sleep where you wake up and realize you’re sleeping- then close your eyes to get even more of it, that luxurious feeling.    Today I’m sharing a recipe for the thing I can’t stop eating- raspberry granola!  My favorite breakfast as of late consists of this- this granola, almond milk or coco yogurt and the freshest, sweetest fruit I can get my paws on!   This is the season for all my favorite stone fruits and berries and I’m taking full advantage.  I’m in heaven!  And this raspberry granola adds the perfect amount of crunch.  Lou  says it’s “the best” I’ve ever made.  So there’s that testimonial.  Make it, buy as much stone fruit and berries as you can swing and GO NUTS!!!  xx- Sarah

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sweet & salty polenta breakfast

during spring in coastal southern california there’s a marine layer that overtakes the mornings that’s referred to as “may grey” and “june gloom”.  it’s not uncommon to wake up and feel like it’s winter, only to have the sun pop out later in the day and realize you’re dressed in entirely too many clothes.  for these mornings i’ve been enjoying this treat, it warms me up and is a good mix-up from the everyday oatmeal. the trick: lots of salt and a really high quality maple syrup. delicious!

the what:

1/2 cup polenta (not the quick-cooking kind!)

3/4 cup almond milk

1 1/4 cup water

sea salt

high grade maple syrup

the how:

combine polenta, almond milk and water in a pot and cook over medium/low heat. stif often!  i like to hover over polenta cooking it almost like a risotto with constant stirring. but it’s not necessary, just my preference.

add salt and taste. you want this polenta good and salty, so don’t hesitate to add more!  you’ll be adding some sweet down the road so a good salty base is important.

keep tasting (critical) and add some more water if it gets too thick before it’s gotten soft. when it’s thoroughly cooked (soft, salty and a consistency you’re pleased with) remove from stove and spoon into a bowl.  this makes one substantial servings or two little ones.

drizzle with maple syrup and eat while it’s piping hot!  june gloom be damned.