under the weather…

hello friends!  i’m struggling a bit with this, so as much as i desperately want to dress up the dogs for entertaining blog photos i’m trying to take it easy and have to resist.  for me this week involves lots of miso soup, whole grains, veggies, and most importantly: rest & relaxation.  hopefully i’ll be back at it soon!  xx  *photo by hello mr fox

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  1. Apolline|

    I never posted any comment on your blog (on any of the blogs I read, actually^^), but I read every new article and really enjoy it. So it feels like i've been here long enough to allow myself to wish you all the best. Hope you'll feel better soon.

  2. Tania|

    Hope you are doing better, warm thoughts coming your way. :)) I love your image, it is beautiful. What kind of camera do you use? The picture is so clear.