Which Materials and Finishes Are Synonymous with Minimalist Interiors

Which Materials and Finishes Are Synonymous with Minimalist Interiors?

Minimalism has its core in living with simplicity. To adopt a minimalistic approach, we must lessen the distractions in our home and furnish it with items or decor that have optimum utility. Do you want to design or renovate your house with minimalist decor ideas but feel confused about picking which objects belong there? Consider the 90-day rule.

For instance, if you haven’t used anything for 90 days and don’t intend to use it for another 90, it doesn’t belong in your minimalistic home. To design it perfectly, you also need to consider the different materials, finishes, and principles of this style. Continue reading our guide to learn more!

Which Materials Are Recommended for a Minimalistic Design?

A minimalistic home is much more than just useful objects. Of course, it implies fewer objects, but it also adds real depth, character, and elegance to your home. Different materials provide different types of finishes. Some of these are elaborated on below. Choose the one that suits your needs best.

1. Wood


Expertly crafted wooden furniture can look at maturity and elegance. It provides a more raw look, something that will keep you connected with nature. You don’t necessarily have to furnish wooden chairs, tables, or sofas. You can find creative ways of incorporating a wooden touch—for instance, stairs, shelves, bookracks, seating areas, and door frames.

2. Concrete


Concrete is, without a doubt, used for all types of construction. But, what we are recommending here is a smooth finish of concrete. The raw, unpainted look will give a cool, calm appearance while also making the room seem bigger. Certain professionals are skilled in blending multiple colors. You can employ several shades of gray to achieve a modern effect.

3. Steel


Steel isn’t the go-to material for any minimalistic homes, given the sturdy and immutable look it gives. However, it can be readily used as a replacement for many other objects. The advantage is that it doesn’t need any additional decor and is good to go by itself. You can incorporate it in some components of the kitchen, living room, or even the dining room.

4. Glass


Glass is perfect to achieve a look of royalty and elegance. The best part of using glass decor is how easily it can be designed into the room’s plan. You can have glass walls, dining tables, decor, or even shelves, and all of them would only elevate the room. The only catch is that it has less durability and more maintenance due to the nature of the material.

5. Recycled Materials

 Recycled Materials

The core of all minimalism is wasting less and utilizing only that which is necessary. What better way to portray minimalism than to use old objects at home? You can repurpose them to design something new and save both money and resources. For instance, an old wheelbarrow can be used as a garden flower bed.

The Principles Of Minimalism

The Principles Of Minimalism

To best understand the different finishes under minimalism, you can begin by exploring the basic principles and core ideas that rest at the foundation of minimalism. Here are our top recommendations that would help you understand different minimalist decor.

  • Less Is More: As is emphasized in the guide, the basic idea of minimalism is “Less is More.” It means that a house should not be cluttered but rather efficient and practical.
  • Reductive Design: Today, we often come across modern decor that is merely overcomplicated for the sake of it. However, the minimalist decor includes objects stripped of their bare essentials.
  • Clean & Sleek Lines: Nothing speaks of more elegance than clean, sleek lines. Furthermore, the illusion of space created in the interiors by these lines is an added plus.

Which Aesthetics Should Be Followed?

Which Aesthetics Should Be Followed

When exploring minimalist decor, there are several patterns and interiors you can consider. However, some common themes stay consistent in all minimalistic interiors and elevate the room’s elegance. Here are some of the popular aesthetics that will make your room perfectly minimalistic.

  • Simple Lines
  • Neutral Color Palettes
  • Limited Furniture (depending on the utility)
  • Limited decor
  • Uncluttered space
  • More storage solutions
  • Open floor plans
  • Maximum natural lighting

Lastly, irrespective of our suggestions, don’t forget to add your personal touch. Any of this minimalist decor can only look good if they have your unique creativity and expression of personality.

Final Words

Minimalism is a rapidly growing interior design style that propagates a more efficient and practical way of living. The idea of “Less is More” sits at the core of this style.

Sleek lines, neutral palettes, optimal furniture, relevant decor, uncluttered space, open floor plans, and maximum natural lighting are some of the constant ideas of minimalism.

To achieve the perfect look, use materials like wood, steel, concrete, glass, and recycled materials that would bring out elegance and class. Which are your favorite minimalist decor? Let us know in the comments section below!

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