Can I Use a Sprayer to Apply the Best Cabinet Paint

Can I Use a Sprayer to Apply the Best Cabinet Paint?

If you want a makeover for your home and are wondering where to start, painting your wardrobes and cabinets can just be it. These are pocket-friendly, a quick DIY, and hassle-free. Just by painting, you can change the entire look of your room, kitchen, bathroom, living area, and dining area.

You might be thinking, how is painting hassle-free? But hey, we are in the 21st century, and spray paintings have made our job much easier. In just a blink of an eye, it can be the best cabinet paint for you! This article will take you through the details of spray painting and how it can be the best cabinet paintfor beginners as well.

By the end of this article, you will know everything about spray paints so that you can try your hands there! Having said that, let’s move to the entire process one step at a time.

1. Choose the Right Color

Choose the Right Color

You need to do your homework! Research thoroughly and choose the best cabinet paint. The following tips can be useful:

  • Your chosen color must complement the other furniture and wall paint in the room.
  • If your room has enough light, then you can choose a dark paint, or else we would recommend going for a lighter shade that will reflect light.
  • You can get help from various sites available online. This must include Benjamin Moore’s recommendations. They even choose the year’s color, and if you want to be ahead of the trend, this can be super helpful.
  • Checking the color wheel can also be your guide. It can guide you with colors that complement each other!

2. Prep the Cabinet

Prep the Cabinet

The next step is also essential for you to check if your cabinet is at its best or if it requires a little repair. If at all it does require some repair, get it done and be ready with the cabinet and your spray paint.

  • You also need to remove the drawer doors and bring your cabinet to parts. It makes you paint the entire cabinet and gives a wonderful finish.
  • Make sure that the cabinet is neat and clean. The first layer should be of TSP because it helps remove all dirt and makes the surface paint-ready.

3. Find the Right Place

Find the Right Place

You require ample space to paint the cabinets. Using spray paints can be the best cabinet paint because it is quick and does not require anything else, therefore inexpensive. Certain tips that can be helpful:

  • Ensure that the cabinet is not completely attached to the wall because you want to paint the sides, which can get difficult if the cabinet is very close to the wall.
  • Spread a waste paper or cloth on the floor and keep your cabinet parts over it.
  • Cover the portions you do not want to be painted, like the door knobs or likewise.
  • To avoid mess and dirt, cover everything around with plastic.

4. Primer Coatings

Primer Coatings

To have a smooth and even surface, you must apply a layer of oil primer, TSP, or anything that is noninflammable. You might notice that there are some tiny particles on the oil primer; we suggest you strain it before using it.

Pro Tip: Please wear gloves before starting the process, and in case you are allergic to the smell of oil or paint, mask up! Covering your eyes with spectacle can be a good thought!

5. Time to Use the Best Cabinet Paint

Time to Use the Best Cabinet Paint

Get your hand on the best cabinet paint and start your most awaited work. However, we would ask you to practice a little on a spare surface because you do not want to go wrong while you paint the cabinet. Follow the rules while you spray paint:

  • Your layer of oil primer or any noninflammable base is completely dry.
  • All your cabinet parts are clean.
  • Hold the spray paint at least at a distance of 12 inches from the cabinet.
  • Make sure your sprayer is always perpendicular to the surface.
  • You really do not have to overreach; for example, you are stressing over painting the top surface of the cabinet, but that is not necessary. Remember, aiming for perfection is good, but stressing about it is not worth it.
  • Start with slower pressure and then gradually move to higher pressure for the desired effect.
  • When you see any rough portion, repaint it with a little high pressure. However, DO NOT increase the pressure at one go, do it slowly. Remember, only when the edges and the layer of paint are soft, you’ve done your job right!
  • Always go for a second coat for the perfect finish.

Just One Step Away!

Just One Step Away

Remove all the tape and plastic, bring the cabinet parts together, and you are actually done! Fix the drawers, door knob, lock, and the door itself. You just painted the entire cabinet with the best cabinet paint yourself!

Spray Paint Can Be the Best Cabinet Paint

Spray paint has become our go-to option because of its ease of use, zero hassle, and it is just so comfortable and inexpensive. In fact, for an extra smooth and professional finish, most designers have also begun to recommend spray paints over traditional paint and roller.

If you see cabinets have raised panels, you can actually reach anywhere with your paint. However, when it comes to the paint and roller combination, it can be uncomfortable for you to reach the corners and edges of the cabinet. Easy availability in local shops in many color options, spray paint can be the best cabinet paint for your entire home.

The next stop can be your kitchen cabinets, living room wardrobes, and even bathroom storage cabinets. What’s next for you?

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