Best Refreshing Green Paint Colors for Green Kitchen Cabinets

Are you thinking of re-doing your kitchen for a fresh look? But need clarification on color combinations, furniture, and space? One of the most functional places in your house is the kitchen, where you’ll spend much of your time preparing food and hosting guests. You can choose to paint the kitchen and its cabinets a different color to break the monotony and elevate the kitchen space.

Choosing the right color for your kitchen is important, as you want it to look good every single day you enter it. The kitchen and its cabinets end up being a showpiece that tends to reflect how the rest of your home will look.

If you need an inexpensive renovation in the kitchen, all you need is a couple of coats of paint on the cabinets for a whole new look. The green color has made its way to the kitchen cabinets. Its fresh look seems like the outdoors in the interiors and matches excellently with other furniture.

Below are the compilations of green kitchen cabinets and the best green paint colorsthat will beautify your space, and you’ll surely enjoy the look.

How to Choose the Perfect Green Kitchen Cabinet?

How to Choose the Perfect Green Kitchen Cabinet?

There are so many shades under the green color umbrella that can be used as kitchen cabinets. The purpose of choosing right green kitchen cabinet is very necessary as it will be paired with other furniture like the island, countertops, serving tables, backsplash, lights, dining tables, and chairs. You can choose to have a single wall of kitchen cabinets in green paint paired with another paint, mostly white, or the entire kitchen cabinet can be painted green for a lush look.

Painting the kitchen cabinets in an unconventional color is a new experiment. Instead of coating the cabinets with any green color, go for a home trial by bringing a few swatches and trying them on the cabinets first. If the green kitchen cabinet suits the space, then choose to coat them. Choosing the right green kitchen paint for the cabinets will play a significant role in maintaining the charm and individuality of the space.

Another important point before settling on the perfect shade for the cabinet is choosing a green that is easy to clean and maintain. By settling for an entire green kitchen cabinet, your time in regular cleaning is saved compared to having a white kitchen cabinet that requires a lot of attention.

How to Pair the Green Kitchen Cabinets with Other Furniture?

How to Pair the Green Kitchen Cabinets with Other Furniture

The green kitchen cabinets can revive your space and give a soothing touch due to their different shades. Not only does green paint give a rustic vibe, but it also is a paint that will remain timeless and classic. So you need not worry about changing the looks of your kitchen now, and then once you choose the green paint.

If you are thinking of coating your kitchen cabinets in green, this paint tends to accept all sorts of other colors and finely elevates the space. Apart from the furniture, try to pair the green paints with contradictory flooring and accessories like High bar stools, chairs, welcome signs, wooden trays, etc.

The two tones can be visually appealing and will remain trendy. Moreover, when you narrowed down the kitchen cabinets to green, it meant you surely liked the color, so there is less chance that you’ll get tired or bored of seeing the green kitchen cabinets daily.

It is not necessary to go with two-tone shades in the kitchen cabinet. You can select the entire kitchen to have green-painted cabinets and still make the place look sleek. If you are thinking of coating all the kitchen cabinets with the same shade of green paint, it becomes a lot easier, quicker, and in a single instance.

By keeping just green kitchen cabinets all over the space, you still have the leverage to put an interesting colored countertop, and an intricately designed backsplash, to break the monotony.

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Why Choose Green Paint for The Kitchen Cabinet?

Why Choose Green Paint for The Kitchen Cabinet

Green kitchen cabinets can be the perfect choice for giving the kitchen a casual bohemian-style look and even imparting a vintage look to the space.

Having light-toned paint in the kitchen cabinets keeps the place airy and bright in the daytime. Not only the cabinets but also the flooring plays an important part in keeping the place lighter. Consider your floors and cabinets to complement each other rather than conflicting color hues. This means you can have a certain level of contrast between the two, like a lighter kind of flooring so that the green kitchen cabinets visually separate themselves.

Cabinets are the jewel of the kitchen, and the cabinet paint color makes them more attractive. Choose a kitchen cabinet color that you like the most and also steal the attention of the guests coming over. The green kitchen cabinets fall in this category. It is a very receiving color, as it easily blends with whites, other neutral colors, natural wood tones, and metallics. You can choose your kitchen hardware to be all chrome, brushed nickel, brass, or copper so the green kitchen cabinets pop out elegantly.

Painting your kitchen with a color other than white is a great way to impart the place a neutral shade that has a bold statement. Moreover, painting cabinets is inexpensive compared to an entire kitchen remodel. This cool tone paint gives your kitchen a farmhouse vibe and makes the place cozier.

Which Shades of Green Paint Can Be Used as Kitchen Cabinets?

Green kitchen cabinets have become a very popular paint color for kitchens due to their sophistication when paired with metals or wood. The green shades range from dark forest greens to silvery sages, which give the cabinets a fresh and unique touch.

Here are a few green paint colors that work best in the kitchen.

1. Antique Jade

Antique Jade

Being the lightest shade in the green family, the Antique jade will give your kitchen cabinets a nice, airy touch. This shade has a fine mixture of green with a misty gray.

You can choose to have this green kitchen cabinet if you have darker flooring, like black or dark brown. Moreover, you can add more than two tones to your kitchen. With the antique jade and dark flooring, you can consider choosing a white backsplash, white chairs, or bar stools for a visually appealing kitchen look.

2. Sage Green Color

Sage Green Color

With paint options ranging from mint to sage, these green kitchen cabinets will make any space feel warm and vibrant. The sage green color works well in the entire kitchen, like cabinets, island storage, chimney, etc. Green kitchen cabinets can be made more attractive with accessories like a light brick wall, a black stove, and darker floors. Other options are using metallic kitchen hardware like golden color to impart a fine look to the space.

3. Forest Green

Forest Green

This rich, deep shade of green is perfect for creating a nature-inspired feel in your kitchen cabinets. The forest green kitchen cabinets work well individually as well as when combined with white. This green paint is a very clean and healing shade for the cabinets. You can choose to give the kitchen a royal look by using copper backsplashes and countertops. This will give your kitchen and the space a bold look.

You can also choose to go neutral with a white brick backsplash, upper cabinets, and a chimney in white. This two-toned kitchen will make the space look aesthetical.

4. Olive Green

Olive Green

For a modern touch to your kitchen, the olive green cabinets will elevate your space. You can always be creative with the green paint and cabinets. you can choose to have transparent glasses on the kitchen cabinets for decorative purposes and showcase all your antique dinner sets.

The earthy texture of this paint can be paired with a white island and storage, wooden bar stools, and a dark wooden floor. You can choose to keep golden hardware on these green kitchen cabinets for a rich look. Furthermore, grey or black backsplashes also coordinate well with the olive green kitchen cabinets. You can pair the countertops with wooden trays and plants for a natural touch.

5. Aqua Green

Aqua Green

While choosing a green kitchen cabinet, you can add different shades to grab the focus. The green shade blends well with dark blue giving the kitchen a bold look. These aqua-green kitchen cabinets go well with white or wooden countertops, metallic backsplash, and black high bar stools.

Green kitchen cabinets can be paired with light blue and turquoise to give the place a versatile and coastal look. The aqua-green kitchen cabinets will feel saturated and glam up the space.

6. Emerald Green

Emerald Green

The green kitchen cabinets are classic and timeless that brings a natural touch inside. These green paints never go out of style and can be paired with different accessories to elevate the kitchen. You can choose to prepare an emerald green brick wall, along with cabinets, for a rich look.

Furthermore, emerald green cabinets can be paired with wooden beams, black countertops, and white walls. This arrangement gives an aesthetic and crisp look to the kitchen. Moreover, the kitchen cabinet hardware can be metallic or black to look beautiful on the emerald green cabinets.

How Can I Make My Green Kitchen Cabinet More Attractive?

The kitchen cabinets are the most functioning piece of furniture in the space. You can not only store crockery and utensils in them but also hide your oven, washing machine, chimney, and mini-refrigerator inside them. The kitchen cabinets help to de-clutter and save a lot of space in the kitchen.

An elegant green-painted kitchen cabinet is attractive and can become a centerpiece in the space. Along with green paint, you can add some decorative material for a playful and airy green kitchen.

1. Using Two Shades of Green

Using Two Shades of Green

The light and dark combination of green looks visually appealing in the kitchen cabinets. You can use two different green shades to make the upper and lower cabinets or kitchen cabinets and the island storage look unique.

Furthermore, you can add two tones to the kitchen backsplash for an aesthetic look, keeping the island countertop and kitchen countertop white.

2. Open Shelves

Open Shelves

If you are a person who believes in having a light, and breezy kitchen, you can choose to keep the upper part of the kitchen open and have green kitchen cabinets in the lower part. The lower kitchen cabinets can keep all your huge utensils, while the open shelves can display nice storage bottles, souvenirs, shrubs, and trays. You can choose to keep the walls white so that your copper utensils and beige glassware look attractive.

3. Mix Elements with Green Kitchen Cabinets

Mix Elements with Green Kitchen Cabinets

The green kitchen cabinets are the perfect piece of furniture to try different combinations. You can choose to elevate the space with wooden furniture like an island, bar stools, upper kitchen cabinets, and shelves, with white brick walls for an airy and natural touch. If you like darker shades with green, you can choose to give your green kitchen cabinets a combination of black.

The crisp combination of black and light green kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen visually interesting.

4. The Green Room

The Green Room

While designing your kitchen with green-painted cabinets, you can choose to convert the entire kitchen into a new dimension. The green kitchen cabinets can be paired finely with a green-colored brick wall and use of wooden beams all over the place. A darker shade of green cabinets can be combined with brass or golden-coated hardware and lamps for aesthetics.

As you are taking the green paint to the ceiling, you can choose to have open shelves for storage and displaying your decor items so that the green brick wall remains in highlight.

5. Intricate Designs

Intricate Designs

Green kitchen cabinets are beautiful even as standalone, but they finely blend with their counterparts, which results in elevating the place. Green kitchen cabinets can be kept glossy, matt, dusty, and even textured look as per your choice. The advantage of having a green kitchen cabinet is that the green paint looks great as a standalone and also when textured with geometric lines or prints.

You can choose your green kitchen cabinets to have geometric lines, intricate designs, or wallpaper. Golden or brass kitchen cabinet hardware gives the cabinet an eye-catching and rich look. Furthermore, you can choose to have your backsplash and floors with textured wallpaper with black and white designs and keep the green kitchen cabinets plain.

6. Hidden Green Kitchen Cabinets

Hidden Green Kitchen Cabinets

It is a big step to paint the cabinets in an unconventional color. Although green-painted cabinets offer a very cool tone to the kitchen, you can choose to have the lightest shade of green, so it is hardly noticeable on the kitchen cabinets. When lighter shades of green, like mint green or moss green, are used as kitchen cabinet paints, they can be easily paired with white cabinets that can hardly be differentiated.

7. Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

The green kitchen cabinets should be kept as eye-catching kitchen furniture in the entire space. Other furniture, like the island, dining table, chairs, etc., are its complementary counterparts. If you have a darker shade of green kitchen cabinets, choose the other furniture to be as light as possible, like a light wooden table, chairs, and shelves, so it remains a visually beautiful space.

Furthermore, if you are not ready to have entire kitchen cabinets with green, choose a single piece of furniture like island storage or the pantry cupboard to have a touch of green.


The green kitchen cabinets can be the perfect choice for your kitchen cabinet, as these paints can give both neutral as well as bold look to your space. Moreover, renovating the kitchen cabinets is a DIY process that can be done by anyone. All you need is to coat the cabinets with the green paint of your choice and witness the aesthetic look that it offers.

There are no boundaries when it comes to pairing the green color. Not only can you use the wooden, blue, black, or white touch, but you can also play with other colors like peach, orange, and red.

Using the above inspirations of the green kitchen cabinets, you can turn your space into an elegant focal point within budget.

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