Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

17 Hand-Picked & Best Bedroom Colors for Your Space

Which are the best bedroom colors to give your space an elegant, luxurious, and modern look?

There are many color combinations to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. It is up to you which color combination you select. However, we can help you with some of the most trending paint color ideas for 2023. Choosing the right colors can bring your bedroom alive and set the right mood. Your lifestyle determines the right shade for your space. So, do you want your bedroom to be calm and soothing or bright and refreshing?

We have curated a list of 17 unique combinations of the best bedroom colors with different effects. Based on the impact you want, select a suitable color.

Explore the 17 Best Bedroom colors and see which shade touches your heart the most.

1. Pleasant Peach

Lovely Lavender

Feel rich with peach in your bedroom. This relaxing color brings comfort and promotes deep sleep. Since the bedroom is a place we resort to for sleep and solitude, color must be soothing. You can color the whole room with naive peach or pair it with white, grey, brown, black, pink, or green. A contrasting color combination with peach will give your bedroom a classic and modern look.

This bedroom with peach walls is adorned with modern side tables, elegant hanging lamps, and a large rectangle mirror. The floral pillow designs look adorable on the plain white bedsheet. The contemporary colors of floral cushions add an essence of nature to your bedroom. Invite soothing and positive vibes into your room with pleasant peach walls and suitable decor.

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2. Warm & Neutral Colors

Warm & Neutral Colors

Are you looking for a bedroom that leaves you feeling loved and cared for? Then, warm and neutral will be the best bedroom colors for you. You can create a perfect serene design in your living space with multiple shades of neutral colors. Some of those shades include white, beige, brown, grey, taupe, tan, and black. The different shades of these colors bring warmth to the living space. Warm and neutral colors are trending in 2023 because of the energy they bring to the room.

The combination of brown and white are some of the best bedroom colors in a neutral theme. The curtains, walls, bed, and side table carry varying shades of brown. The white bedsheet and pillows complement the walls. The dried stems in the white vase are an elegant decor to go along with the neutral shades of the wall.

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3. Coastal Blue & White Are the Best Bedroom Colors

Coastal Blue & White Are the Best Bedroom Colors

You don’t need to live on a beach to get its vibe every day. This coastal blue and white theme will give you the beach vibes in your bedroom. If you love being around the beach, but stay far from it, try this wall color for your bedroom. Blue color brings along a calm, relaxed and safe feeling with the distinction of white. They will be the best bedroom color combination if you want a refreshing and rejuvenating experience every time you enter the space.

The coastal blue walls and white ceiling go well with the wooden flooring. Cushions and bedsheets are of the same shades to match the room. The beautiful scenery in the picture adds to the coastal vibes and gives a perfect finishing look to your bedroom.

4. A Unique Shade of Salmon

A Unique Shade of Salmon

Are you willing to be surrounded by positivity and hope as you rest in your bedroom? Then choose the best bedroom colors to get a hopeful vibe. Shades of salmon are known to emanate a sense of hope. It symbolizes health, vitality, and persistence. This color goes well with green and blue hues. Salmon is easy to combine with furniture and home decor accessories. This makes it a perfect fit for the living room and bedroom.

The above picture beautifully expresses the combination of salmon walls and wooden furniture. The paintings in the background with dark green color go well with the background salmon shade. The green plants and blue sitting near the desk stand out. White bedsheets with small designs of different colors are well-fitted and match the ambiance.

5. Vibrant Red & White

Vibrant Red & White

Red is a vibrant color that can bring up a lot of emotions and movement within the body. Being around this color always keeps you stimulated and active. If you are someone who would want this kind of vibe in your bedroom, color your walls red. The white with red balances the vibrancy and invites peace to the room. Bring boldness and courage to your bedroom with this perfect combination of red and white.

If you want the overall vibe to be soothing, keep the proportion of white more than red. The white bed sheet and pillows neutralize the impact of red. The lamps above the bed and frames near the window go perfectly with this color combination.

6. Glorious Green

Glorious Green

This powerful color is said to have a positive impact on stress levels. The green color in the bedroom keeps an individual more relaxed and grounded. The green color is also known to enhance creative thinking. It brings a feeling of abundance when painted on the bedroom wall. Green is one of the best bedroom colors for nature lovers. Combine it with some white and brown to create a bedroom with colors of natural elements.

The green background in this bedroom is a combination of multiple shades. It enhances the aesthetics of the room, along with giving a majestic feel. Another beautiful element of this design is the side table with different shades of green in each drawer. The brown hanging lamp and two beautiful pictures are the perfect decorations for this color combination.

7. Black & White

Black & White

Do you love to keep it simple when it comes to your bedroom wall? If you love simplicity and class, the best bedroom colors for you will be black and white. Despite being simple, the elegance they emit is incomparable. This opposite pair of colors is a perfect fit for a modern theme bedroom. To add uniqueness to this color combination, you can experiment with different shapes in your bedroom.

The most beautiful and appealing part of the above design is the color and shape of the bed. A light shade of brown stands out on the black wall in a creative way with curves. The unique lamps on both sides add to the creativity. The black side table and the carpet stand out amidst the white wall and ceilings.

8. The Mild Grey

The Mild Grey

Only selected individuals fall in love with the grey shade in their bedroom. If you love metallic shades, these are the best bedroom colors. The grey color in any tone gives a sharp and elegant look. It is considered a depressive color by many, which is incorrect. This color adds a cozy and soft energy to the space when used wisely.

This design smartly places different shades of grey in every corner of the room. The use of white in the pillows and bedsheet gives a balanced look to the whole design. Grand chandelier and huge silver lamps all add to the majesty of the space. The home design for this bedroom reflects style, status, and luxury.

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9. Simple White All Over

Simple White All Over

White is the most soothing and calmest color of all. It comes with endless shades to explore. Ivory, seashell, eggshell, Navajo white, cream, off-white, and many more are a part of this list. Select the shade of white that you love the most and paint it all over your bedroom. White bedroom and bedsheets are an excellent way to deepen your sleep at night.

The above home design has used pure white shade for all the walls and ceiling. While decorating a white room, buy accessories of dark colors. This interior has two dark black lamps and a bubbly heavy carpet. The flower vase sits on the side table with some beautiful flowers inside. Cat is not a part of the interior, but it’s always good to get some love from such cute little ones. They add to the vibe of the space.

10. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink gives your room a princess-like vibe the moment you enter. This shade is perfect for your little princess or a newborn. Kids love to be around bright and fluorescent colors. The pastel pink shade is one of the best bedroom colors due to its softness, tenderness, and sweetness. They bring this non-threatening feel into the room that your child will fall in love with. However, there is no compulsion to shade this color only in the children’s room. You can enjoy the magic of light pink too!

This bedroom is adorned with a pastel pink wall and lovely red bedsheets. The intricately designed lamp hanging above is an exemplary piece of art. The headboard is royal and gives a royal feeling at first glance. The white curtains and vases on the corner match the color of the best headboard, completing the color scheme.

11. Rustic Shades

Rustic Shades

Do you love the rustic looks so much that you don’t mind having such a design in your bedroom? Then, this color combination will leave you in awe! The rustic look brings along a lot of browns, old-fashioned carpets, rugs, and blankets. Along with all these accessories, the texture of your walls matters a lot when you choose a rustic design. You can select rustic or combine a rustic and modern look for your bedroom.

The above design combines the rustic and modern design of a bedroom. The wall on the back gives a perfectly rustic look and texture through the bricks. However, the supporting walls, windows, and wardrobes are modern elements of design. The wooden bed and side table are made with perfectly finished wood to exhibit a combination of rustic shade and modern design.

12. Midnight Blue & Blush Pink

Midnight Blue & Blush Pink

Is blue and pink a good color combination for the bedroom? Yes, these are the best bedroom colors to combine. The cooling impact of blue and the warmth of pink come together to create a balanced atmosphere in the room. When you choose these vibrant colors, you can also experiment with the design and themes of the room. These colors allow you to explore farmhouse, bohemian, and contemporary designs.

This contemporary design with midnight blue and blush pink exhibits luxurious vibes. The minimal decor and trendy bed give an elegant look while keeping the bedroom spacious. The modern design of the handing lamp gracefully complements the design of this bedroom. It has been taken care of that every element in the room is either in a shade of blue or pink.

13. Charcoal Grey with White

Charcoal Grey with White

Charcoal grey is a color that goes with almost every other shade and enhances the beauty of the space. They are also the best bedroom colors for a calming theme. When paired with white, this unique combination gives the room a classic look. Charcoal grey is an amazing choice for a monochromatic and modern bedroom design.

The proportion of white is more compared to grey in this bedroom design. The shade of charcoal grey on the wall and bed differs slightly. The round mirror and the reflection of the vase in it look aesthetically appealing. Similarly, the white flower in the black transparent bottle cannot miss your attention in this design.

14. Joyful Yellow

Joyful Yellow

Make your bedroom joyful with the best bedroom colors like yellow, green, and white. Yellows are the only color used to represent a smiley or emoticon in social media applications. It is a color filled with emotions, joy, and optimism. Merge it with shades like blue and green to get the best results. Yellow brings a happy wake-up call every morning instead of giving you a stressed environment. However, it can be difficult to sometimes feel calm in this shade. Using a lighter shade of yellow is advisable in your bedroom.

This bedroom design has intricately displayed yellow, blue, and green shades through different elements. Blue chairs and pillows complement the yellow walls. The green and white lamps sit on the lovely white side tables. Every element on the bed covers all the shades present in the room.

15. Multi-Colored Adventure

Multi-Colored Adventure

If you love rainbows and multiple colors, these are the best bedroom colors for your space. Who said you need to choose a single color for your bedroom walls? It is always possible to bring creativity to the bedroom space as well. You can color the wall with different patterns or attach wallpaper or panels. Create a bedroom that satisfies your fantasies without hesitating.

The above picture displays a multi-colored bedroom with panels of red, white, yellow, green, and blue. The peach-colored door stands out amongst the different shades. The white bedsheet and wooden table are simple decor to balance the vibrant energy of the space.

16. Taupe


The earthy tone of taupe brings a calm and soothing sense to your bedroom. It blends warm and cool tones and is fit for various architectural and design styles. This makes it the best bedroom color for your home. The years 2022 and 2023 have seen taupe as one of the trending shades in interior design. It brings a sense of classic timelessness.

The taupe on the wall in this design brings a warm and royal look. A luxurious bed, a heavy blanket, and a rustic wardrobe fit well with the background. White lamps and roses create a nostalgic look in the little corner of the room.

17. Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender

Lavender represents tranquility and is known to relieve anxiety and stress. It is also a royal color that represents luxury and elegance. Lavender and white are the best bedroom colors to add grace, refinement, and serenity.

This design combines lavender, white and yellow to enhance the bedroom design. The polka dot pillows on the plain white bedsheet give an appealing look to this set-up. The view of this lavender wall relaxes the mind. The white also does its magic in bringing in peace. Together these two colors make your bedroom the calmest place on earth.

Your Bedroom is Your Shell!

Just like a tortoise enters into the shell to protect and rest, the bedroom is a space where humans go for rest. It has to be a space that is comforting and safe. What are the best bedroom colors that make you feel comfortable and alive? These colors have to be close to your heart and not necessarily the most trending ones.

Reflect on the combinations listed above and ask yourself about the vibe you want to feel when you come home at the end of the day. Remember, it’s your shell when you come to rest. It has to resonate with what you define as ‘comfort & relaxation.’

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