Replicas & Alternatives Of Toga Sofas For Your Home

Replicas & Alternatives Of Toga Sofas For Your Home

The Togo Sofa Replicas and Alternatives are very popular in the upscale furniture market. The popularity of this particular piece of furniture is global due to its unique style, aesthetic values, and comfort.

The French furniture designer Michel Ducaroy blended Mid-Century furniture art with the modern trend to create it. You can change the look of your drawing room by placing this vintage sofa in it.

The original Togo-style design was created in 1860 by Antoine Roset of France. It was his company from which Ligne Roset conceived the idea and created this furniture piece. And today, we have Togo Sofa Replicas and Alternatives in different colors and styles, similar to the original ones.

Togo Sofa

Important Points to Keep In Mind Before Buying a Togo-Line

If you want to buy a real Togo sofa similar to the original one, you have to be careful. There are a few distinguishing features of the Togo-line that differentiate it from other sofas. You should keep the following points in mind before investing in a Togo Replica and Alternative:

  • Ticking: This is a type of heavy cotton cloth used particularly for the Togo-line. It is extremely well-knit or tightly knit. The Tick is the most important sign that the available Togo-line is a replica of the original design. Ticking prevents the foam from coming out of the sofa cover as well.
  • Togo-Bottom: One of the best ways to recognize a Togo Sofa Replica is to look at its bottom. The bottom part of the sofa makes it unique and different from other sofas. The Ticking will be there to help cover the bottom part of the sofa.
  • Height of Sofa: The Togo line is different from the traditional lines of the sofa as the Togo sofas are comparatively shorter in height. They are lower to the ground. This feature allows us to enjoy a comfortable sitting position.

Why Is The Togo Couch So Popular?

If you want to dive into the comfort and cozy, then the Togo couch will get you pretty close. This sofa has no particular structure but is still famous among homebodies all over the world. This Togo sofa is a staple of every contemporary living room. The quilted upholstery and unique silhouette make the sofa remarkable and fun at the same time. The sofa is available in different colors and sizes and can elevate the grace of the room.

How Can I Tell If My Togo Sofa Is Real?

To identify a real Togo sofa, one needs to observe details. A real Togo sofa has some specific seamless ticking at the bottom of it, which can be a perfect remark to identify a real Togo sofa. Ticking is a textile that is tightly stitched to increase longevity by preventing the foam from peeking through the fabric after using the sofa for a long time.

In earlier times, invisible ink was used to guide sewing. You can use this mark for identification by spotting it in the interior of the sofa with the help of UV light.

The iconic Togo sofa has completed its 40 years as it was released in 1973 by Micheal Ducaroy. Its unique design and timeless charm have made the Togo sofa a favorite centerpiece of many people’s living rooms.

Types of Togo Sofas And Where To Find Them

The Togo line is popular all over the world. This furniture with a vintage touch is sold in 72 countries around the world. However, the original Togo sofa is a bit expensive and can be found on multiple online platforms, but its quality and unique look make the sofa worth it. There are several options in terms of color, size, and style for Togo Sofa’s replicas & Alternatives. Thus, you can select the one perfect for your home.

Some of the Togo-line sofas that are popular among people :

1. Milton Sofa

The Milton sofa is an exact replica of the old Togo-style sofa. It reflects the traditional look with minor changes and can sit pretty in a modern home. It is quite popular among people all over the world and is available in different colors. Some of the variations of this sofa have short legs as well and can be used as a stand-alone in your drawing room. Also, it is available in different colors.

Milton Sofa

2. Waverunner

This can be an alternative to the original Togo Sofa. Waverunner is considered very comfortable to sit or lie down. The sofa is made up of dense cushions., perfect for a short nap and relaxation!

You can place this sofa in your living room, drawing room, and even in the lounge. This Togo sofa c is available in four different forms: a sofa, a loveseat, a chair, and an Ottoman. Bring this sofa to add a touch of elegance to your home. Also, it is available in bright colors that can further add beauty to your home.

Waverunner Togo Sofa

3. Burnt Orange Togo Sofa

This is a beautiful vintage Togo sofa, and its bright orange color accentuates the traditional origin. This sofa can be a great addition to your home interiors for a fun and fresh vibe.

The sofa looks elegant, and its soft and velvety texture can provide the utmost comfort. This sofa is made of foam with three densities and layers and is an exact replica of the original Togo sofa manufactured by Ligne Roset in France.

Burnt Orange Togo Sofa

4. Coral Togo Sofa

This sofa is elegant, comfortable, and relaxing. It is a redefined version of the old Togo-style sofa. Modern manufacturers have blended the old tradition with modern features to make the Togo sofa unique. This sofa is also used in offices worldwide.

The coral hue of the Togo sofa looks adorable and can enhance the interior of your home.

Coral Togo Sofa

5. Beige Togo Sofas

This type of Togo Sofa is perfect for your home as it reflects the old tradition yet has a touch of modernity. This sofa is used both in offices and homes religiously. This sofa is soft and comfortable and provides an ideal space for you to curl up, snuggle and enjoy me time!

The Togo sofa in beige variation is quite popular among people; whether it be the home of well-known celebrities or formal places like corporate offices, the Togo sofa is widely used.

Beige Togo Sofas


Togo Sofas, replicas, and alternatives are elegant, easily accessible, and user-friendly. You can even find multiple variations of the Togo sofa online. Hence, this sofa can be a great addition to your home interiors.

You can create a beautiful space by introducing this vintage Togo sofa in your living room. It is an ideal decor item for a modern space that has neutral walls and minimal furniture. You can pair the sofa with a rugged mat to create an incredible vibe in the living room.

The fact that the Togo sofa carries traditional essence makes it an ideal addition to a vintage-inspired space. The simple, minimal design of the Togo sofa can help to choose sophistication over crazy modern decor designs.

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