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16 Mesmerizing Parisian Kitchen Design & Decor Tips

There is a big craving for Parisian-themed kitchens, which are acknowledged as “timeless” by many users and interior and kitchen design experts. If you are in awe of Parisian kitchen decor, it is natural as Paris is considered the world’s style capital. A Parisian kitchen is noted more for its modernity without compromising on classic design elements.

Also, a Parisian kitchen is more than a place to cook and doubles up as a social hive. So, the Parisian kitchen design elements that support layout must mix tradition and modernity in the appropriate range. Typically, earth tones dominate furnishings, cabinetry, and accessories, with intricate moldings and scrollwork in the cabinets.

In Parisian kitchens, you can see modern cabinetry coexisting with vintage floor tiles. Here we will walk through some quintessential Parisian kitchens and see how some specific elements are amplified to enhance the Parisian kitchen character. You can take inspiration from these ideas and consult Parisian kitchen remodeling experts to have your Parisian kitchen delight at home.

1. Checkered Floor in Parisian Kitchens

Checkered floors in a Parisian kitchen are a timeless classic and a stamp for centuries. One benefit you get is the ease of cleaning. The alternating tiles also suppress the wear and tear appearing on the floor. Checkered floors create a traditional feel and sit well with various other styles. They can be black and white tiles that are classic, versatile, and good to be complemented by other color schemes, accessories, and décor.

Checkered Floor in Parisian Kitchens

2. Lacanche Range cooker

Parisian kitchens carry signature Classic Lacanche range cookers blending beauty, performance, and versatility. The hobs, fuel options, and oven sizes can be customized, and you can use suitable hob elements, including char grills.

Kitchen hood cooker

3. Optimum Use of Space

Parisian kitchens are flexible enough to use even the tiniest space optimally without compromising comfort. If the space is tight, you will see more shelves that stack the pots and utensils aesthetically. Then you will also see decorative lighting that makes the space pleasant without any fuss about the size. Parisians make the most of any difficult space with practical design to create a delightful kitchen refuge.

Best Space Use kitchen

4. Colors and Patterns with Wall Paper

A Parisian kitchen is identifiable with soft linen, strong cabinetry, and beautiful chandelier lighting or pendant lighting. They are important markers of the Parisian kitchen. But wallpapers can add more color and pattern in the neutral space in areas like kitchen backsplash surfaces. Also, having kitchen essentials in the cabinetry makes the kitchen spacious.

Parisian kitchen

5. Bistro Side Tables at Parisian Kitchens

In Parisian kitchens, you will spot cozy bistro tables that you might have seen at brands like Crate and Barrel and a fascinating Carrara marble top engineered to perfection with wood cast steel with antiqued color.

Bistro Side Tables at Parisian Kitchens

6. Copper Cooking Pots in Parisian Kitchens

In Parisian kitchens, you will see the wealth of tradition from shining vintage copper cooking pots passed through generations. These lovely cookware pieces enhance warmth to the decor compared to the dull looks of the cold stainless steel and brave bare Parisian winters.

Copper pots paris kitchen

7. Marble Backsplash in Parisian Kitchens

Marble is an excellent material and a chic design choice/ as a kitchen backsplash for the best upkeep and maintenance. It will shine as a solid block of marble or tile in a subway, fish scale, or herringbone pattern. It looks best in Parisian kitchens.

Marble Backsplash in Parisian Kitchens

8. Dining Table as Tiny Kitchen Island

A breakfast nook in the middle of the Parisian kitchen is a common sight. It is different from the conventional kitchen island we expect in other kitchens. But that is not a standard feature.

Dining table as kitchen island

9. Pendant Lights in Kitchen Island

Parisian kitchens add more life to the kitchen island with many pendant lights. It underscores that a pretty light fixture is almost like statement jewelry in the Parisian- kitchen. If you are seeking a low light setting in the kitchen, use dimmable lights to set the mood for a quiet morning. Also, extra lighting with table lamps on the counter gives the kitchen a relaxed touch.

Kitchen island pendant lighting

10. Neutral Color Palette in Parisian Kitchens

In terms of shade, Parisian kitchens follow a warm neutral color palette that bears resonance with English kitchens. When the Parisian kitchen has a minimalist color, the entire kitchen appears spacious and brighter. Blue and white color combinations are also not uncommon to generate a cheerful mood. Think of blue and white kitchen backsplash and royal blue cabinets.

Neutral Color Palette in Parisian Kitchens

11. Open Shelving in Parisian Kitchens

Parisian kitchens are synonymous with open shelving. The elegance of the kitchen multiplies as you add classic vases filled with flowers to your open shelving. The kitchen looks chic if you position market baskets of farmers and cutlery to offer a close look at the shelves.

Open Shelving in Parisian Kitchens

12. Wine Racks and Glass Shelf in Parisian Kitchen

Another highlight of the Parisian kitchen is wine racks made of wood or brass that display the best wine collection. Hanging classic silver or copper saucepans also mark out Parisian kitchens. This kitchen layout becomes complete with bistro chairs as a theme unifier. They look lovely with chairs oozing timeless looks.

Wine Racks and Glass Shelf in Parisian Kitchen

13. Unique Tableware and Glassware in Parisian Kitchens

One way to add the Paris touch to the kitchen is to have a classic dinnerware set in white porcelain. The tableware pattern has a complementary style. If you can opt for the original French tumblers in glassware, nothing like that. For wines, small classic balloon glasses or goblets will be ideal. Then you can have a water carafe and cups and saucers. Materials like copper, brass, or chrome will make the space warmer. On the table, the ornamentation will be neat with copper candlesticks.

Unique Tableware and Glassware in Parisian Kitchens

14. Vintage Artworks Display in Parisian Kitchens

Parisian kitchens also honor artworks in their space. So, you can express your love of art in the kitchen by hanging artwork on the walls, and they can be vintage artwork, champagne, food, or French goods connected to paintings. That will express personality and add character. You can also make a splash with just one oversize artwork as a focal point.

Vintage Artworks Display in Parisian Kitchens

15. Kitchen Furniture of French style

Parisian kitchens are marked for warm decor, with kitchen furniture echoing the French country vibes. They include ornately designed chairs and cabinets with a rustic charm.

Kitchen Furniture of French style

16. Wooden Kitchen Islands in Parisian Kitchens

Parisian wooden kitchen islands with a marble top in front of a blue and white china plate are captivating sights. Generally, the island dominates a kitchen’s design, but you can innovate with the kitchen island pan for seating and storage ideas to enhance the utility.

Wooden Kitchen Islands in Parisian Kitchens

New Trends in Parisian Kitchens

To bring the Parisian kitchen style into your home, kitchen remodeling services can help. They can make a budget and time frame to do the task and save your time as well. In this regard, the home goods retailer Home Depot helps customers to remodel kitchens.

The store offers everything required for the makeover, including cabinetry, flooring, ceiling, accessories, hoods, etc. There is an option to keep the current kitchen layout or start from scratch. Many such stores have teams of kitchen designers to support customers seeking ideas and licensed contractors to do the Parisian kitchen makeover. The store has choices suiting all budgets for cabinets, countertops, sinks, and faucets. In addition, the services cover water installation, hardwood floor refinishing, and flooring installation.

The appeal of Parisian kitchens is unlocking huge demand. It is subtle and stylish. People are seeking its classic touch in the layout and flow design that makes the cooking space effortless. Even in terms of the color palette, an antique French kitchen or a modern one stands out due to its characteristic form. The Parisian kitchen design takes care of many details, and the dweller’s personality is vividly unveiled via the tiny details.

Bottom paris kitchen

The Parisian kitchen gets you the best of all worlds in kitchen design. Of course, there are overlapping elements of English kitchen characteristics, American and Italian kitchens, but the French and Parisian kitchens stand out as unique in their way.

Parisian kitchens exhibit soothing textures and colors like whites and light browns. You can bring in your style with a pair of glossy tile backsplash and white cabinets and pair them with wooden furniture and flooring that spread rustic vibes. Such bright combinations make the kitchen more expansive, and natural light can illuminate the space.

Parisian Kitchens Never Go Out of Fashion

Given the blending of old and new styles in Parisian kitchens, it never goes out of fashion. It remains adaptable to any type of home, including new homes, apartments, or country cottages.

The important point about Parisian units is it needs to be framed with characterful touches like the Georgian Ermine range infuses sophisticated aesthetics. The trend towards adding some contemporary styling is apparent in Parisian kitchens, as in Edwardian-style kitchens. Innovations in splashback sinks or chandeliers are ways to do this.

At the core of Parisian kitchen design is social elements. Even if the space is limited to create a kitchen island, there are alternatives like peninsula design to overcome that, and you treat your guests well. In this pattern, similar to the conventional kitchen island, the unit with a worktop will remain the same, but it will not be freestanding as one end will be attached to the wall. In the end, the understated elegance will punctuate the Parisian touch to your kitchen, including the quartz worktop.

Thanks to the integrated nature of French kitchen appliances, Parisian kitchens are a good fit for apartments. The latest gadgets like compact Neff Slide and Hide with them can turn grime to ash, making the kitchen space clean and hygienic.

Wooden parisian kitchen

This discourse on Parisian kitchens has given you many valuable insights and tips, including the benefits of Parisian kitchens. So now you can take a call setting up a stylish Paris kitchen in your home and enjoy its numerous rewards.

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