How to Add Farmhouse Decor to a Small Space

How to Add Farmhouse Decor to a Small Space?

Farmhouse decor establishes a timeless architectural magnificence with its simple and rustic elegance. With the celebration of natural materials and architectural details picked from rural trends, the decor provides a welcoming atmosphere.

Farmhouse decoration is a dream of many, thanks to its well-balanced serenity. The country appeal of this decoration is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the outlook of your home.

A home with a small space can give you a bit of a challenge! But a chic and modern design for the home is what we all need. To make it easy for you, here are 14 ways you will find adding farmhouse details to your home.

Adding Farmhouse Details to a Small Space

1. Decorate Using Shiplap

Decorate Using Shiplap

Shiplap, a growing trend for interior design, uses wooden boards, introducing a rustic element in the home. The boards bring inside the rustic feel of sheds and barns used outdoors. Paneling to create the Shiplap look is one of the easiest farmhouse decoration ideas. Being a versatile decoration element, Shiplap can be used conveniently in small spaces. If you do not want to cover the whole space, just add a shiplap headboard, and your confined space will have a simple and refined look.

2. Exposed Wooden Beams

 Exposed Wooden Beams

Wooden Beams Make Another Hallmark for Farmhouse Decor. But Can Exposed Wood Be Installed in Small Rooms? The Answer Is Yes. Exposed Wood Can Be Introduced to Small Spaces with Thoughtful Details of Design and Architecture.

3. A Hint of Farm House with An Entryway

A Hint of Farm House with An Entryway

As we said, neutral colors are best for incorporating the details of farmhouse decor. For confined spaces, it is true that you can not use spacious decorative elements. But make your entryway warm and inviting with accents that feature farmhouse style. Choose a neutral shade for your entryway.

4. Choose Neutral Paint Colors

Choose Neutral Paint Colors

An important detail of farmhouse decor is to opt for neutral paint colors. Avoid painting the space with dark & bright colors. When choosing a paint color for your home, choose subtle shades of paint colors like soft beige and cream shades. Light grey colors can accentuate the farmhouse details as well.

5. Sizing the Tiles

Sizing the Tiles

To attain farmhouse appeal, add minor details that don’t overwhelm the small spaces too much. One way to do this is by using tiny tiles as accents. For example, to enhance your kitchen, farmhouse decor ideas that focus on kitchen backsplash are a great fit.

6. Pantry Organization with Sliding Barn Door

Pantry Organization with Sliding Barn Door

Cabinets are often a solution to having confined spaces. Open cabinets provide a structural detail to interiors and effectively use space, which is the best for small rooms. But open cabinets with daily clutter don’t look so appealing. To overcome this problem and introduce an element from farmhouse decor, install a sliding barn door that covers all the mess you don’t want to show.

7. Add A Barn Door to Your Interiors

Add A Barn Door to Your Interiors

For space-confined rooms, the addition of barn doors to interiors is a big game changer. A barn door is a practical way to add the details of farmhouse decor to your home with less space. To the doors, add a shelf to cleverly maximize space utilization. For doors reuse old wood if it is available for reclaimed wood repurposing.

8. Rustic Touch with Mirrors

Rustic Touch with Mirrors

For tiny spaces, mirrors do wonders by creating an illusion of making the rooms appear larger. To make your compact space bigger, welcoming, and cozy, add the vintage vibes of the mirrors. Generally, rectangular-shaped mirrors are used to suit the theme of farmhouse decoration.

9. The Charm of Farmhouse Lanterns

The Charm of Farmhouse Lanterns

Farmhouse lanterns offer a great way to incorporate farmhouse themes into your small spaces of the home. Farmhouse decor ideas with lanterns are easy, simple, minimal, and yet so delightful. To make the lantern more appealing, paint it with neutral colors to match the farmhouse theme.

10. Vintage & Rustic Light Fixtures

Vintage & Rustic Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can upgrade the appearance of any space. With the right designs of light fixtures, add elegance to your home. Choose light fixtures like candle chandeliers with rustic details. Wall-mounted light fixtures use space with efficiency, bringing statement and dimension to the space.

11. Wood Accents with Repurposing

Wood Accents with Repurposing

The texture and aged appearance of reclaimed wooden details is best for adding details to your small spaces. Farmhouse decor using reclaimed wood will use old wood from barn doors, wood scraps, and floorboards. The old wood can be used in so many ways to add rustic details to the farmhouse decoration theme.

12. Add A Minimalist Office Space

Add A Minimalist Office Space

For homes with limited spaces, carefully planning office space can give you a chance to add farmhouse decor to your home. With the office space, include items that will highlight the farmhouse-style elements. A minimalist office space that has a chair with crafted details paired with an understated desk.

13. Farmhouse Details with Gingham

 Farmhouse Details with Gingham

The striped pattern of gingham is the perfect choice to accentuate details of farmhouse decor ideas for small spaces. The tight corners of small spaces still provide enough space to add gingham to the interiors. Use it as a wallpaper or table runner; these details from farmhouse decor ideas will take the minimal space while it adds a classic farmhouse charm.

Summing Up

The beautiful farmhouse-style design elements help in adding character to your home. The raw and rustic elements of the farmhouse design feature the charm of natural elements with modern designs. The beauty here is to bring the aesthetics from rural architecture to your home that resonates with your style.

There are so many ways to add details to your home that feature farmhouse decor ideas. The wooden beams and shiplap are key features of the architecture paired with neutral paint colors. In small spaces, how to incorporate details is crucial.

Comment down below which element you are next adding to your home decor!

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