Charming Beds For Your Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

24 Charming Beds For Your Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

With the correct design elements and statement pieces, farmhouse bedroom ideas and decor can be much more exquisite than shiplap and repurposed barn doors.

You will have a cozy and welcoming spot to unwind after a long day once you create a farmhouse-style bedroom hideaway in your home. Your farmhouse-style bedroom will look its finest when you choose a calming color scheme and rustic and stylish furnishings, especially the bed.

Modern farmhouse beds are brimming with stylish, powerful, and enduring charm.

Here is a list of the numerous farmhouse-style beds currently in a style you can choose for your home, ranging from upholstered to spindle beds.

1. An Iron Bed

An Iron Bed

Modern farmhouse beds are often made of metal. Black iron bed frames are common in contemporary farmhouse bedrooms. Iron is a great material choice if you wish to buy a bed that will last for a very long time. An iron bed is more resilient than any other kind of bed or material because of the strong metal used in its construction. As they are so endearing and inviting, you could even put a second metal farmhouse-style bed in your guest room.

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2. Queen Size Metal Pipe Bed

Queen Size Metal Pipe Bed

This elegant bed is built of sturdy steel with a rustic powder-coated finish and a distinctive industrial metal piping design. There is no denying that this bed’s metal pipe frame is stronger and more resilient than materials like wood, which will extend the lifespan of your bed. It can also support more weight than a wood bed frame.

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3. Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed

Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed

Get ready and inspired to give your farmhouse-style bedroom a lovely cottage feel. The headboard and footboard posts of the Novogratz Bushwick Queen, modern farmhouse bed have straightforward round finials. You will easily complement your room’s aesthetic with the vibrant hues of this bed.

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4. Wooden Farmhouse Beds

Wooden Farmhouse Beds

These modern wooden farmhouse beds give any space a rustic, country feel, making them ideal for bedrooms that evoke a modern farmhouse feel. For your farmhouse bedroom, you can find beds made of solid wood or simply a wood frame with upholstered interiors.

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5. SOFTSEA Wood Platform Bed Frame

SOFTSEA Wood Platform Bed Frame

This rustic wood, salvaged from pine that was 100 years old or older, is made into a queen bed that will give your farmhouse bedroom a timeless, classic appearance. The drawers have full extension drawer glides with a 100-pound capacity and black wrought iron drawer handles. (change)

6. Walker Edison Wood Bed

Walker Edison Wood Bed

With this queen bed frame in rustic farmhouse style, you will certainly make a statement in your farmhouse bedroom. It’s the ideal finishing touch for any bedroom in your house. It is functional yet fashionable thanks to its robust structure of engineered wood and powder-coated aluminium aluminium. In addition, it has a rough metal surface for a distinctive industrial look that will speak volumes about the atmosphere of your bedroom.

7. Beds With a Timber Headboard

Beds With a Timber Headboard

Incredible farmhouse beds for your contemporary farmhouse bedroom include beds with wooden headboards. It’s understandable why timber bed frames are a very popular choice. Durability and strength are its best features. Timber also resists water, holds up well to use, and has a gorgeous wood grain appearance by nature. Common hardwoods like maple, cherry, mahogany, and teak are typically regarded as the best kind of wood for bed frames.

8. Trippen Wood Dark Walnut and Oak Bed

Trippen Wood Dark Walnut and Oak Bed

Including this queen-size modern farmhouse bed in your bedroom furniture collection will make you feel at one with nature. The elevated base of this bed adds to the rustic image created by the collection’s distinctive charred and split wood design. The natural wood grain finish wonderfully complements the dark oak tone.

9. Rhapsody King Rustic Walnut Bed

Rhapsody King Rustic Walnut Bed

This Rhapsody panel farmhouse bed has a stunning appearance due to its chevron veneer design inspired by a French antique. The elaborately carved headboard, which is embellished with a huge variation of the recurring spiral design, enhances the ambiance of your farmhouse bedroom.

10. Loafey Mid-Century Modern Bed by Baxton Studio

Loafey Mid-Century Modern Bed by Baxton Studio

This solid rubberwood Loafey platform bed with a walnut finish exhibits tropical elements. This gorgeous modern farmhouse bed has tapering front legs, block-style rear legs, and a slatted, trapezium-shaped headboard with narrow vertical and horizontal slats and geometric components. It has a lovely latticework craftsman motif set within appealing tapered legs. The Loafey king-size bed goes beyond trends and season statements with its modern take on a classic. The clearing area around the bed offers a few closet spaces, while the low footboards give the impression of a room.

11. Platform Bed By 247SHOPATHOME

Platform Bed By 247SHOPATHOME

Any home wishing to update its interior decor would greatly benefit from adding pieces from this transitional collection. Solid wood and wood veneer were utilized for making this modern farmhouse-style bed. This low-profile bed has a plank-style headboard to support the picket construction, and all furnishings have a flat, robust base with darker-toned paneling to give them a uniform appearance.

12. Floral Upholstery Headboard

Floral Upholstery Headboard

When the headboard, footboard, and other parts of the bed frame are made of something other than wood, such as velvet, suede, or faux leather, it is referred to as an “upholstered headboard.” The upholstery is typically covered with additional cushioning. Upholstered bed frames are typically more comfortable than their traditional wooden counterparts since they have a padded covering. Although wood bed frames are still a timeless classic that will never go out of style, flowery upholstered farmhouse bed frames have recently gained popularity in the design world. This is due to their calm, understated aesthetic, and they look fantastic in a modern farmhouse bedroom.

13. A Bed With Tufts

A Bed With Tufts

In tufted mattress beds, the tufts—which resemble felt pompoms—hold the mattress fillings in place. By keeping them in place, you can prevent the layers from sagging and ensure that the mattress’ springs remain in their proper positions. These contemporary farmhouse tufted beds are a terrific addition as the focal point of your bedroom and will boost your farmhouse-style bedroom.

14. Chocolate Allure Diamond Tufted Bed

Chocolate Allure Diamond Tufted Bed

Elegant with classic features, any room decorated in a farmhouse style is a fantastic fit for this Allure Diamond Pleated Upholstered Bed. This upholstered bed’s complete frame is handcrafted in the USA. The soft contours of this bed add personality to any bedroom. Your bedroom will feel like a sophisticated hotel room with this tufted bed.

15. Hanson Modern Victorian Bed

Hanson Modern Victorian Bed

The headboard and footboard of this Victorian-style Hanson platform bed look and feel magnificent, thanks to their enticing upholstered leatherette with tufted buttons. Mirror strips frame the panels’ borders, and the elegant nail-head trim design commands attention. The frame of this modern farmhouse bed is made of solid and veneered wood.

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16. Antique Iron Bed and a Floral Bedspread

Antique Iron Bed and a Floral Bedspread

Instead of traditional timber frames, cast iron bedframes provided a sterile and sturdy foundation. A lightweight, quilted cover called a bedspread can be used to freshen up your bed. Typically, they are large enough to cover the entire bed and have additional space to drape over the edges and the pillows. The mattresses have a lightweight quilted cover with floral motifs as a decorative element. The antique iron bed covered in colorful bedding may have a light tarnish that gives it a rustic look and the appearance of a modern farmhouse bed.

17. ZINUS Paul Metal and Wood Platform Bed

ZINUS Paul Metal and Wood Platform Bed

The brand-new Sonoma Platform Bed from Zinus will modernize your farmhouse bedroom. This modern platform farmhouse bed offers sturdy, long-lasting wood slat support for your spring and can be used with either memory foam, latex, or a hybrid mattress. It has a casually designed headboard and a low-profile metal frame. Even the shipping packaging is designed for a simple setup. The bed doesn’t need a box spring. The gorgeous bed has a pine wood headboard and a sturdy steel frame with seven legs supports for durability. It also has a rustic style with a casual charm.

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18. Pulaski Mason Upholstery Tuft Saddle Bed

Pulaski Mason Upholstery Tuft Saddle Bed

This striking upholstered bed’s flowing top border combines historic design with contemporary fashion. The stitched diamond button tufting on the adjustable-height headboard draws attention to the little curve above and establishes the color scheme for the low-profile footboard and sides as well. When shifting, the elegantly hinged side rails make transportation simple, and the footed slats provide reliable support for your current mattress and box spring.

19. Spindle Beds

Spindle Beds

Spindle beds are also very popular and lend a traditional touch to the room. They are also occasionally referred to as Jenny Lind beds, after a Swedish opera soprano who made a 19th-century US tour. The beds are well-liked and have become a mainstay of fashionable farmhouse bedroom decor.

20. A Canopy Bed

A Canopy Bed

Canopies on beds provide useful functions in addition to being gorgeous. Being able to cover your bed with additional blankets throughout the winter helps keep you warm and comfortable. If you carefully position your bed, you might be able to use it to stay cool throughout the heat as well. Stick with light, flowery fabrics, and a simple frame to make your canopy bed appear sophisticated and attractive in your modern farmhouse bedroom.

21. The Salina Bed

The Salina Bed

The Salina bed is one of the best choices for a modern farmhouse appearance. This laid-back aesthetic, which encompasses our founding principles—a devotion to beautiful and honest furniture made by artisans who take joy in their work—is built on clean-lined design and natural materials. The creative director at the furniture manufacturer Ercol, Rachel Galbraith, gives this bed her highest recommendation.

The Salina bed is a direct descendant of the Windsor Chair, a famous symbol of British furniture design with its reassuringly recognizable lines.

22. Antique White Wood Bed

Antique White Wood Bed

A white bed frame can be easily cleaned or painted over the stain to make it disappear as if it never existed. If you’ve spent a large amount of money on a high-quality bed and can’t afford to replace it frequently, this can be the best alternative for you.

23. Walker Edison Queen-Size Vintage Bed

Walker Edison Queen-Size Vintage Bed

It’s difficult not to adore this sturdy metal frame with the headboard and base made of ornamental pipes. It has a timeless, industrial appeal. It overflows with potential for creativity. With the help of this queen-size bedframe, create the feel of your choice. This gorgeous bed is built of metal pipes with a powder-coated finish and comes with support rails. A gorgeous headboard and footboard are also provided.

24. Ruffled Sheets and Vintage Quilts for Your Farmhouse Bed

Ruffled Sheets and Vintage Quilts for Your Farmhouse Bed

When aiming to attain the modern farmhouse look, bed linens selected with the farmhouse theme in mind may even be more essential than your bed frame. You might select a simple, solid-colored linen ruffled comforter cover and match it with patterned pillows, decorative throw pillows, and even colorful sheets.

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Wrapping Up

Rustic furniture, neutral color schemes, and soft industrial pieces are the essential design components of a modern farmhouse bedroom. Consider setting up wood flooring or wood ceiling beams if you want to enhance the rustic aesthetic and get a more traditional farmhouse feel.

Of course, while you’re deciding on your farmhouse bedroom ideas, the bed is the most important component. Choose a piece that fits the aesthetic, either through the use of natural materials or the simplicity of design.

Your favorite part of designing your farmhouse could be looking for lovely farmhouse beds. Choosing the best farmhouse-style furniture is such a pleasure. The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, so replacing your existing bed with a modern farmhouse bed can instantly give your space a farmhouse feel.

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