Oriental House: Finding Design Inspiration in Stylish Asian Casino Houses

Oriental House: Finding Design Inspiration in Stylish Asian Casino Houses

You can draw your home design inspiration from anywhere. There are no rules. The only rule is that you like your home afterward.

If you are into asian and oriental styles and think of renovating your apartment, room, or house, here’s a great tip for you. Look at modern Asian casino houses, especially the ones in Singapore and South Korea. While it may look too posh and complicated, in reality, you can borrow a couple of very good ideas from there.

In this post, we break apart some of the key concepts of oriental casino designs that you can use at home.

It is easier than it seems.

Luxurious Materials

Luxurious Materials

The very first thing that is not very obvious but plays a huge role in Asian design is materials. Simply adding silk, satin, marble, and hardwood elements to your home design will immediately make it look more expensive, stylish, and, well… Asian.

Silk and satin often adorn the walls and furnishings, creating a soft, sumptuous feel. Marble floors and countertops add a touch of grandeur, while hardwood brings warmth and depth to the space, especially if you make your floors really dark.

There are several simple ways of incorporating luxurious materials without paying an arm and a leg for that. Add silk cushions, satin drapes, or a silk covering for one wall in the room. You can add hardwood elements like a table or a chair, and let it be a unique table or a very simple chair, the material will still make its impact.

Marble countertops in the kitchen or bathroom can elevate the space, while hardwood flooring or furniture can provide an elegant look without being too chic.

Color Palettes

Color is one of the key elements that makes the design instantly Asian. If you look at the Asian casino house interiors, they use bold, vibrant colors like red, gold, black, yellow, bright blue, and deep green. Many elements have the color of gold, especially if the casino follows the Chinese style more than any other.

(Japanese-styled casino houses are more elegant and restrained in their color schemes but they require a completely different approach, including minimalism and very specific materials.)

Most people probably would not be very happy about living constantly within this bright color palette but you can take the idea of the colors and their combinations for your home design. Just a combination of bright silk sofa cushions on a dark sofa will add a vivid accent to your room.

Interestingly enough, all those popular oriental color schemes have their extra meanings. For example, red symbolizes good fortune and joy, gold represents wealth and prosperity, black signifies elegance and sophistication, and green is often associated with nature and tranquility. If you like deeper meanings that are slightly under the surface, this approach may work well for you.

By the way, almost every best $3 deposit casino on CasinosHunter.com that follows the Asian style also uses these color palettes to attract luck and prosperity.

Furniture and Layout Inspirations

Furniture and Layout Inspirations

Getting new furniture is always a challenge but if you know exactly what style you are aiming for, it can be easier for you to choose. You don’t have to break the bank to buy original hardwood oriental furniture or anything fancy. Just take a look at the shapes and colors of the furniture at Asian casinos and find something similar or remotely similar.

The beauty of Asian design is that the very approach to shape, texture, color, and functionality is powerful enough to turn even remotely alike objects into a comprehensive, stylish combination. If you have an ordinary wardrobe and sofa but a styled coffee table and chairs, the latter will magically turn your room into what you want.

Asian casino houses often feature plush, comfortable seats so you can think of velvet armchairs and leather sofas.

Incorporating Asian Art and Decor

To be honest, this seems like the easiest way of getting the result you want in terms of your home design, and many people actually make the mistake of simply throwing a couple of Chinese vases into their living room and calling it a day.

However, even the most beautiful Asian piece of art will look alien and weird if you don’t have the proper space and background for it. If adding Asian art pieces is your cup of tea, at least make sure that your room is minimalistic enough and doesn’t have a ton of other things from other cultures that will eventually make a messy soup of your home decor.

If you immediately think of “sculptures” when it comes to Oriental and Asian art, and believe this is an expensive pleasure, don’t sweat. You can also choose something as simple yet stylish as calligraphy, paintings, or even different objects like dishes, to decorate your home.

Lanterns, whether hung from the ceiling or placed on tables, can create a warm and inviting glow. Decorative screens can be used as room dividers or simply as a backdrop to add texture and interest to a space.

All these basic yet very grounding elements of Asian design can be used for any home, and you can even rely on a smaller budget if you are being reasonable. The last advice is to start small and slowly add more elements to your decor to see what fits and what works for you.

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