How to Incorporate Natural Elements, Like Driftwood or Seashells in a Coastal Bedroom

How to Incorporate Natural Elements, Like Driftwood or Seashells in a Coastal Bedroom?

The coastal design style is one of the most soothing, comfy, and calming design styles to include any place, whether the house is situated in the coastal area or anywhere else.

Invite those airy, fresh vibes of seawater, sand, sun, salty air, and many other beautiful coastline features by adding an essence `of them in colors, pieces of furniture, fabrics, and accessories that won’t disappoint you for sure.

Enjoying this coastal coziness, especially in the bedroom after a long, tiring day, would indeed be a blissful experience to have. To insert those beachy waves in the bedroom, certain coastal bedroom decor ideas play an important role.

So, in this article, you may find unique and natural coastal decor ideas to accelerate the coastal appearance of your bedroom. Let’s get started with the same.

Natural Decor Ideas to Enhance Bedroom’s Coastal Feel

1. Insert Wood

Insert Wood

Wood has been a prime natural element of coastal designs. This coastal bedroom has that woody charm through the unfinished wooden drawer set, bed, flooring, etc. Moreover, the wooden surfboard wall art adds a playful beachy environment to this coastal bedroom.

2. Include Beach Treasure

Include Beach Treasure

The coastal bedroom in the image has perfect coastline aesthetics with linen fabrics usage in bedding essentials, curtains, throw blankets, etc., and recycled furniture pieces contributing to the whole coastal appearance. Last but not least, the involvement of the priceless sea treasure and driftwood wall art has completed the look of this coast bedroom.

3. Add Sea Essence

Add Sea Essence

This elegant modern coastal bedroom has achieved the coastline touch with a hint of driftwood and seashell insertion. For instance, the amazing seashell chandelier and the driftwood coast stand in the corner have made this coastal bedroom feel worth relaxing.

4. Tryout Raw Element

Tryout Raw Element

In coastal designs, designers recommend more raw or unfinished kinds of decor elements. As you see in this bedroom, the use of distressed furniture has been working as a positive point. In addition to this, the hand-finished rattan wall shelf provides a more organic atmosphere in this coastal-inspired bedroom.

5. Opt Minimalism

Opt Minimalism

Coastal designs rely on minimalism, whereas nautical prefer maximalism. Hence, don’t make it clumsy by adding too many accessories or decor items. As an example, this bedroom consists of a single art piece of driftwood seashell wall hanging, and it indeed expresses a coastal hue with its simple decor idea.

6. Give Preference To Organic

 Give Preference To Organic

As we all know, coastal designs prefer organic materials, especially fabrics like linen, jute, seagrass, cotton, etc. Here in this image, you will get to see the usage of muted shade linen curtains, bedding essentials, and the jute floor rug. All this organic fabric encourages cozy vibes in this bedroom with the more sea color shades in it.

7. Introduce Large Art Pieces

 Introduce Large Art Pieces

If space allows, then large wall art pieces can accelerate the overall coastal feel in the bedroom. The bedroom in this image consists of large driftwood wall art placed on the center wall of this bedroom, and it really generates a rustic touch to the bedroom. The stone side table and the rattan bench on the front side suit very well with the whole coastal bedroom.

8. Embrace Uniqueness

Embrace Uniqueness

Driftwood insertion is common in coastal design, but it can be customized. The round driftwood wall decor in this subtle and elegant bedroom adds uniqueness to the space. In addition to this, the natural fabric bedding accessory with off-white shade improves the coastal bedroom’s overall appearance.

9. Get Handmade Accessories

Get Handmade Accessories

Hand-crafted pieces are incorporated very efficiently into the coastal design. This coastal bedroom has an attractive point, and that is a handmade jute wall hanging, which adds rustic hues to this bedroom. To encourage the rustic vibes, round hand-braided ottoman and jute rug on the floor work efficiently.

10. Insert Sea Reflections

Insert Sea Reflections

DIY decor ideas work best in coastal designs. Especially sea glass decorative items which you can make by yourself by adding a personalized touch to them. The frame in this image could inspire you; the initial is crafted with sea glass pieces, and it looks very beautiful. This sea glass will indeed elevate the look of your coastal bedroom’s side table.

11. Beautify Other Walls

 Beautify Other Walls

Apart from the central wall, side walls can be beautified by placing some handmade artwork. As an example, the sea glass DIY wall art piece can cooperate with you to enhance the elegance of your other walls, too, by placing this super easy sea glass decor item.

12. Endorse Precious Sea Aspets

Endorse Precious Sea Aspets

However, most interior decor experts believe that it is not necessary to include components related to the beach to prove the coastal design style and especially won’t recommend typical seashell decor items to get the feel of the beach. But it’s not completely falling apart, so you can add a piece of seashell decor to your bedroom if you adore it. If you want to incorporate it, then this seashell mirror will be the best idea you can think of to accelerate the sea vibes in your bedroom.


Coastline beauty application in bedroom interiors will be a worthy choice for every beach lover. So these beachy waves can be enjoyed anytime without stepping out on the beach itself, especially for those who won’t own a coastline property but ador beach vibes.

To get those coastline components in the bedroom, we have shared some amazing natural coastal design ideas. You will get inspiration from organic elements, so using these simple ideas, you can create your personalized coastline space in your bedroom.

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