Natural Textures vs. Modern Shine: Find Your Coffee Table Material

Natural Textures vs. Modern Shine: Find Your Coffee Table Material

The coffee table sits at the heart of your living room, anchoring the space while serving as a hub for both function and style. With so many material choices, finding the right fit can feel daunting.

In this article, we’ll delve into coffee table materials, partnering with DeCasa Collections to uncover the pros and cons of natural textures vs. modern finishes, exploring both the popular and the lesser-known.

We’ll weigh the benefits and potential drawbacks, considering aesthetics and how your table will be used. Whether you dream of a timeless marble centerpiece or a playful, woven rattan design, we’ll help you choose one that reflects character and complements your home.

Wood Coffee Tables Add Organic Warmth

When searching for a wooden coffee table, envision the aesthetic you desire for your space. A rustic piece of reclaimed wood with metal accents complements the raw feel of an industrial loft, while a smooth, polished wood table works in more traditional homes.Wood Coffee Tables Add Organic Warmth

Distressed or weathered finishes offer a relaxed, coastal atmosphere. The wood types, stains, and finishing techniques ensure you’ll find a match for your existing decor.

Wood offers exceptional versatility, allowing for refinishing or repainting as your style preferences evolve. You can transform your wooden table to reflect the latest trends with simple sanding and a new stain or coat of paint. Additionally, if you have a knack for DIY projects, you can personalize your table with paints or stencils to create a distinctive piece.

Marble & Stone Coffee Tables for a Luxury Look

Marble and stone tables bring refined style and enduring appeal to a setting. From the subtle variations of Carrara marble to the dramatic patterns within slate, natural materials offer a feel of earthiness to your decor, with their weight and inherent texture creating a grounding presence.

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble, sourced from Italy’s quarries, is renowned for its luminous white base and subtle gray veining. When polished, this takes on a light-catching quality, forming a spacious feel. Its slightly translucent nature allows the patterns and veining of each piece to emerge subtly.

However, it’s essential to note that while beautiful, Carrara marble benefits from regular sealing to maintain its pristine appearance and resist everyday stains and marks.


Slate could be your ideal flooring choice if you aim for a naturally charming aesthetic. This metamorphic rock offers a range of earthy tones, predominantly grays, deep blacks, and muted greens. Beyond its color palette, slate’s textured surface yields an organic twist, integrating with various styles.

While it’s known for being durable and resistant to stains or water damage, there’s an important point to consider; due to its unevenness, the slate may need a protective underlayment to prevent scratches on your existing floors.


Travertine, a limestone known for its warm honey tones and natural texture, lends rusticity to a space. The stone’s surface, marked with small pits and voids, offers handcrafted charm. While these pores contribute to its looks, they also raise travertine’s susceptibility to staining.

To maintain its build, consider sealing your travertine table annually. This protective layer helps the surface develop an exquisite patina as it ages, making it a timeless addition.

Rattan, Wicker & Cane Bring Natural Appeal

If you’re aiming for a relaxed, nature-inspired aesthetic in your living space, a table crafted from rattan, wicker, or cane is ideal.Rattan, Wicker & Cane Bring Natural Appeal

They add warmth and a subtle textural element, complementing bohemian or eclectic decor styles. Unlike sleek glass or metal, they introduce the outdoors and artisanal allure.


Rattan, crafted from the stems of climbing palms, embodies a natural and relaxed aesthetic. The material’s inherent grain and the intricate patterns of the weave remain visible under the finish, resulting in an individual piece.

The variety of rattan furniture available is impressive. Tables in various shapes, sizes, and styles can suit your preferences and space requirements. Consider tables incorporating storage drawers or combining different rattan weaves with complementary wood accents for added visual flair and functionality.


Wicker furniture gets its name from weaving flexible materials like rattan, bamboo, reed, or even synthetic fibers into intricate patterns. This forms a distinct appeal in tables, characterized by their lightweight construction, airy feel, and often graceful curves.

Wicker tables complement styles from bohemian and coastal to rustic aesthetics. If you love the wicker look, you’ll find it in unfinished and stained options. For outdoor use or to minimize upkeep, consider all-weather wicker tables specially treated to resist fading and moisture damage.


Cane furniture and accents are made from flexible plant stalks like rattan, bamboo, and reed. These woven elements bring a light, airy feel to pieces, with the distinctive woven pattern adding intrigue.

Their open-weave structure provides a relaxed, natural aesthetic. You might see a cane tabletop paired with a sleek metal base on a modern table or a cane headboard offering boho vibes.

Metallic Accents Add Modern Shine

Metallic Accents Add Modern ShineMetallic accents can transform a simple coffee table into a statement piece. Consider shades like silver, gold, rose gold, or copper for contemporary elegance. These metallic tones contrast with the warmth of wood or the sophisticated feel of marble.

Gold Details

Gold can elevate a wooden table from simple to sophisticated. Consider adding gold-toned legs for a classic and refined look, especially when paired with warm-toned woods like walnut or oak. For a luxurious touch, look for tabletops with gold rivets or banding contrasting with white marble.

If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, a round wooden tabletop supported by a gold cylinder base offers an understated aesthetic. Finally, combine gold accents with natural elements like rattan or woven materials to achieve an eclectic feel.

Silver Trim

To achieve an industrial aesthetic, opt for tables featuring stainless steel or softer brushed nickel for their legs and hardware.

These finishes offset the coolness of concrete, stone, or mixed-metal countertops. For a rustic-modern fusion, opt for a reclaimed wood tabletop accented with stainless steel banding.

If eclecticism is your style, a table with a playful mix of silver and gold-toned legs creates an eye-catching statement.

Rose Gold Accents

Rose gold introduces a warm, gentle touch to metallic home accents. Its color complements a variety of materials.

Consider furniture featuring rose gold legs against a marble or glass tabletop for a modern twist. Natural textures like rattan also pair with rose gold hardware like drawer pulls or decorative accents.

If you’re searching for glamour, a rose gold mirror with a matching frame adds timelessness to a space.

Copper Details

Copper creates a ravishing contrast with wood, rattan, and terrazzo textures. Incorporate this combination through accents like copper legs on a wooden table, subtle banding on a rattan chair, or nailhead trim around a terrazzo base.

If you’re drawn to a more vintage aesthetic, pieces featuring copper with a verdigris or patina finish will add history and character to your space.

Final Thoughts

When selecting your table material, consider your aesthetic preferences and practical needs. Wood exudes warmth and comes in varied styles, while marble provides class. Choose metal if you prefer a contemporary, industrial edge, and assess how well the material suits your lifestyle to balance looks with functionality. Does it require careful maintenance?

Will it withstand daily wear and tear? Finally, dare to be different. Experiment with combinations like wood and metal or glass and stone to assemble an individual coffee table and a true expression of style.

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