Best Farmhouse Dining Tables

20 Fabulous Farmhouse Dining Tables to Transform Your Home!

Are you looking to buy something new for your farmhouse? Well, apart from many other pieces of furniture, your dining table is significant as that acts as the focal point. You can have all the options to furnish your new home, and your farmhouse dining table is significant as it needs to complement the rest of the furniture in your living space.

The dining table is your house’s center of attraction, and you can choose from many options. You can look at some smart designs of farmhouse dining tables that can woo you with grace and style.

Explore Top Dining Table Styles for Your Home

1. Dining Table Set with Barstool

This dining table is constructed with acacia veneer solid wood and has two adjustable storage shelves with two backless stools. The set includes a counter height table that serves up in a high style. The grey finish of the table reflects a clean-lined design and acute sensibility. This arrangement is ideally meant for an impromptu dinner for two.

Dining Table Set with Barstool

2. Acacia Wood Dining Table

The Acacia wood dining table is wonderfully designed for six persons. They look beautiful irrespective of any dimension of the room and are resistant to wear and tear. The table has corner block reinforced joinery that is robust and durable. The iron legs of the table are pretty durable and can withstand any pressure. The material is water resistant, has natural wood grain color variation, having a slat design.

Acacia Wood Dining Table

3. Round Solid Wood Rustic Dining Table

This farmhouse dining table has a light wood rustic finish, and it’s an updated contemporary version of the trestle X-base with a round table top. They have a seating capacity of up to 4 persons; have a wooden pedestal base for support. The round table top is the right match for a small dining area and a tight kitchen. You can pair it with upholstered dining chairs or a mid-century, modern seating system.

Round Solid Wood Rustic Dining Table

4. Shelby Dining Table

This traditional design with rubbed antique finish fits any décor. There is an 18 inches leaf that expands so that the table can adjust for up to six persons. The table is crafted with wood veneers. The table exhibits a charming style with turned legs and carved details to a smooth finish. You will love the rubbed antique table top that will make this piece one unique farmhouse dining table.

Shelby Dining Table

5. Farmhouse Square Wood Dining Table

The farmhouse square wood dining table will add country-style character to your kitchen. They have painted legs, a base, and also neutral wood tone surface. Made with sturdy wood constructions, the table is ideal for durability and has long-lasting usage. This table is a two-tone painted pinewood furniture with a country-style charm.

Farmhouse Square Wood Dining Table

6. Ashley Owingsville Rustic Farmhouse

The classic dining room table has warm wood seats and a farm-style tabletop, thereby creating a sophisticated look with a casual feel. This table can accommodate up to six people. They are made from veneers and manmade wood that are crafted with care. This farmhouse dining table has dark brown stained legs and some chair sets. The combination of the set creates a two-tone cottage look and adds warmth to any dining area.

Ashley Owingsville Rustic Farmhouse

7. East-West Furniture Wood Dining

A glorious dining table would induce an affectionate family emotion. The frame of the table has a white linen top, and pedestal legs will deliver elegance to your dining room. The mid-century dining table is produced from pure solid wood and is known for durability and stability. There are two of nine inches wings on both sides that can provide maximum convenience. This round dining table can provide a great inclusion in the kitchen or maybe the dining space. This farmhouse dining table design is ageless in design and quite easy to carry to places.

East-West Furniture Wood Dining

8. Ashley Hammis Round Drop Leaf Table Dining

This drop-leaf dining table is much more dramatic in appeal and has a compact design. They are round in shape and made from veneers and engineered wood that is hinged with extension leaves. The table has a dark brown finish and is ideal for breakfast or dinner time. This farmhouse dining table is big in size but small in scale and can fit a small nook or dining space.

Ashley Hammis Round Drop Leaf Table Dining

9. Mid-Century Dining Table

Bring this wood table to enhance the look of your living room with this mid-century-styled dining table. The dinner table having a wood finish top and linen white hardwood pedestal curved legs will definitely provide a premium style to your dining room. The cutting-edge design of the solid wood, along with the white pedestal, gives easy access to clean up and offers an eye-catching look.

Mid-Century Dining Table

10. Farmhouse Wood X Back Armless Dining Table

The dining table is made from a two-tone design of solid pine that was responsibly harvested from the renewable forest. These classic hairs have contoured seats and provide support by creating extra space for you to rest your feet. The set includes two chairs having X- back support. This dining bench, along with the chairs, is a mix of farmhouse, industrial and rustic kind of design, bringing more comfort for your family members and guests.

Farmhouse Wood X Back Armless Dining Table

11. Shelby Dining Set

This 7-piece dining table set bears a traditional design in mind. The table bears an 18 inches drop leaf that can be extended as per requirement. The dining table is made of a beautiful two-tone finish traditional wood design, making it a classical piece of art. The chairs having unique turned legs and double motif X adds style to any dining room it sports.

Shelby Dining Set

12. 4-Person Modern Dining Room

The dining table set is the best solution for a small living space. The cozy dimension would make it a right fit for an apartment kitchen, corner craft, breakfast nooks, and game corners. The solid wood chairs are provided with a curved X-back design for some extra comfort. The solid wood table is clean, sturdy, and versatile.

4-Person Modern Dining Room

13. Reclaimed Pinewood Dining Table

The dining table is made from distressed pine solids washed with a brown-grey textural finish. The chairs have wide X backrests and a faux leather cushion for support. The dining table is provided with a cool-top idea to support any cutlery and showpiece kept on it. The bistro-inspired table is ideal for eight-person seating and can be an easy fit in the kitchen area as well as the living space.

Reclaimed Pinewood Dining Table

14. Rectangular Breakfast Table for Two

This rectangular table is made of wood and is meant for two. Having a great finish, there are two chairs with cushions that can be a perfect seat for two people while they are having meals in a jiffy. The table is sturdy and will support cutlery and plates when there are more people. The design is a perfect match for the wooden floor. Add a splash of green for that perfect comfort feeling. The table is ideal for enjoying breakfast; place it near your window to get the best exposure to sunlight and air. Cleaning and maintaining are easy for this type of table.

Rectangular Breakfast Table for Two

15. Winsome Wood Hannah Dining Table

This dining table is made of solid veneer wood and has an extension flap. This dinner table is round in shape and sports a dark espresso brown finish that gives an elegant look. The dining table has a compact design with a hinged extension that is perfect for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Winsome Wood Hannah Dining Table

16. 6-Piece Modern Dining Set

This is a stylish 6-person family dining facility, having built-in storage racks. There are metal racks present under the tabletop that can hold books, board games, blankets, seat cushions, coasters, and table mats. The spacious thick table top has a thick vinyl-wrapped MDF and has an extra thick surface that is ideal for supporting activities like dinner, working on a laptop, and playing board games with the family. The table has a smooth finish and is easy to clean. The quality of the construction of the table is good, so it looks new throughout.

6-Piece Modern Dining Set

17. 3-Piece Bench-Style Dining Table

These two bench-style seats having a large table are ideal for a family get-together. The table has three sturdy metals and a crossbar design that provide extra support to this modern industrial touch dining set. The table top is engineered with wood planks and provides ample support, and features an attractive wood grain finish. This is durable and sturdy and sports a space-saving design. The side benches can go inside the table when not in use.

3-Piece Bench-Style Dining Table

18. Dinette Set with 4 Fantastic Wood Dining Chairs

The table is made from imported solid wood and provides a stunning wooden top that exhibits a class of its own. The gorgeous pedestal dining table is provided with a smooth finish top that would enhance the beauty of the room. The body of the table and wooden chair is built with white linen and provide the best quality. The size of the table is stunning and can easily accommodate the sturdy chairs to give maximum space utility.

Dinette Set with 4 Fantastic Wood Dining Chairs

19. Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

The designed flattening round table is made from pine and can prevent scratching of the floor, as non-slip felt pads are added to the table legs. Each of the solid wood dining tables appears different due to the grain pattern. The quality of material of the table is made from hardwood and is of durable quality. You can wax the table from time to time. You can inject a Scandinavian charm into your room with this piece of the dining table.

Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

20. Walker Edison Andre Modern Solid Wood Dining Table

The dining table is made from solid wood harvested from renewable forests. The legs of the table are sustained with a dark tone and an alluring two-tone finish. The dining table can comfortably seat up to four persons. This is lightweight furniture and can be carried to places.

Walker Edison Andre Modern Solid Wood Dining Table

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table for Your Home

The dining table is the center of attraction for your home and a focal point. But before you finally make a purchasing decision, there are some factors that are a must.

  • Style and design: The style and design of the dining table are major facts to consider. Imagine the theme that you are looking for, modern, classic, or traditional. The material, shape, and color are certain things that come into consideration. As you walk into a furniture store, keep all these facts in mind.
  • Size: The size of the dining table depends on the space of your home. You can prefer an 8 to 10-seater if you have a big family or prefer bigger get-togethers. Else, tables having extendable leafs are perfect to adjust some guests more than your expectation. Round and square-shaped dining tables are a perfect fit for your kitchen or smaller dining space, maybe.
  • Material: Dining tables are mostly made of wood for the ultimate excellence in an aesthetic sense. But there are some made of stone tops and metal embellishments. Dining tables having a glass top look modern, and it makes them extremely easy to clean. You can consider all the ways to clean and maintain your furniture. Durability is also a big factor when choosing your furniture.
  • Functionality: Generally, the function of a dining table is multifarious. You can use it for dining or sometimes even as your workstation. Your child can use it for art and craft or maybe sometimes as a meeting table when you invite friends. Durability and the material used in the main factor to consider when buying a dining table.
  • Versatility: Your dining table has to be in accordance with the accessory furniture in your home. You have to take care of the dining chairs, rugs, and other seating arrangements before finalizing the furniture of your concern. The most important factor is how well the furniture blends with the surroundings and serves utility, too.

To look for a farmhouse dining table, you can frame your own set of priorities and preferences. You will have to consider many things before deciding on a purchase. Look at the purpose and functionality of a piece of furniture before you finally shed in with your hard-earned cash. The farmhouse dining tablehas its own rustic charm so as to blend with the aesthetic of your house and other accessories.

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