What Are the Benefits of Limewashing Brick

What Are the Benefits of Limewashing Brick?

Limewash brick is the best option to have an antique effect on your house while maintaining the perfect texture and breathability of the brick. This durable covering of limewash is given to the porous brick because of its property from the powdered limestone. The moisture building in the brick can be avoided by applying a coat of lime wash, which calcifies into the surface of the brick on your exterior wall. Are you looking for a creative and fresh look at your brick house? Painting the house is not the only option you have, and you can consider giving a limewash for a traditional, neat look. Other than protection against moisture, the line wash brick has many other benefits for your house. So, sit back and enjoy the reading while giving your house the joy of benefits from a limewash!

1. Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

The first point to consider here is the maintenance for upcoming years. With limewash bricks it is a fairy tale, once you give the limewash to your brick house, it stands for many years. Even after continuous exposure to rain and sun it only fades but the fading also gives your house a natural and aged look. This weathered exterior look is just awesome you know! For an elegant look, you can give limewash to both the interior and exterior walls of your house.

2. Ease of Applying

 Ease of Applying

Limewashing the brick has been considered extremely hard a few centuries back. But with the advanced techniques, the limewash has become more easy. You can apply the lime wash thoroughly to the wall and wash off a small amount to allow the natural brick texture to be exposed. In this way, you can create a stunning lime-washed look. With this technique, each line wash brick will look unique because of the texture and application stroke and the revealed brick space.

3. Protection Given By Lime Wash Brick

Protection Given By Lime Wash Brick

The limewash is full of minerals, so if you apply it once, it protects your bricks with more strength. The protective layer created gives resistance to the limewash brick resistance to water, any damage creating bugs, or any fungal growth which may cause deterioration to the brick or peeling of the sealants and paint from the brick. The additional damage and wear are avoided with these brick limewash.

4. Sterilisation


The limewash brick has a high alkalinity. This alkaline medium acts as a shield against mildew or any moulds. This makes it the perfect choice for the kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior walls of the brick house. Additionally, this can evade insect invasion by preventing the Beatles and pests from entering the walls.

5. Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

Compared to the paint and other exterior wall-protecting solutions, the limewash is affordable for the exterior of your house. It is also easily accessible to anyone. The materials and ingredients for the limewash are available in local shops. If you stick to the budget side, then avoid the more expensive paints and go for the comparatively low-cost limewash, which can give more benefits than the exterior paints in the market.

6. DIY Lover’s Dream

DIY Lover's Dream

Limewashing your house is a DIY project which a DIY lover can’t resist. Even though it is a simple process, it is advised to have professional help to limewash your bricks. This way, you can’t ruin the outcome of your overall look of the limewashing to your house. But you can do it yourself with more care in buying the materials and tools to achieve the desired results on your wall. While doing a DIY, you need to consider the matching between the flooring materials like marble, granite, sandstone, and vinyl tile flooring.

7. Durability


Exterior walls are exposed to hard weather conditions throughout the year, like scathing heat, heavy snow, and rain. The paint you apply over the exterior wall has to be the warrior to protect your wall as a barrier. But usual paints fail to do this after wear off. Looking for something concrete over the brick takes you to lime-washing the walls. This lime washing can withstand any weather conditions with more durability. It won’t crack or chip a single bit while giving you a stunning look throughout the years in the future. The best alternative for the painted walls is the limewash brick walls.

8. Non-Film Forming

Non-Film Forming

Limewash is a non-film forming on the wall, which means it won’t peel off with time. This has the same look as the first day of application and is a breathable option for the bricks in your wall. By allowing it to breathe, the limewash brick stays out of the moisture and any damage from the water. So, if you are a lover of natural walls like stone walls, the limewashed brick can be an affordable and alternative option to the expensive one.

9. Easily Replaceable

Easily Replaceable

The last and best feature of the limewashed brick is it can be replaced easily. You can remove that with ease within the application of 4 – 5 days. With this benefit, you can try different colors on your wall to decide which suits your house theme. The lime wash can be removed easily to try the next color. For the most clean and solid appearance, you can apply multiple coatings of limewash to the exterior wall. A tip to achieve a vintage look on your wall is to leave a few spots or remove them after applying a layer of limewash.


House maintenance is one of the costliest things to take up your pocket. Especially with giving a painting all over the house, even knowing the fact it may need some repairing, is tedious. The lime washing can save your life and your walls both at the same time. Are you planning for a vintage or antique look at the house? This lime washing can give you the desired look with long protection against bugs and natural weather extremes with more durable, easy usage. The non-film forming of limewash brick lets the wall breathe and stay strong through the generations. If you pick the DIY option to apply to limewash, don’t forget to leave your comment to get the best tips for your project!

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