Can You Use Limewash Brick in Interior Design

Can You Use Limewash Brick in Interior Design

Limewash brick houses have been on the list of classics for quite a good period. And why not when they are aesthetically appealing and sturdy at the same time? Limewashing your exterior brick walls is quite helpful in giving them a new look and strength. Additionally, it also offers them protection against extreme weather conditions. Considering these, one can understand the several advantages of lime washing their exterior brick walls.

However, one question that might come to your mind after reading this is if limewash bricks are only suitable for exterior design. Can they be used for interior walls and design as well? Well, to answer your question, yes, limewash can be used for interior design, given the right ideas and inspirations.

Adding limewash bricks to the interior of your house can quickly add some layering and texture to the space. So, let’s discuss the areas and ideas on where and how to use them.

Limewash Bricks In Interior Design

The unique texture and quality of Limewash make it suitable to be used on different kinds of surfaces like bricks, stones, and more. Also, as mentioned, they are perfect to be used for interior as well as exterior uses.

While the exterior practicality of limewash bricks is quite popular, their use and inspiration in decorating house interiors might not be known by everyone. So here, we are discussing some ideas for using limewash bricks for your interiors:

1. Limewash Bricks in The Bedroom Interior Design

Limewash Bricks in The Bedroom Interior Design

The texture of Limewash bricks is quite soothing and breathable, making them ideal for use in areas where you spend a good amount of time.

Additionally, bedrooms are spaces with a soft and comfy look. Such a rusty and earthy look can be easily attained using an exposed limewash brick wall. One may choose to paint them to give them a more detailed look or keep them bare for a natural finish.

Furthermore, using oversized artwork and accessories on these limewash bricks can further accentuate the look, making it look more luxurious and captivating.

2. Limewash Bricks in The Kitchen Interior Design

Limewash Bricks in The Kitchen Interior Design

When it comes to interiors, the relevance of your kitchen decor cannot be simply ignored. While there are several ways to make your kitchen look classy and calm, experimenting with its walls is one of the easiest and most popular ones.

Using Limewash bricks for kitchen walls is a classic and trendy idea. It helps give the space a matte and natural, making the kitchen environment more calm and organized.

Additionally, imagine putting shelves against limewash brick walls. Quite contemporary, right?

One can also get their backsplash area limewashed for a robust and quirky design.

3. Limewash Bricks in The Fireplace Design

Limewash Bricks in The Fireplace Design

Want to give your old fireplace a quick makeover? Then why not consider using lime washing the bricks for a new, stylish look?

One may add different colors while limewashing to give whatever looks they desire. Cool tones like white and grey can create a soothing environment. Following the color of your limewash bricks, you may adjust shelves or accessories above the fireplace.

Contrast-colored furniture can also be put against these lime-washed bricks.

4. Limewash Bricks in The Living Room Interior Design

Limewash Bricks in The Living Room Interior Design

The Living Room is the space where all your guests and loved ones are gathered and have a good laugh session. So, one cannot ignore the interiors of their living room.

For an easy yet bold style, using Limewash bricks in your living room could be a great idea. They can add drama and texture to the space. Consider using painted limewash bricks with contrasted tiles/ floor and furniture to bring out the best in terms of decor.

Advantages of Using Limewash Bricks in Interior Design

Limewash bricks in interior design are sturdy and appealing, but their practicality is not just confined to that. There are several other advantages of Limewash bricks that make them a popular choice for interiors. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Budget-Friendly

The first and foremost reason why they are everyone’s favorite is that limewash bricks’ interior designs are affordable.

One needs not to spend a huge chunk of money on their application. Simply gather the ingredients and tools, like rollers and brushes, for application and give any space a quick, modern look.

2. Durable and Low Maintenance

Limewash bricks are sturdy. They protect the surface against several adversaries, keeping them safe and new for a good period. Limewash coating offers protection against extreme heat, humidity, and more.

This resistance makes them a perfect choice to use for house exteriors as well as interiors.

Additionally, the best part about limewash bricks is they require the least effort when it comes to maintenance. Just give your space a good makeover with these limewash bricks and enjoy the good view for a long, long time.

3. Aesthetic and Environmentally-Friendly

The other primary reason why limewash bricks are preferred for interior design is their sustainability.

We are moving towards a sustainable, eco-friendly world, so why not reflect the same while making your house interior choices?

Limewash is a natural material and is non-toxic. This makes them a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly option. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic and, thus, offer protection against several germs and bacteria as well.


Limewash paint is quite flexible and can be coated on several kinds of surfaces like bricks and wood, and thus, are suitable for exterior and interior uses.

The durability, easy application, and removal of limewash bricks make them perfect for exteriors. In contrast, their aesthetic look, safe texture, and sustainable properties make them a reliable option for interior design.

Simply mix the ingredients, put some color, and add magic to your house interiors. Additionally, because they are naturally made and contain lower organic compounds, they create a safe and cozy environment around you.

The possibilities of using Limewash bricks for interior design are endless. Comment below and let us know which idea inspired you the most. Also, let us know what areas you are planning to renovate using these limewash bricks.

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