How Do You Apply Limewash to a Brick Wall

How Do You Apply Limewash to a Brick Wall

One of the most common house styles is brick designs. And why not when they are robust, look high-quality and classic, and make the house look well-designed and aesthetic? There are several reasons why people prefer brick homes.

However, just like other exteriors, even brick materials can get stained or look less appealing with time. So, it is important to keep them maintained or do some quick DIY renovation tips to maintain their appeal and classic design.

Lime washing your brick walls is one of the most common ways to give your old brick walls a new look and a new life. Limewash bricks are sturdy, and lime washing provides the surface with a robust protective layer against unwanted elements.

Considering all these benefits, if you also want to limewash your brick walls, then consider following this guide. Here, we guide you on how to apply limewash to a brick wall.

How to Limewash Your Brick Wall?

Limewashing your brick walls is super easy and fun. You need simple ingredients like limewash putty, a bucket, and some brushes, and that’s it. Follow these simple instructions to limewash bricks appropriately:

1. Prepare the Bricks/ Surface

 Prepare the Bricks/ Surface

The first step is to make your surface ready for limewashing. Clean the bricks thoroughly, ensuring that all the dust or rough particles are eliminated. One may use water or some other ingredients for dampening the surface and thorough cleansing. Using tools like a hose or spray bottle can be of effective help while cleaning.

2. Keep Your Safety Game on Top

Keep Your Safety Game on Top

Before getting involved in any kind of DIY project, it is important to maintain your safety.

In this case, the ingredients used in making the solution, like putty or more, can be harmful to your skin. So, one needs to make sure their skin is covered and not exposed. Consider using safety essentials like hand gloves, masks, and eyeglasses as well.

3. Preparing the Ingredients

Preparing the Ingredients

Now after preparing the surface and yourself, it’s time to take a step forward and get the ingredients ready. To start with, get limewash putty, brushes, and more from your nearby store.

Some people also dilute their solution before coating. However, generally, people simply mix the ingredients in a balanced ratio. One can use 20-25% of lime powder and 75- 80% of water.

It is important to mix the ingredients in a balanced ratio to ensure good consistency. Also, make sure the water mixes and does not simply stays on top.

4. Applying Limewash on The Bricks

Applying Limewash on The Bricks

After mixing the ingredients in a good proportion, one is suggested to use suitable application tools to apply the putty on the bricks thoroughly.

When applying a coating, it’s important to use tools like brushes or rollers. To ensure even application, roll them vertically from top to bottom. The first coating is quite helpful in creating a classy, distressed look.

5. Drying Period and Second Coating

 Drying Period and Second Coating

After the first coating, you need to be a bit patient and wait for it to dry a bit. The drying period after the first coat can vary depending on several factors, like humidity, temperature, and so on.

Before applying the second coat, make sure the first coating is properly dried and distributed. Generally, one may have to wait for 3-4 days for a second coating after the first one.

6. Multiple Coats for The Finest Look

Multiple Coats for The Finest Look

What’s amusing is that with every coating, the color of your brick wall will change. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is.

While limewashing your bricks, the walls may look translucent in their drying stage. And after every coat, the walls will look more opaque and finished. So, it is suggested to use multiple Coats of limewash for the bricks. Also, make sure that the waiting period between each coat remains at 24 hours at least.

Why Lime Wash Your Bricks?

Why Lime Wash Your Bricks

The question is quite simple and very common. One may wonder at times what is the need for lime washing your walls and why it is so important and preferable. Well, some of the benefits of limewash bricks are mentioned below:

Classic and Stylish

The first and foremost advantage of limewash bricks is that they look super classy. They are suitable for interiors as well as exteriors. Also, such coating is considered compatible with all kinds of house designs, be they European, Modern, or Contemporary.

Pocket-Friendly and Easily Accessible

The other benefit as to why limewash bricks are a highly preferred choice by individuals is its affordability. One can lime wash their old brick walls and renovate them without going harsh on their budget.

Additionally, the ingredients to prepare the limewash coat can be easily gathered from any hardware store, making them widely accessible to everyone.

Weather Protection and Maintenance

The exterior walls of your home are revealed to extreme weather conditions like rain and more. Such adversaries can take a toll on the wall’s appearance. Here, limewash bricks can be an ideal solution as they offer robust protection against such adversaries for a long period, and they don’t crack or slip that easily.

Additionally, limewash bricks require the least maintenance. After proper coating of the wall, one can enjoy the good looks of their house for a long time without any worries.


Cracked or chipped walls can make the whole space look unappealing, and we are sure you won’t want them. Limewashing your brick walls is an easy alternative in that case.

Limewash bricks are durable, beautiful, and elegant and have always been one of the top choices of house decor enthusiasts. And why not when they have so much to offer? Starting from their looks to their easy application to their several advantages of cost-effectiveness, accessibility, durability, and maintenance, they’ve got everything.

Additionally, their design can also be reversed. If one fine day you decide to change the look, they can be reversed using adequate tools.

So what are you waiting for? Get your old walls renovated and give them an amazing new look with these limewash bricks.

Happy renovating!

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