How to Choose Colors for a Coastal Modern Design Theme

How to Choose Colors for a Coastal Modern Design Theme?

Who doesn’t love a cozy, classy coastal vibe with navy blue and white accents all around? Wrong! Well, we are glad to break it to you that as much as your imagination is, coastal design themes are not only limited to a particular set of colors.

Regarding beach homes, there is a coastal theme, nautical theme, Mediterranean, and even tropical theme. So similar yet so different!

While navy blue and white are part of coastal modern themes, they are not the only ones. So, in this blog, we will guide you through a range of shades that fit in the coastal theme bucket.

Coastal Theme Different from Other Beachy Decor

Coastal Theme Different from Other Beachy Decor

Before taking a deep dive (pun intended!) into the world of coastal home themes, let us first understand what it is that actually keeps coastal themes so charming despite all the similar decor themes.

Coastal theme includes not just the use of specific lighter color shades but also has a lot to do with the materials and accessories that go with the interiors. In a coastal home, the design line is richly influenced by surrounding natural aspects. They give a vibe of Mediterranean shore, with tropical accents and a nautical theme, so yeah, basically a fine blend of all the different types of beach-themed interior design.

Despite all the amazing characteristics, what makes the coastal homes so desirable is the abundant light and ventilation. In this case, all the elements, from paint to decor accessories, come alive in a much better way.

Now, enough boasting about how good a coastal design is. Let’s see how you can cross the line of a cliche when it comes to choosing the right color for a coastal home.

Different Colors for Coastal Design

One thumb rule while choosing colors for your coastal home that are not blues and whites is to decide the kind of energy you want in the house. If it is fresh, tropical energy, funky pop aura, or subtle sundowner vibes, you decide the vibe!

Secondly, it’s mostly a myth that all coastal homes must be minimal. If you want a home with all your favorite decor items, so be it! But within the theme line.

And third, but most importantly, while choosing the colors, make sure that all the colors, primary, secondary, and accents, complement each other and none of them overpower the other. Now, which colors are undiscovered yet give the most promising coastal aesthetic?

1. Moss Green and Light Yellow

Moss Green and Light Yellow

This color combination comes in handy when you are looking to give your home a fresh yet funky look. It instantly creates a sense of tropical indoors while maintaining the coastal theme. Moss green and light yellow colors can be used both as a single wall color or even as accents in drapes or cushions, with off-white or seashell white being the primary color.

2. White and Sand

White and Sand

Enough of white and blue or blue and white; the new trend has to be this elegant and supremely minimalist coastal color theme, white and sand. Sand color is a direct symbol of the coastal theme. After all, there isn’t any coast without sand, right? So, if you are a true coastal theme lover, you must not avoid sand. However, while using sand color in your modern interior decor, you must be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, it can certainly break your design aesthetic. So, the best way to use sand color in your modern coastal theme is pieces like coffee table trays, lamp shades, and even rugs or chandeliers.

3. Light Blue and Bright Pink

Light Blue and Bright Pink

Yes! Even though we know blue and pink, despite being overly used for a great color pairing, one can’t get enough of it. Plus, blue and pink not only come off as a wonderful color combination to choose for your coastal home but also work amazingly to provide your home interiors a younger look. And unlike other color pairs mentioned above, light blue and bright pink can be used directly on walls and not just as accent colors.

4. Black and White

 Black and White

This definitely must have come as a surprise for you. White, black, and white are considered among the most elegant pairings. It is not usually named while discussing coastal themes. Well, the blue supremacy, after all. But as much as little regard this color combination has got, it doesn’t fall short of offering that chic, modern vibe to your coastal home decor.

5. Lavender and Light Grey

Lavender and Light Grey

If any two colors can easily replace the blue and white supremacy, it’s lavender and light grey. Both these colors have similar base tones, i.e., white, but they definitely offer a classy and regal vibe to your coastal bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Now, while we have discussed quite a few color pairing options, it must be kept in consideration that these pairings are not rigid. These colors can be used individually with whites or even jumbled up with others in the list. However, one thing that does remain somewhat mandatory is the use of whites in your coastal design theme. The reason being the balancing out powers of white.

So that even if you make any error in the color pairing, the neutralizing tendencies of white sails your decor boat through. By the way, what do you think about black and blue as a color combination in your modern coastal home? We say try it out for a classy surprise!

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