How to Accessorize a Room with Coastal Modern Touches

How to Accessorize a Room with Coastal Modern Touches?

Bright pearly whites, calming blue accents, raw jute furnishings, stone wall, does it all excite you? If yes, you could be a coastal decor lover without even realizing it.

Coastal decor includes certain elements that appear to be minimalist but, when looked at in a collective interior decor setting, appear to be the most rich and luxurious taste of decor anyone can have.

In this blog, we will discuss with you some of the best modern coastal design accessories to use in your bedroom or living room, giving it a classy, Mediterranean, or coastal ambiance.

But before actually going on to the decor ideas that you can use, let us first take a quick look at all the different elements that make for a perfect coastal modern interior.

Accessories for Your Coastal-Themed Modern Rooms

1. Jute/Seagrass Rug

Jute/Seagrass Rug

Jute rugs or seagrass rugs, with their beige/brownish color shades, offer a perfect coastal theme. Also, they, being durable, are the best options if you wish to go for a coastal room decor for a long period.

2. Bamboo or Jute Baskets

 Bamboo or Jute Baskets

Baskets are not only great decor options to keep the interior space organized and clean. Still, they can also be used to add certain additional decor elements such as flowers, fabrics, and even magazines.

3. Blue Striped Cushions and Ottomans

Blue Striped Cushions and Ottomans

Think about adding layers of pop to an otherwise neutral-hued space; think of cushions. When your room walls, sofas, and even carpets have white or shades of white as the majority color that there can be, using coastal-themed cushions can be the perfect savior. Similarly, you can experiment with nautical patterns on your neutral-shaded ottomans, such as vertical stripes or embroidery legacy.

4. Hanging Rattan Chairs

Hanging Rattan Chairs

Rattan chairs are one of the most fun and breezy decor items that one can use in their coastal home. Rattan chairs, despite being highly functional as a piece of furniture, offer a minimal aesthetic to the interiors.

5. Wooden Chandeliers

Wooden Chandeliers

Yes! Chandeliers also come in a wooden finish. These are pretty lightweight and offer as much elegance to the interiors while lighting up the room. Also, as we discussed above, wood is one of the great modern coastal materials to use in interior decor.

6. Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Now, this decor item goes with all types of decor themes. Indoor green plants not only create a soothing ambiance but also maintain a positive atmosphere inside the room. Other than that, the shades of green create a fine contrast with minimalist coastal shades.

7. Nautical-Themed Wall Paintings

Nautical-Themed Wall Paintings

Well, if your interior decor doesn’t make it obvious enough, paintings just might. Using wide-framed paintings with scenes of the seashore, cruises, etc., create a direct coastal ambiance for your home interiors.

Design Elements of a Coastal Room

1. Soft Colours

Soft colors serve as the primary feature of modern coastal interiors. However, contrary to popular belief, soft color doesn’t just include whites and earthy, neutral shades. In coastal-themed interiors, a soft-looking ambiance can be achieved by creating a balance of bright shades overpowered by contrasting lighter tones. Such as the pairing of white or sea shell white with nautical blue is one of the many options.

2. Wooden Accents

As we all know, modern coastal design has a major connectivity with the natural world. And what better than wood, nature’s truest embodiment? Having wooden accents in your coastal homes not only complements the earthy color tones but also makes the interiors appear lighter.

3. Nautical Shades

As also mentioned above, the primary trait of modern coastal interiors is using a balanced color scheme. Now, while the primary shades can be minimal, make sure the accents hint at coastal concepts, such as vibrant stripes, shades of the ocean, and so on.

4. Open Spaces

This goes without saying. To ensure your room has a true coastal vibe, there must be enough area left after placing all the necessary furniture. Another best way to ensure a proper open space is to include big windows in your rooms for proper natural lighting.


So, which of the interior decor coastal-themed items you liked the most? P.S. Here’s a quick tip: when it comes to coastal accessories, even if you choose more than one or all of the decor mentioned above items in your home, it will not go overboard, owing to their extremely minimalist yet complementary nature.

Many celebrated interior designers say that the Coastal homes are built and designed particularly in such a manner that if you keep the color and theme considerations in mind, you can experiment with pretty much all types of decor items, from lamps and rugs to indoor plants and vases.

So list down all your favorite decor items and incorporate them in your pretty coastal interiors.

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