French Oven Ranges La Cornue vs Lacanche, Things to know Before Investing

French Oven Ranges: La Cornue vs Lacanche, Things to know Before Investing

French Ranges are one of the best-selling yet most expensive brands that were initially introduced in France but is now ruling the hearts and kitchens of every household. Many social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with the aesthetics of these ranges.Do you want to know la cornue range price?

Let’s get a sneak peek into some of the finest French Ranges that can make a contemporary dull-looking kitchen come alive.

Lacanche and La Cornue are the two well-known French Ranges we will talk about in this blog.

Points to Contemplate For a French Range

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Many of us are desperately looking forward to having an oh-so-fancy kitchen that could motivate us to cook some finest delicacies to amaze our family members. So, why not make our dreams come true by having the best?


As most of us want a little bit of plus/ minus according to our wishes, hence these ranges are also willing to customize the oven to meet our demands.

  • The ovens are designed in such a way that they do not have any windows, and their complex organization might require more than usual time to get familiar with them.
  • Either gas or electricity is used as a power supply for the oven. The oven runs on electricity, whereas gas is used to ignite the stovetop.
  • The beautiful physical appearance is made of either brass or chrome.
  • When it comes to cleaning, these ovens are effortlessly easy to clean as well by removing the sides.

Costing: La Cornue Range Price

These French Ranges are undoubtedly not at all budget-friendly as they might burn the pockets, but if you are willing to splurge a little more, then these ranges are worth investing in. Some of the factors that affect the costs of these ranges are:

  • Costs of shipping do applydepending upon the location.
  • If you wish to customize colors instead of the ones already available, you will have to pay extra. Though the good news is it already caters plethora of color choices, from steel blue to crimson red to Pista green and many more.
  • Adding burners and stoves would directly increase the total cost.
  • There might be a case that you may or not find a suitable individual to install it. So, it is suggested to have a word beforehand to check if someone has already dealt with or possesses some knowledge regarding the method of installing these ovens.

lacanche range brass knobs

La Cornue’s Past

One of the most famous and renowned brands in the United States is La Course. It stands apart due to its unique design and, in no time, becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen by drawing everyone’s attention, which is actually a point to consider if you are planning to introduce it in your kitchen.

French Ranges: La Cornue vs Lacanche, What to Know Before Investing in a French Oven | French kitchen decor, Home decor kitchen, Kitchen inspirations

La Cornue was founded by Parisian herbalist and perfumer Albert Dupuy in 1908. The very first convection oven was introduced by Dupoy as he was someone who always used to think out of the box and was not sufficed by the regular idea of only heating the food. He thought of something to bring to the table by experimenting with traditional methods. And with no time, he came up with his new innovative idea, which won the hearts of many people back then.

But his ideas didn’t get recognized overnight; it took him quite a while to reach and be noticed by people, nearly 100 years. Nonetheless, his invention soon got renowned, and he also got offered to work in collaboration with an American residential company.

How Much Do You Have To Pay for La Cornue

La Cornue is a bit expensive and its price range fluctuates depending on which one you select. The three main ranges catered by La Cornue are the Château, CornuFé, and CornuChef.

CornuFé is the one, preferred most in the US itself. It provides distinct settings helping you to prepare multiple dishes from chicken broth to pies to breads, etc. The oven is not too deep. But, it is quite tall and it also does include in-oven racks and trays that take care of the needs of baking or cooking. For example: a turkey can cook in one oven along with a side dish in another.

Just to match the aesthetic vibe one can install a line of matching cabinets same as that of their ovens. It will help you to build a dreamy Pinterest kitchen you have always wished for!


The finest rival of La Cornue in the market is Lacanche.

Lacanche has very simple built in comparison with La Courne. The physical appearance is pretty basic but looks elegant giving it a valid approval to be installed in our kitchens. We may have to think twice while introducing La courne in the kitchen. But, Lacanche will easily blend with any normal household kitchen.

CHAGNY brushed stainless

Lacanche’s Past

This range is named after the small Burgundy village in France. Since starting, this brand focused on producing ovens and other equipment used for cooking. They are also responsible for developing France’s first wooden oven and gas stove. Now, how awesome is that!

In light of Lacanche’s potential, it has also been awarded and honored by the French government’s Ministry – to pay tribute to the brand’s contribution to the country.

Lacanche Ranges

The Lacanche range has two ranges one for the old school, classic lovers with vintage and truly authentic designs. While the other range is contemporary and suffices the modern requirements.

Surprisingly, people often opt for both gas ovens and electric ovens. The electric oven allows dry heating suitable for baking and making pastries. In contrast, Gas cooking helps you to prepare juicy and yummy items that require moist air.


To be honest, both the Ranges are astonishing in themselves. With such a la cornue range price, there should be no harm in expecting flawless work. These French ranges have commendable reviews about them.

Undoubtedly, it is safe to say that these ranges are truly eye-catchy. One would simply fall for their physical appearance. Despite multiple options, people still can’t take their eyes off of this range. It is because they are certainly pleasing in an aesthetic way.

You can just go for it if you have the budget and looking forward to investing in a potentially expensive maintenance range.

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