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30 Ideas on How to Style Your French Country Bedroom

These French Country Bedrooms are as romantic as they seem. Can you picture yourself resting in a stunning French farmhouse? That is precisely the mood that these French country bedrooms are meant to evoke. A bedroom decorated in the French country style has a certain charm and coziness, from rural themes to French elegance.

Here are numerous illustrations of French country bedroom design. There are many lovely French country bedroom decorating ideas available online, but these are the greatest ones.

1. Antique Iron Bed And a Floral Bedspread

Antique Iron Bed And a Floral Bedspread

Instead of using conventional hardwood frames, cast iron bedframes offered a sterile and robust foundation. A bedspread is a thin, quilted cover that you can use to dress up your bed. They typically fit the entire bed and have extra room to drape over the edges and cover the pillows. A lightweight quilted cover with flower patterns is used as a decorative accent on mattresses. The floral bedspread’s vibrant and antique iron bed may have a light tarnish, which gives it a rustic character giving it a feel of a french country bedroom.

2. Antique Chandeliers

chandelier made with brass

In French palaces and affluent residences, antique chandeliers played an important decorative role. It’s unlikely that chandeliers will go out of style. While certain chandelier designs may be fashion-forward, others, like an antique chandelier, are classic. Consider several styles, sizes, and prices of chandeliers to fit a room before installing one in a house. Materials like iron, brass, bronze, or copper can be on your search list. An antique chandelier will look lovely in your French Country Bedroom.

3. Toile Bedding

toile bedding

Beautifully pastoral prints with a French country feel are a common element of toile bedding. The repetitive pattern, which is currently available in a wide range of hues on neutral backgrounds, adds a tasteful elegance that seems to come naturally. A particular variety of linen known as “toile de Jouy” was printed with romantic, pastoral designs in a single hue, generally black, blue, or red, on unbleached fabric.

4. Grey And White Decor

country french estate nina williams interiors

The classic French decorating scheme for a french country bedroom of grey and white never goes out of style. Given that light and neutral colors go well with any shade of grey, it will provide you with the ideal contrast. They are timeless colors, which is an additional benefit. This smart pairing of white walls with the coziness of the gray-toned floor gives the room a bright atmosphere.

5. Rustic Wood Cabinets

wood cabinet

Rustic wood cabinets are straightforward to maintain as they are straightforward to clean. Unlike other cabinet materials, they can also be polished, restricted, or repainted. Even cabinet door scratches can be fixed by sanding and repainting the surface as necessary. Hickory, cherry, oak, maple, and walnut are other common woods used for rustic cabinets. They are resilient and come in a more extensive range of colors and price ranges so they would fare better in a well-used, rustic-style French country bedroom.

6. Canopy Bed

canopy bed

Beds with canopies serve practical purposes in addition to looking excellent. In the winter, having the ability to cover your bed with extra blankets helps keep you warm. You might be able to use your bed to help you stay cool in the summer if you set it carefully. To make your canopy bed appear sophisticated and stylish in your French country bedroom, stick with light floral fabrics and a simple frame.

7. Gold Mirrors

gold mirrors

Consider making a gallery wall out of tiny to medium-sized gold-framed mirrors when decorating your walls. Gold Mirrors can help expand rooms as light reflects off the glass and returns to the room. If your room doesn’t have a window, placing a mirror next to a light source will have a similar effect. Mirrors can be installed across from windows to take advantage of natural lighting.

8. Floral Wallpaper

floral wall paper

The inset wall in the bedroom is located behind the bed, which, when covered in gorgeous floral wallpaper, gives the room a very French cottage feel. The flower pattern will be enhanced enough to define the space’s interior design. Floral wallpaper prints have always been a popular wallpaper option.

9. Floral Upholstery Headboard

floral upholstery headboard

The bed frame, including the footboard and headboards, is known as an “upholstered headboard” if it contains materials other than wood, such as suede, imitation leather, or velvet. Usually, extra padding is layered on top of the upholstery. As they include a padded layer, upholstered bed frames are generally more comfortable than their conventional wooden counterparts. Although wood bed frames remain a timeless classic, floral upholstered bed frames have recently gained popularity in the design industry due to their calming, muted aesthetic, and they look fantastic in a French country bedroom.

10. Wood Armoire

armoire baskets wood

The French bedroom of your dreams must have a large wood armoire. Due to the lack of closets in many French homes, the French armoire is still a well-liked piece of furniture today. You can use it however you’d want to store clothes or linens. Compared to a wardrobe, an armoire is a larger and more elaborate piece of furniture. Additionally, armoires frequently include shelves and hanging rails. They are ideal for long-term storage and use as furniture. Although armoires can be used in many different house rooms, they are most frequently found in living rooms and bedrooms with a French country theme.

11. Tufted Bench


Your French country bedroom will look great with the addition of the tufted bench, which is a contemporary element. It fits with a variety of designs and is perfect for any space in your house or entertainment venue, including a bedroom, living room, dining room, or entryway. When putting on slacks or tying shoes, tufted benches provide a comfortable place to sit. When it’s time for bed, they make a convenient spot to place those piles of beautiful throw pillows.

12. Pastel Accent Wall

pastel wall

When designing a French country bedroom, pastel colors are your friend. A room’s one wall painted a different color is called an accent wall. Usually, but not always, a hue that is considerably lighter, much darker, or more saturated. The room is defined far more precisely by a pastel accent wall than it is by a single hue used on all four walls.

13. Plain White Linens

white linen

Regarding French country bedroom décor, white linens are a guaranteed winner. White is the color most associated with cleanliness and calmness, and it can increase the quality of your sleep by relaxing you more than any other color.

14. Wood Headboard

wood headboard

The best sorts of wood for making bed frames are generally thought to be common hardwoods like maple, cherry, mahogany, and teak.

15. Bed in Black Iron

black iron bed

French country bedrooms often have black iron bed frames. Iron is an excellent material option if you want to buy a bed that will last very long. As it is made of sturdy metal, an iron bed outlasts all other bed types and materials in terms of durability.

16. Picture Over The Bed

 hang art above a bed floral art above pink and orange bedding

Above the bed is an excellent place for artwork in a French country bedroom. Hang images of lovely flowers to give the room a charming French feel.

17. Throw Pillows in Gingham


Throw pillows have both a decorative and practical use. Decorative pillows are frequently used to coordinate color accents within a space, frequently referencing the hues of area rugs, curtains, and walls. They appear as though they were thrown upon a piece of furniture and can also be used to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

18. Tufted Bed

chesterfield tufted upholstered bed

In a tufted mattress, the mattress fillings are held together by the tufts, which are pompom-like felt objects. Keeping them in place will allow the mattress’s springs to remain where they are supposed to be and will also prevent the layers from shifting.

19. Shiplap Walls


Shiplap walls are made of organic materials and are immune to rust and corrosion. It is more temperature-resistant, which provides an additional benefit. It is also highly resistant to the formation of scratches and dents.

20. Faux Flowers

faux flower

The most common materials used nowadays to create faux flowers are silk, velvet, natural textures, flocked materials, plastic fabrics, and real touch technology.

21. White Fireplace Mantel

white fireplace mantel

When a room’s colors are changed, a white fireplace mantel guarantees that the mantel will still blend in. It also prevents the mantel from being very noticeable. If you decide to paint your mantel, ivory and other shades of white are typically wise choices.

22. Traditional White Wood Bed

white bed

The stain can be removed as if it never occurred by simply cleaning or repainting a white bed. This is the best option if you’ve invested a significant sum in a high-quality bed and can’t afford to replace it frequently.

23. A Bedside Mirror

mirror near bed

The best spots for mirrors in bedrooms are next to beds, behind doors, across from windows, or above mantels. It should be placed so that it will create the impression of more excellent light and space in your bedroom.

24. A French Bench

Hathaway Bench

Your French country bedroom would look great with a French bench. Your home’s sitting area or living room are other possible locations for your French bench.

25. White and Red

red and white bedroom

White goes well with everything, including red. Use red paint for the walls to add color to an otherwise monochromatic space. Or you can use white as an accent in a really striking and colorful room. It’s impossible to misjudge such a classic pairing in a French country bedroom.

26. A Nightstand Table With Drawers

nightstand table with drawer

A nightstand, which will look fantastic in your French country bedroom, is usually a modest, low bedside table with drawers. You should place it near the bed so that it is easy to reach.

27. Framed Flowers

bedroom botanical gallery wall

As they complement the French floral theme so well, framed flowers are a unique way to brighten up your French country bedroom.

28. Paintings


Your French country bedroom will feel very posh with vintage artwork. Landscapes, garden scenes, floral illustrations, and ocean views are further examples of traditional artwork that can be used in a peaceful bedroom.

29. A Rustic Study Table

Study table

A study table helps with perfect book arrangement, making it easier to find the needed one. Because it may be used for other purposes besides studying, a desk can help your French country room look more put together.

30. Chairs


Chairs are a great way to add furniture to the room without making it too crowded, and you can make them even more enjoyable by adding a cushion to the seat or the back. Additionally, seat cushions can alter or enhance the look of the chairs, bringing them closer to the design of your French country bedroom.

Wrapping Up

Anyone can unwind in a setting decorated in French country style. These bedrooms provide a stylish retreat that is also completely achievable. They are decorated in white and light tones of grey, blue, and grey.

Gilded mirrors, elaborate headboards in various styles, and beautiful chandeliers are some of the highlights of the French country bedroom design. These bedrooms have a straightforward layout but numerous stylish embellishments, including glass drawer handles and plush linens.

It’s simple to create a French country bedroom in your own home. Start by decorating a light-colored wall. Off-white, cream, pastel blue, and beige paint colors are suggested. When choosing your furnishings, pay close attention.

Although dark wrought-iron bed frames are also standard options, French country furniture is typically painted with a light tint. Reclaimed furniture works nicely with rustic French design, so you don’t have to spend much money on it.

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