Family-Friendly Fabrics: Tips for Choosing Kravet Fabrics that are Durable and Easy to Clean

Family-Friendly Fabrics: Tips for Choosing Kravet Fabrics that are Durable and Easy to Clean

When designing a space that caters to families, especially those with young children and pets, choosing the right fabrics is crucial. Not only do these materials need to be stylish and fit your decorating theme, but they also must withstand spills, stains, and the wear and tear of daily life. Kravet offers a variety of fabrics that meet these needs, combining durability and ease of maintenance with modern aesthetics. Here’s how to select the best Kravet fabrics for a family-friendly home.

Understanding the Need for Durable Fabrics

In family homes, fabrics are subjected to a lot more stress. From kids’ playtime adventures to pets lounging on sofas, your home’s textiles need to be able to handle it all. Choosing the right type of fabric can make the difference between a piece of furniture that lasts for decades and one that needs to be replaced or reupholstered within a few years.

Choosing High-Performance Fabrics

Kravet has developed a range of high-performance fabrics that are specifically designed for durability and easy cleaning. These fabrics are ideal for family homes due to their enhanced resistance to stains and abrasions. Here are some top choices:

  • Crypton Home Fabrics: These fabrics are designed to repel water, resist stains, and prevent odors from clinging. Crypton’s technology ensures that spills sit on the surface instead of soaking into the fibers, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Sunbrella Indoor Fabrics: Traditionally used outdoors because of their fade resistance and durability, Sunbrella fabrics are also an excellent choice for indoor furniture in homes with children and pets. They are easy to clean, and their resistance to mold and mildew makes them suitable for high-humidity environments.
  • Performance Velvets: Kravet’s performance velvets offer the luxurious look and feel of traditional velvet with the added benefits of durability and ease of maintenance. These fabrics are crafted to handle heavy usage while maintaining their color and texture.

Decorating Styles and Fabric Choices

  • Modern: For a modern family room, look for Kravet’s clean-lined geometric prints or solid fabrics in bold colors. These can be used in statement pieces like a large sectional or a set of curtains that define the room’s aesthetic.
  • Traditional: For a more traditional space, consider Kravet’s selection of classic patterns like damasks or stripes in performance fabrics. These designs can add a touch of elegance without sacrificing functionality.
  • Eclectic: Mixing and matching different patterns and textures can create a unique, family-friendly space that stands out. Kravet’s diverse fabric options allow for creative combinations that can reflect your family’s personality and style.

Benefits of Using Kravet Fabrics in Your Home

  • Durability: Kravet’s performance fabrics are made to last. They resist tearing, fraying, and pilling, which are common in households with children and pets.
  • Easy to Clean: Many of Kravet’s fabrics are designed to be easy to clean. Whether they are washable or simply need a quick spot cleaning, these fabrics save time and effort in maintenance.
  • Style Variety: Kravet offers one of the widest selections of fabric designs in the industry. Whatever your decorating style, there’s likely a Kravet fabric that fits the bill, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on style for functionality.
  • Health and Safety: Many of Kravet’s fabrics are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning they meet strict chemical emissions limits and contribute to healthier indoor environments, which is crucial for homes with kids.


Choosing the right fabrics for a family-friendly home doesn’t mean sacrificing style for durability and maintenance. With Kravet’s extensive range of high-performance fabrics, it’s entirely possible to create a home that is both beautiful and practical. These fabrics ensure that your living spaces are welcoming and ready to handle the dynamic challenges of everyday family life, making them a smart investment for any home.

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