How to Choose the Right Color and Fabric for a Coastal Sofa?

How to Choose the Right Color and Fabric for a Coastal Sofa?

Don’t we all love going to the beach? But have you ever wondered what draws us so much to the beach and the sea? Perhaps it’s the cool breeze, the bright sky, the vast sea or ocean lying in front of us as if spreading its arms to welcome us, the sandy beaches, and the coastal vegetation.

It helps us relax, become internally calm and poised in front of the chattering sea, and fall in love with nature again, away from the hustle-bustle and cacophony of city life.

Thus, it seems like a brilliant idea when we think of bringing home the coastal decor as it would then be at our disposal from the comfort of our house. Certainly, when you are decorating your home with coastal decor ideas, you would be incorporating a coastal couch as a key decor element.

Thus, in this blog, we bring forth information on which is the right material and the correct color palette for your coastal sofa.

Correct Color and Fabric for Coastal Couch

In the discussion given below, you will discover the correct materials that your coastal couch should be made up of and what colors go well on your sofa to resonate well with the coastal decor theme.

1. Fabric Material for Coastal Couch

Fabric Material for Coastal Couch

Your sofa will be a centerpiece for your living room, designed with tropical vibes. Therefore, it has to be designed with the right material and colors so that it successfully brings the vibes of the beach to your living room.

While the sofa frame must be composed of natural materials like whitewashed or weathered wood and white oak, some other popular materials include rattan, bamboo, wickerwork, and jute. Natural elements, first of all, bring nature indoors. The second benefit of using these sofa frame materials is that they are light and exude an airy feel.

Once you’ve spotted the right frames, now comes the task of choosing the right upholstery material. Again, here are natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and velvet. Loose, easygoing slipcovers are often preferred as couch covers compared to fitting fabric designs.

The fabrics should be durable, easy to clean, and hard-wearing. If you are choosing fabric for outdoor seated couches, you must then go with olefin or acrylic. However, if you need fabric for an indoor sofa, you must go with sailcloth, linen, Osnaburg woven cotton, or acrylic upholstery fabric. Leather could be another option as it is hardwearing, resistant to damage, and easy to wipe off dust and clean the surface. However, leather is expensive and involves animal cruelty.

2. Color of Coastal Couch

Color of Coastal Couch

The right colors are key to nailing coastal aesthetics. So, here is what you need to think of first before choosing the colors. What are the most prominent colors in a sea beach? Blues, greens, sandy yellow, and browns, some grays, and other neutral shades.

So, this very idea will serve as the base color palette for you. You must use pristine white, beige, cream, sandy brown, bluish gray, hues of blue from light to deep blue, sea green, turquoise, and teal. One offbeat color that you can use amid neutrals and blues is coral red.

The colors of your sofa must ring with tranquility and natural beauty. It should be capable of evoking a sense of the beachy atmosphere.

Some Upholstery Fabric Suggestions

1. Laguna Scuba Coral Burnout Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Fabric Material for Coastal Couch

The scuba burnout velvet fabric manufactured by Top Fabric has a coral pattern made in velvet, which is embossed on the base fabric. It is perfect for upholstering sofas, couches, ottomans, and pillows. It is made up of 47% polyester and 53% rayon. Various colors are available, but for your coastal home decor, you could use the Laguna shade.

2. Blue Pineapples Woven Matelasse Upholstery Grade Fabric

Blue Pineapples Woven Matelasse Upholstery Grade Fabric

This Matelasse fabric is a heavy-duty fabric that is sold by Palazzo Fabrics. Available in blue color, its woven pattern offers an enhanced appearance and makes it damage-resistant. Made of cotton and polyester, this beach-style fabric is perfect for upholstering sofas, couches, and cushions.

3. Blue Beach Fabric Seashore Weathered Boards Wooden Fish Stones

Blue Beach Fabric Seashore Weathered Boards Wooden Fish Stones

This blue beach fabric has embroidered fish, weathered boards, and stones, reminding one of the sea, beach, and boardwalks. Available in multiple shades like aqua, charcoal, gray, tan, and off-white, this mid-weight fabric is perfect for making cushions, duvets, and even curtains. The material is 100% cotton and is sold by Drapery Fabric.

4. White Schumacher Lobster Embroidery Fabric

White Schumacher Lobster Embroidery Fabric

Tiny lobsters embroidered on this white cotton fabric are perfect for adding the touch of the seaside to your living room. The whimsical crustaceans’ are satin-stitched.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a fair idea of what should be the ideal materials and fabric for a coastal-style sofa. You also have discovered the ideal color palette for making your home throw beachy vibes.

Coastal home decor is eco-friendly as it incorporates plenty of natural materials. This also makes the style affordable even for those who are on a tight budget to decorate their home with coastal theme styles.

Coastal home decor is popular in coastal areas and cities like the French Riviera, Malibu, Malta, Caribbean islands, etc.

Coastal decor is all about carefree ambiance and is commonly seen in beach vacation retreats like beach houses, coastal condos, or seaside cottages.

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