How to Choose Country Style Living Room Furniture?

How to Choose Country Style Living Room Furniture?

Selecting furniture for the living zone of your house was never easy. It becomes trickier when you have a particular interior theme in mind, such as country style.

Also, you will fail to create a picture-perfect living room if you do not choose furniture according to its theme. The task of selecting furniture for a country-style home or living is challenging.

It requires in-depth research and a deep understanding of the theme. As a result, it takes a great deal of time and work to do it.

Also, you can look for a good professional interior designer for your help. But, we understand that you may not have the time or energy to do all the finding. So, to help you escape the mess, we did that hard work on your behalf.

Before diving into this content, read our previous blog to understand how it started. Our previous blog on country living rooms provides essential context to this topic.

Below, we will discuss some essential ways to select the best furniture for your country-style living room.

What is a Country-style Interior?

What is a Country-style Interior?

Let’s begin with the basics before we discuss the right way to select furniture for your country-style living room. It will help you understand the process better. As the name suggests, Country-style interior design is inspired by simple countryside living and displays its essence.

Country style is also a large-rage style that encompasses any home interior design based on (associated with) traditional farmhouse style. The features of a Country-style interior can vary depending on the socio-economic and geographical location.

However, some of the universal characteristics of Country-style interior design include a distressed or antique look, muted colors, and simple and functional design concentration on traditional and natural themes.

How Do You Choose Country-Style Living Room Furniture?

How Do You Choose Country-Style Living Room Furniture?

Below, we will discuss in detail how you can select furniture for your country-style living room:

1. Go All Wood

The importance of a country-style living room can be natural and display a traditional farmhouse setup. As a result, wooden furniture that has a natural or painted finish can go well with a country-style living room. You can go all wood to create a perfect environment for your country-style living.

2. Include Vintage

Vintage touch is an inevitable part of a country-style living room. So, when selecting furniture for your living room, you must invest in vintage-style furniture. For instance, grandma’s old sofa set or flea market vintage cabinet can make a good option for your country-style living room.

3. Use Antique Furniture

Antique furniture can be a great option for decorating your country-style living room. Antique furniture, such as an antique sofa set or a bookshelf/ cabinet, can complement your country-style living room interior and serve as a statement piece.

4. Choose Rustic Design

Country style interior, also known as farmhouse or traditional farmhouse style setup. They often display a simplistic living with distressed walls, muted colors, and rustic furniture design. So, using furniture with a rustic look can do well with country-style living rooms.

5. Incorporate Cozy Color Palette

The country-style interior palette generally includes soft, muted, and washed colors. It also uses natural, rustic, warm colors to create a perfect country-style ambiance. So, choosing cozy color palettes (green, white, black, pale, brown, etc ) for your country-style living room can be a great way to uplift the environment and create a beautiful country-style living room set-up.

6. Use Botanical Motif

As we have learned, the primary features of country-style interior design include natural, rural, and countryside themes. They often include Botanical motifs in curtains, furniture, and accessories to create a natural feel for the country-style living room. You can use cabinets, tables, and bookshelves painted with natural colors and motifs. Using botanical covers can also help create a classy country-style living room.

Characteristics of A Country Style Living Room Interior

Characteristics of A Country Style Living Room Interior

Like any other interior design, country style also has some unique characteristics. It generally varies depending on the geographical location.

However, the natural themes, muted colors, and primitive furniture are some universal features of this style.

Here are some common or main characteristics of country-style living rooms:

  • Color Palette – The soft, muted, and washed colors that display the wear and tear of time are a primary characteristic of traditional country-style living rooms. Also, it may include bright colors for contemporary country-style living.
  • Accessories – Handmade, antique, and natural accessories are made for country-style living rooms. They may include baskets, pottery, wooden bowls, etc.
  • Furniture – Straight lines and painted finishes with little to no ornamentation are perfect for a country-style living room.
  • Fabric– Floral, checker, gingham, strips, etc., fabrics go well with a country-style living room. They display the essence of the countryside and the natural environment.


For most house owners, selecting living room furniture according to the interior is quite challenging, especially if you are working with themes such as country-style designs.

It is because the country-style aesthetic is an all-encompassing and wide-ranging concept that includes natural elements, muted colors, botanical motifs, gardens, etc.

Also, if you want to install furniture for your country living room, you must include wooden, washed furniture finish and natural accent.

So, save this blog for future reference and share your thoughts and experience arranging furniture in the comments below.

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