Amazing Farmhouse Dining Room Decor Ideas & Trends

10 Trending Farmhouse Style Decor ideas for Dining Room

The dining room plays a very important role in bringing the whole family together. Due to hectic work schedules, having one meal together with family is a dream for many. Decorating the dining room strategically will inspire people, and they will look forward to spending time together. However, it is also essential to ensure the functionality of the space. Adding a farmhouse dining table will elevate the look and add to the functionality of the dining room.

Most people think that adding heavy decorative pieces will make the dining room exquisite. However, the dining room is not the place where you should focus more on decoration.

Simply put, the dining room is more about functionality than decor. However, you can use your imagination and creativity in living rooms or bedrooms. The dining room should serve the purpose of the whole family coming together and enjoying the meal comfortably.

Do you want to revamp your house?

Are you planning to decorate your house’s dining room but are devoid of ideas?

Don’t worry. We have got you covered in this blog. Read this blog to learn about farmhouse-style decor and how you can implement the same in your dining room.

What is the Farmhouse Style of Decor?

The farmhouse decor style is trending these days, especially among people who live in the countryside. The farmhouse decor style gives a rustic feel to the house and makes it look like an old rural farmhouse. It appears welcoming, comfortable, warm, and friendly.

farmhouse style decor with farmhouse dining table

Farmhouse style of decor is quite trending for dining rooms these days. Farmhouse style employs the use of a fireplace mantle, dining hutches, traditional furniture, vintage silverware, industrial metallic tables or chairs, comfy seating, etc. All these types of furniture and accessories blend in and create a farmhouse look that is best for the communal spaces of the houses.

Elements of Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse-style decor is incomplete without adding certain elements. Here is the list of elements that you can use while creating a farmhouse style:

1. Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

The rustic dining table is the center of attraction of the farmhouse dining room. There are various shapes available types of dining tables, like circular, square, or rectangular. However, the wooden style is perfect. Wood adds an essence to the farmhouse home.

In a farmhouse style, dining room elements that bring a rustic vibe to the environment are imperative. You can add other features like a wooden sofa, a rolling chair, or a wooden photo frame to complete the look. Besides, wooden flooring is also a great option.

Product Suggestions: Mid Century Centiar Dining Room Table, Antique Rustic Folding Farm Table Set

mid century centair dining room table

2. Country Dining Chairs to Complement Farmhouse Dining Table

Another essential element is the dining chair. Adding a country-style dining chair and a rustic dining table will create a whole farmhouse vibe. While choosing a chair, check the comfort and design that suit your family’s needs. For example, some people prefer armrests, while others want movable ones. So make sure to consider these things before picking up the chair.

When it comes to style, the farmhouse theme gives you the freedom to choose the furniture you like. You can play with the colors and traditional and modern furniture. You can add a mismatched chair to make the space chic and casual. A combination of modern chairs with traditional ones will give the space an eclectic feel.

Product Suggestions: Declan Farmhouse Cottage Dining Chairs, Mid-Century Dining Chair

Declan farmhouse cottage dining chair

3. Farmhouse Chandelier

Lighting is important for the dining room so that people can see their food. A farmhouse-style chandelier can be a great addition to the dining room. Both wooden and metallic chandeliers are available; you can choose what you prefer. Industrial lighting can also create a great vibe in the dining space.

Product Suggestions: Modern Crystal Chandeliers Lighting, Farmhouse Candle Chandelier for Living Room

modern crystal chandeliers lights

4. Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are trending in the farmhouse style interior decor. Installing a sliding barn door in the dining space will seal it off from the other parts of the house, thus creating a separate area for dining. Whether you want to separate the dining room from the kitchen or the living room, adding a sliding barn door is a perfect idea. It doesn’t require much space yet creates separate areas.

sliding door

5. Earthy Tones

The earthy color scheme is the primary feature of farmhouse-style homes. Earthy shades like dark brown, sage green, creamy white ivory, and faded blue are pretty famous. Combining these colors will add an earthy tone to the dining room and make you feel like you are close to the earth. These are cool colors and thus will reflect calming vibes.

modern farmhouse style

6. Dining Hutch In Congruence With Farmhouse Dining Table

Dining cabinets are the storage spaces that are necessary for the dining rooms. It would be best if you incorporated these hutches in your dining room to store platters, pitchers, silver plates, wine glasses, and other cutleries you will need during dining.

Product Suggestions: China Cabinet Oak, Storage Cabinet with 3 Drawers & Barn Door

cabinet with 3 drawers & barn door

7. Cosy Rugs

Stepping on a rug gives warmth to the people living in the house. Thus it is an essential element of the farmhouse home. A cozy rug makes the space welcoming and friendly. It also ensures that the furniture is placed at a center. Besides, it feels good to walk on the carpet. To maintain the farmhouse vibe, you can choose beige, grey, or neutral-colored rugs.

Product Suggestions: Vintage Distressed Persian Rug, Boho Moroccan Throw Accent Rug

vintage distressed persian rug

8. Table Centerpiece on Farmhouse Dining Table

The table centerpiece is another crucial decorative element for the farmhouse-style dining room. These centerpieces keep the dining table from looking empty when not in use. You can pick mason jars, candles, wood, flowers, or plants as the centerpiece.

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Elegant Decorative Votive Candle Holder Centerpiece

9. Bright and Airy

A bright and airy dining room should inspire people to sit together and enjoy meals. Try making the farmhouse dining room bright and airy by enabling cross ventilation. Avoid adding a lot of curtains and stuffing up the space with a lot of things.

bright and airy

10. Farmhouse Wall Art

The walls of the dining room shouldn’t be left empty. So you can add a mirror to make the space appear large. Besides vintage wood signs, cow artwork or a quote can be added to the wall as wall art.

Product Suggestions:

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Lastly, don’t forget to add plants to your farmhouse-style dining room to give it a feel of nature. The greenery around the space makes the room lively and relaxing. These elements and ideas can create a fantastic farmhouse-style dining room. Besides, add elements that reflect your family’s personality to make the space personalized.

Wrap Up

The trends are changing for everything, and interior decorations are no exception. The trends of formal dining rooms have changed as they feel quite stuffy and don’t suit contemporary homes.

There are endless ways to deck up the dining room, from furniture to wallpaper, rugs to lighting. However, these days farmhouse style is trending more than other styles. If you like to style up your dining room in a farmhouse style, then you can take inspiration from the list mentioned above.

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