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30 Cozy French Country Dining Room for a Perfect Serene

French country dining room has become a universal trend, but why? The reason behind this massively loved trend is its simplicity and elegance. People like the combination of traditional and modern designs that this interior style provides.

The french country dining room is different and unusual as it’s not something one would normally see. Simple French decor with antique furniture and neutral shades of accessories gives a gorgeous rustic look to the room. You can also get all the warmth and charm of the french country with the help of the ideas presented below. Read this listicle to know what kind of furniture and accessories are required for your dining room makeover.

French Country Dining Room Ideas

If you want to build a french country style in your dining room, then you need to choose the right kind of furniture and decor items. To make your life a little easier, we have curated some brilliant ideas for you to choose from. This guide will help you in making your dream french country dining room.

1. Rustic Dining Table

A rustic dining table adds an authentic countryside feel to the dining space. The natural finish of the table gives a graceful look to the overall dining room. It is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be styled in many ways. It is also very functional, as it can be accommodated in the small dining rooms as well.

rustic dining table

2. A Wood Dining Table with Iron Legs

Wood dining tables with iron legs are very sturdy. The modern and sleek frame of the table adds a refined elegance to the room. This piece of furniture helps enhance the features of the french decor, which is simple and sophisticated.

Wood Dining Table with Iron Legs

3. Dining Table with Stone Tabletop

Add a table with a stone tabletop for that European elegance in your dining room. This will add a modern touch to the setting of your room.

You can also try some other shapes for the dining table, like a Round dining table that gives a chic look.

round dining table

4. Crystal Chandeliers

A Chandelier with crystal drop is a signature element in french countryside homes. The decor is incomplete without this gorgeous accessory. A beautiful chandelier over the dining table makes the room look bigger and brighter.

Crystal Chandeliers

5. Cane Back Dining Chairs

Cane back chairs are used in french country homes to add rustic accents. The design of the chair is simple and elegant. The motive behind this design is to include comfort within the stylish setting.

Another great inspiration for this piece of furniture would be Round Cane Dining Chairs.

Cane Back Dining Chairs

6. Distressed Touch on Wall

To enhance the farmhouse style of your dining room, add a distressed touch on the wall. It will give a more natural and authentic look to the interiors. It is such a beautiful design in itself that you do not need any bold and big embellishments for your room.

Distressed Touch on Wall

7. Metal Chairs

Metal Chairs add aesthetic value to your dining room. The thin frames and overall sleek chair design make the room a little airy. Also, it is a budget-friendly option that looks stylish too.

metal chair

8. Rustic-style Furniture

Rustic-style furniture for the dining room is the best option. It fits the french country theme perfectly. The robustness and sturdiness of the furniture are very important when it comes to selecting furniture for the dining room.

dining room wooden shutters antique table

9. Mismatched Chairs

Mismatched chairs are a perfect way to add a little character to your dining room. Look how beautifully the chairs are complimenting each other in the picture. It is a very common style in the provincial homes of France.

Mismatched Chairs

10. Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplace is a traditional way of adding warmth and coziness to the room. It looks very classic and also feels good during winter.

Stone Fireplace

11. Gallery wall of Mirrors

This is a very unique way to adorn your wall. A gallery wall of mirrors looks very fashionable and chic in the dining room. You can choose different sizes of mirrors for wall decor.

Gallery wall of Mirrors

12. Tufted Chairs

Tufted chairs are a staple piece in french country home decor. They look elegant and, at the same time, are very comfortable.

Tufted Chairs

13. Neutral Gray Shades

Neutral gray shades add a very earthy and minimalist vibe to the place. You can add several pieces like flower vases of gray color to the dining table and gray farmhouse dining chairs to the room.

farmhouse dining chairs

14. Wood Hutch Storage

Wood Hutch is a great way to store your french crockery in a particular place. It is a farmhouse style to keep a hutch in the dining room. It is useful and elegant.

Wood Hutch Storage

15. Whitewashed Wood Table

A whitewashed wood dining table gives a very European vibe to the room. This can be paired with neutral-colored chairs and walls to complete the look of the french country decor.

Whitewashed Wood Table

16. Louis Chairs

Louis chairs are the most trusted piece of furniture when it comes to french country dining room ideas. They look great and add a little accent to the overall place. They highlight the french ambiance of the place.

Louis XVI Dining Chair

17. Classic White Pitcher

The less is more kind of approach is used in french country decor. Therefore, white pitchers are used as a design aesthetic to add a rustic look to the dining room. It makes the place homier and more inviting.

Dining Table

18. Provence Blue Accents

Adding Provencal blue accents in your dining room would be a great way to bring colors to your french country decor.

Taking inspiration from this picture, you can add various items like a blue porcelain vase or blue and white porcelain plates to amp up your room.

 blue porcelain vase or blue and white porcelain plates

19. Vintage-style Centerpiece

This home decor is about blending the new with the old. That is why a vintage-style centerpiece would be a great choice to adorn your dining table. Likewise, a vintage-style lantern can indeed be the center of attraction in the dining room.

vintage-style lantern

The french country color palette contains neutral shades of green as well. This can make the place more welcoming.

The green ceramic plates would be a great addition to your french country dining room. It will give the room a splash of color, increasing its beauty.

green ceramic plates

21. White Dining Hutch

A white dining hutch is a beautiful neutral shade to add to your french country dining room. In addition, it will be a good option for aesthetically storing your kitchenware.

White Dining Hutch

22. Farmhouse Rug

A rug is a perfect way to add a little texture and softness to your dining room. It is a very important element to add when it comes to french country dining rooms. There are many different patterns and textures from which you can choose the rug that will suit your place.

farmhouse rug

23. Crystal Drinkware

To make your dining room brighter and shinier, add crystal drinkware. It is undoubtedly a good item that will make your dining table look more elegant and chic. This will get you amazing compliments from your guests.

Crystal Drinkware

24. Wood Candlesticks

The wood candlesticks look very aesthetic and add value to your french country decor. It can be used for decorating your dining table. It will add a little romantic vibe and sparkle to the room.

Wood Candlesticks

25. Mint Blue Chairs

You can add a little pop of color to your neutrally styled dining room by including mint blue dining chairs. They look fantastic and go smoothly with the french country decor.

dining room decorating ideas blue yellow

26. Burnished Metal Chandelier

The chandeliers look beautiful in the dining room. They are a perfect way to illuminate the area. Add a burnished metal chandelier to your dining room for a rustic and vintage look.

Burnished Metal Chandelier

27. Stained Glass Buffet

The stained glass buffet is a classic french country decor piece. It adds an old-school charm to the room. This furniture item is pretty helpful for storage as well.

Stained Glass Buffet

28. Ruffle Chair Cover

The ruffle chair cover adds a refined elegance and fairy touch to the dining room. The softness of the cover provides a comfortable experience for all the diners. Also, it is a creative way to highlight the curve and pattern lines in the room.

Ruffle Chair Cover

29. Oval Table

The oval table adds a perfect curve to the french country dining room. It can be a good option for small families.

Oval Table

30. Floral Textile On the Table

The flower textile on the table makes for a stunning accessory to ornate the dining room. In a neutral-colored room with a beige dining table, a floral cover on the dining table will serve some beautiful looks.

Floral Textile On the Table


A french country interior design is a beautiful decor for your home. It gives you a perfect blend of modern and traditional designs. The elegance and charm of this style can swoon anyone’s heart. We hope that the above ideas made your heart feel the same way. If you want your dining room to be a fantastic experience for everyone, then do give your dining room a french country makeover.

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