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15 Best English Roll Arm Sofa Ideas For Your Home

Bringing home an English roll-arm sofa is a matter of pride for any homeowner. The sofa, known for its timeless elegance, gets on with any decor style. The English roll-arm sofa has been popular since the 19th century. With many modernist tweaks, the sofa is invading living rooms of all sizes.

This popular sofa is a variation of the traditional sofa, and the innovations by George Smith, the world-famous furniture designer made it globally popular for its aesthetic and functional properties. The popular English roll-arm sofa attracts users with many stellar features, including its deep seats, sinuous profile, and lower arms that make resting one’s head so easy and cool. This legacy-oriented classic-style sofa creates an ambiance of class, luxury, and comfort in any home. Let us look at the best English roll-arm Sofas to buy right now with a starter on its general look and feel.

An English roll-arm sofa is easy to identify. With arms sweeping from the front end to the back with a soft tuck. Cute little pleats that converge with welting at the arm’s side reflect the aesthetic and intricate making of the sofa. Although there is a distinct style, the upholstery will vary among leather, velvet, cotton, and others.

1. Birch Lane Walters Roll Arm Sofa

This made-in-USA sofa is a favorite of thousands of families. The sturdy wood frame and 82” width of this upholstered sofa have subtle looks. These are nicely engineered in terms of the recessed arms and well-turned legs. The power of sinuous springs and down-filled cushions add to the relaxation quotient. The cushions are removable and provide for faster cleaning. The choice of fabrics is wide, and your living room’s best fit will be easy to finalize.

Walters sofa

2. Tufted Two-Cushion Roll Arm Sofa

This sofa from Anthropologie is amazing, with many bold colors in terms of velvet and linen finishes. The product’s channel-tufted walnut-turned legs are eye-catchers, and the looks are leisurely, relaxed, and refined.

Walters sofa

3. Buchanan Roll Arm Sofa

Buchanan collection sofas are ideal for smaller spaces and carry elegant and classic style elements. Built for exceptional comfort with meticulous attention to quality. It has generous roll arms and soft cushions for longer hours of relaxation. It is a space saver with a compact profile, maximizing any size and floor plan.

Buchanana upholstered

4. Batholo Upholstered Roll Arm Sofa

It conforms with the rule that the deeper the seat, the lower the seat height and vice versa. So the shorter version of the Batholo sofa is most comfortable for shorter people. You can buy your custom-made version of the sofa.

Bathalo Upholstered Roll Arm Sofa

5. Lotus Roll Arm Sofa

This Joss & Main brand lotus roll arm sofa has an amazing convergence of classic and modern touches. The streamlined silhouette stands out as the insignia of the modern touch without diluting the classic beauty and the rolled-up arms. Fabric colors are available in vibrant and neutral palettes for making a statement piece.

Lotus Sofa

6. Ives Roll Arm Sofa

This West Elm brand Ives Sofa is the best piece for small spaces. It can be a synonym for comfort, meeting a luxe touch within a classic frame. The fabric options of Ives sofa are vast and help you to customize the looks. Having zip-off covers makes it easy for cleaning and upkeep.

Ives Sofa for small space

7. Carlisle English Roll-Arm Sofa

The Carlisle Collection is stylish, easy to care for, and built to last. The deep seat and low back will ensure amazing comfort. It has intricately turned feet and a subtle S curve in the base. These are extra features to enhance the English roll arms. The highlights are a classic curved silhouette and pleated arms. The Curved base is accentuated with traditional legs adding more to the sophistication.

Carlisle upholstered sofa

8. Carmine English Roll-Arm Sofa

This classic English roll-arm sofa with the shape of the Carmine is timeless in terms of style. The fabric and color of the sofa are customizable to match an individual’s design preference. The properties include a polished silhouette marking an iconic shape. The fan-pleated arms give a modern look. The seats are agile with hand-tied springs for high durability.


9. Brooke Roll-Arms Sleeper Sofa

This queen-size sleeper sofa is available in various colors. The frame in kiln-dried hardwood has classic English arms and feather-and-down fill. The versatility of this piece is amazing, thanks to the neutral upholstery and herringbone texture. The caster wheels allow easy mobility. Hence, floors are saved against scratching and marring. Two matching throw pillows will also add greater charm.

Brooker Sleeper sofa

10. Maxwell Roll-Arm Sofa

Maxwell is a posh sofa flaunting all classic elements of the English roll-arm sofa in terms of contoured arms, turned legs, and piping. They are light and airy with a thin frame. The lower back and the deep seat augment the relaxed touch. Fabric options are immense to upgrade the cushions for customized comfort. The specifications include a width of 82 inches plus, a depth of 23.5”, and a height of 31”.

Maxwell roll arm sofa

11. Saxon Cozy Roll-Arm Sofa

Saxon, with its width starting from 80”, 37” depth, and 32” height, is a deep seat and plush cushion sofa that has a “modern twist to shabby-chic.” The sofa’s deep seat is also handy for enjoying a sound sleep on chilled nights. The fabrics offer easy management thanks to cleanable hypoallergenic stuff. The brand is Apt2B.

Saxon Cozy Roll Arm Sofa

12. Miramar Roll-Arm Sofa

Miramar sofa justifies the price with its luxurious performance. The fabric is superb, with a thick weave, great texture, and casual looks. It is woven from 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic and resists UV radiation, staining, wear and tear, and mold attack.

Miramar sofa

13. Morgan Roll-Arm Sofa

It is a premium roll-arm sofa with a classic touch and blends with any décor. The grand features include deep seat cushions and a firm back for greater comfort. English-style rolled arms and antique brass casters bring a traditional touch to Morgan’s rounded silhouette.

Morgan Sofa

14. Pales Velvet Chesterfield Roll-Arm Sofa

Available in 95” Wide, Pales Velvet Chesterfield sofa has a sturdy wood frame, removable seat cushions, and tufted cushions. It is bankable for the best comfort. This sofa is a good mix of classic and many elements of modern sofa and a right fit to any style. Chesterfield style implies arms being equal to the back height and is perfect for sitting on the sofa from all sides.

Pales Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

15. Top Grain Leather Chesterfield Sofa

This dark brown sofa from the Crafters & Weavers collection has both charms of design and the value of high-end materials in giving a timeless look. The leather is vintage Italian and maximizes comfort with nice seats and back cushions.

Dark Brown Sofa

16. Whitley Roll-Arm Sofa

Whitley Sofa from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams brand has gone the extra mile with a new take on the roll-arm sofa. The 82” wider sofa has a luxurious feel and carries a hardwood frame with tensile cushions boosting the feel-good factor for the deep seat.

Whitley list

Technical details on English Roll-Arm Sofa

As seen already, you have a wider platter of English roll-arm sofas, including sectional, sleeper sofas, and loveseat sofas, among others. In terms of size, a roll-arm sofa ranges from 72 inches to 96 inches. But you have the option to extend the length of the sofa and create a bespoke sofa following the interior design requirements. The mini sofa, or loveseat, is also popular, and it accommodates two people with a length ranging between 48 and 72 inches. The roll-arm sofa can be further extended to 87 inches up to 100 inches with four cushions without the sectional sofa design.

As a living room enhancer, the English roll-arm sofa is more than an aesthetic piece. It caters to all kinds of posturing comfort zones. For example, the tight back in the standard version provides firmness to those needing it. This is in contrast to the modern version with loose cushions. The roll-arm sofa shows immense resilience and flexibility to adjust to all sorts of users.

The main thing people love about English roll-arm sofas is they never go out of style, and there is no pressure to change the sofa as trends change. The English sofa has immense variability and works with home decor styles such as bohemian, eclectic, and traditional.

English roll arm sofas are available in a range of sizes, colors, and fabrics, including sleeper options. The key parameters for choosing the best chic, cute, comfy roll-arm sofa are flair and design and flexibility to customize fabrics so that the cute sofa can meld with any decor style. All these elements have made it an endearing sofa in the competitive furniture market.

New Trends and Arrival of Modern Designs Of English Roll-Arm Sofa

Modern versions of the English roll arm sofas have loose cushions on the back and straighter arms and sides. This style was pioneered by furniture designer George Smith and his Standard Arm Signature Sofa. The tight back, curved arms, curved sides, and down cushions bring the essential English look. In choosing the sofa for your home, the right fit is determined by the metrics of seat depth, width, and height.

As noted, when you buy modern designs of English roll sofas with loose cushions will be on offer, unlike the T cushion in classic models. The variable appearance of the roll arm sofa is stupendous as this sofa can transform itself into an absolute English couch, casual, classic, American country home, mid-century, or take up a contemporary appearance. If you opt for floral chintz upholstery, it then turns American country home or English.

As the same roll-arm sofa that adorns dark and chocolatey leather garments, the charm will be that of a Mid-century miracle, and if you cover it with linen, it will blaze as a contemporary piece.

Where to Buy English Arm-Roll Sofas?

You can buy your aspiration English roll arm sofas from brick-and-mortar department stores online from, Wayfair, and Other buying options are getting the product through the respective brand’s website directly or visiting the brand stores for a thoughtful selection and deal.

Bottom Pix

The discussion here has outlined how the English roll-arm sofa plays an important part in a living room where you sit, socialize, lie down, stretch, relax, and unwind after a hectic day.

Considering the quality of time spent in the living room, you have to buy the best sofa for the living room. So, we have touched upon the main factors that weigh on purchasing decisions, in contrast to buying a simple couch as an instinct-driven purchase.

The information about English roll arm sofas will help you spruce your home by sourcing an eclectic new sofa at the earliest.

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