7 Steps to a Luxurious Bedroom

We all want a little luxury in our lives, right? What better place to incorporate it than the space where you lay your head to rest at night?

Having a luxurious bedroom is more than just extravagant looking furniture – it’s about creating a space where you can truly unwind, relax, and get a good night’s rest. That means it’s beneficial for your health, too!

The good news is that creating this luxurious space doesn’t necessitate a complete overhaul. In fact, you can upgrade your bedroom with a few simple steps, and they don’t even need to be taken all at once. Here’s how to achieve it:

1. Invest in High-Quality Pillows and Duvet Inners

Invest in High-Quality Pillows and Duvet Inners

Your comfort and sleep quality are of the utmost importance here. This is why investing in some new, high-quality bedding is the very first step to take.

It’s advised that you have two duvet inners – one suitable for summer and a denser one that will keep you warm in the winter time. Duck or goose down are always going to be a cosy, durable option. You should also look into investing in dreamcloud pillows that are breathable and comfy, making for an ergonomically sound sleeping set up.

2. Choose a Soothing Colour Palette

Colour psychology is really something to pay attention to when it comes to designing and decorating your home. There’s a lot to be said for how colour impacts our mood!

A relaxed feeling is a luxurious feeling, so decorating your bedroom in a swath of soothing colours is going to elevate the whole mood. In your bedroom, you want to feel calm, relaxed, and completely carefree. Soft blues and gentle greens can be a great option here, but others prefer warm-toned neutrals, which can also bring a mellow (and certainly luxurious) hotel feeling.

3. Incorporate Luxurious Textiles

Layers, layers, layers! There’s nothing more luxurious than soft, expensive fabrics draped over one another to create an ocean of comfort.

Use throws and blankets of different materials to layer over your bed and any additional seating you might have in your bedroom. These will add dimension to the space and create a cosy and inviting look, but they’ll also be practically warm and comfortable when you climb into bed after a long, tiring day.

Luxurious-looking curtains (perhaps made of velvet) are another example of how textiles can bring an expensive feeling to a room.

4. Optimize Lighting for Ambiance

Optimize Lighting for Ambiance

Of course, you’ll also want to set the mood in your bedroom. Harsh overhead lighting is a no-no, both for aesthetic reasons and for your well-being. Our circadian rhythm relies on the movement of the sun to optimise our sleep, so we want our bedrooms to have warm, low lighting when we head to bed.

Invest in blackout curtains and lighting that has a dimming function, and opt for warm-toned bulbs over cool and bright. You can also add in some fun lighting, like string lights or candles to light when you snuggle up.

5. Invest in Quality Furniture

Invest in Quality Furniture

While comfort and our physical and mental wellbeing is overall the most important factor here, there’s still something to be said about aesthetics and making a solid investment.

When buying furniture like bedframes, side tables, dressers, etc., try to opt for high-quality pieces that will last for years to come and will hold up against any style trends or changes in your own preferences. Swapping out the colour of your sheets to match your mood is easy, but it’s best to have more neutral furniture pieces that will work with a few different styles and still look good over time.

6. Add Personalized and Elegant Décor

There’s something luxurious about a well-decorated space, too. The minimalist trend in home décor has its place and certainly some benefits. However, there’s not a lot of luxury in a room that feels cold, clinical, and unlived in.

In your search for luxury, make sure to make your bedroom feel like your own. Choose décor pieces that align with your personal style and make the space feel cosy, warm, and personal. Sentimental trinkets and family photos won’t detract from that expensive feeling!

7. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Finally, remember to do what it takes to set the mood in your bedroom. Whether that means lighting a candle or keeping a cosy novel next to your bed, ensure you have what you need in there to feel calm and peaceful before you nod off to sleep.

Think about things like your favourite music, a warm robe, or even a bedtime snack!

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