What Colors Are Commonly Used in Farmhouse Decor

What Colors Are Commonly Used in Farmhouse Decor?

Farmhouse home styles have been winning hearts for a long time now. Their aesthetic design and practical build have made them everyone’s favorite. They offer a perfect blend of modernity and comfort. However, one may ask what makes farmhouse styles distinct from others. The answer lies in their natural look, amazing soothing colors, classy accessories, and much more.

When it comes to paint colors, they are one of the most important features and farmhouse decor ideas as well. Thinking about painting, you may see only white as your option. And you’re not wrong; white is one of the most preferred neutral shades; however, farmhouse paint colors are available in a bunch of other shades. Different shades can be used to reflect distinct vibes. Now, if you’re wondering what those shades are, let us help you.

In this article, we have honed down some farmhouse paint color examples so one may choose their personal favorites easily.

1. Warm White

Warm White

When it comes to farmhouse decor, White shade is one of the most preferred choices by house decor enthusiasts. And why not? It looks classy, stylish, and sophisticated. Plus, it is quite a safe choice; it goes well with everything.

White paint colors can be used on walls, ceilings, and trims, and trust us, the possibilities of using it are endless. The best part about this shade is that its neutral background allows the decor elements to stand out.

These shades can be used for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and almost all spaces in a farmhouse-style home.

2. Luxurious Gray

Luxurious Gray

When talking about farmhouse decor, it is almost impossible to oversee the importance of grey. From your kitchen cabinets and accent walls to bathroom vanity and powder rooms, they can practically be used anywhere. They are the perfect shades to reflect a minimalist design while making a statement. They can also be used in contrast with other colors like white and black to make them look more cool and vibrant.

Additionally, they are not some basic colors restricted to walls but do much more than that. Be it furniture like couches or sofas or decor accessories like window blinds, pillows, or throws, consider introducing a lot of greys in farmhouse decor to make it look stunning.

3. Sage Green

Sage Green

Looking for something natural and lively? Then Sage Green can be an ideal choice for you. This is one of the green shades but with its brightness reduced. They are somewhat similar to grey colors but with tints of green.

When it comes to farmhouse decor, they are perfect to be introduced in the kitchen or for cabinets to make the whole space look more natural and green.

To further accentuate the farmhouse decor, consider using wooden furniture like stools, chairs, and cabinets against these shades to give the space a rusty kind of look.

4. All Black

All Black

Want to add some boldness and drama to your rooms? Then consider adding blacks to your farmhouse decor . Be it black walls, trims, furniture like bookshelves or sofas, and accessories like portraits or wall art; everything stands out to catch an eye.

Black surely makes the whole look more appealing and classic. But in addition to that, one can use contrasting shades like white, grey, and beige for the ceiling against black accessories and walls to make the rooms look bold and experimenting.

Keep on layering, experimenting, and bringing the best out of your rooms.

5. Beige


Beige has been in the decor game for quite a good period now. It is one of the most preferred and classic names, which is associated with neutrality and warmth, and thus with farmhouse decor ideas as well.

They can be used on accent walls paired against contrasting dark-colored furniture to bring out the best kind of luxurious look. They can also be mixed and matched with other shades as well. For instance, using beige curtains, throws, and rugs can make the whole room look airy and more natural.

6. Greige


Greige is a unique name with unique properties. This farmhouse paint is a perfect blend of the two best colors, grey and beige. Greige brings the best of each of these shades to the table. Though this unique paint isn’t new and has been known to people since the 1980s, it has been gaining quite a popularity these days and is trendy.

From living rooms to bedrooms, they can be used for all kinds of spaces. They can be used in warm as well as cool home designs. Its beige brings out the warmth, and gray helps in adding luxury and sophistication.

7. Brown


If one wants to add a bold look to their farmhouse decor ideas, then try introducing brown shades. They can be used as wall paints, wallpapers, as well as accents for a room. The best part about the paint color is that it looks cool and cozy at the same time.

This unique shade adds richness and texture to any area giving the whole space a clean, finished look. They can be used for trims to make them look luxurious. Also, if one plans to introduce more wooden accessories in their interior decor, then consider matching them with this brown paint shade. This can help create a unique monochromatic look.


Introducing the right colors is one of the most important steps in accentuating the farmhouse decor. The selection of colors reflects one’s mood, personality, and choices. Additionally, they help you create the charm that you want.

Moreover, to ensure you pick the best colors for your spaces, you can get color spectra for wall testing to accordingly pick the best shades and make a final call.

We hope you liked these farmhouse decor ideas. Also, comment below and share your thoughts on these ideas. You can also let us know if any of these farmhouse decor ideas inspired you and whether you’re planning to introduce them in your house styling.

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