How Can I Incorporate Farmhouse Decor in a Modern Home

How Can I Incorporate Farmhouse Decor in a Modern Home?

Incorporating farmhouse decor into a modern home can result in a captivating fusion of two distinct design aesthetics. A thoughtful amalgamation of rustic elements found in traditional countryside houses with sleek and simple elements of modern landscape, one can very easily achieve a stylish yet comfortable living space. To incorporate farmhouse decor ideas into your modern and urban house, a careful blend of old and new elements is a must for a balanced as well as a unique aesthetic.

To achieve this harmonious blend of the past and the present, here are some carefully researched 11 farmhouse decor ideas for your urban and contemporary abode

1. Incorporate Rustic Accessories

Incorporate Rustic Accessories

Farmhouse decor ideas have a unique rustic and organic appearance. Furniture with vintage charms like distressed cabinets and stools or a warm-colored, fully upholstered sofa and heavy floral curtains in the living room will perform the trick. To give your house a more rustic appearance, place multiple textured accessories in the same room.

2. Use Neutral Shades for Warmth

Use Neutral Shades for Warmth

Farmhouses are supposed to exude comfort and solace. Elements with neutral palettes must form the backdrop for your decor. The best neutral and warm shades that can be used in your chic modern place are grays, whites, creams, muted earthy tones, and so on. These colors will add more texture to the clean lines of the modern designs.

3. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap Walls are the hallmark of a farmhouse. You can turn these walls into focal points by painting them with a modern metallic accent color. These walls can be a feature in your master bedroom, dining room, or breakfast nook, and to make them appear more rustic, paint them light greige shades for simplicity and understated, unsophisticated glamor.

4. Open Shelving

Open Shelving

When it comes to adding a rustic charm to your place, start by installing open shelves in your house. Such farmhouse decor ideas can be included in the living room to display ornamental hand-painted ceramic wall plates and figurines or in your kitchen to display mason jars, vintage crockery, or any other farmhouse-inspired items.

5. Go for Contrasting Colors

Go for Contrasting Colors

Blues, greens, and burgundies, when used with whites, creams, and beiges, can lend a space some warmth. These colors are found in abundance in a natural landscape and will add some dimension to your space. You can do so in your kitchen, as the cooking space in a farmhouse is airy, big, and colorful, which makes it inviting and welcoming.

6. Incorporate Industrial Features

Use Antique Signage

If you merge certain industrial minimalist features like sleek lighting fixtures, metal accents, and even hardware, it can complement the rustic elements in your decor. Other elements like loft-type windows, reclaimed wood, and exposed wooden beams can make your house appear vintage, rough, and ready.

7. Use Antique Signage

Use Antique Signage

Repurposed pieces often carry a vintage charm with them and are one of the most charming farmhouse decor ideas. Love vintage signs, signs with chickens and eggs, or old car plate numbers can be propped on bookshelves, hung on walls, or can also be displayed on a small wall in your office. Your formal office space will look cute, and the unique antique pieces will add a unique charm to your place.

8. Create Cozy Spaces With hand Woven Elements

Create Cozy Spaces With hand Woven Elements

A farmhouse looks more homey when cozy accessories are lying around. You can spread soft blankets on sofas or spread white quilts on your bed and accessorize your room with accent bolster cushions or shams for a timeless appeal. Place plants in your living room to enliven your space and make the space as warm and decorative as possible.

9. Select Natural Flooring Options

Select Natural Flooring Options

Flooring makes a world of difference when it comes to improving the ambiance of a space. Wide wooden planks, bamboo flooring, or even sticking carpet tiles on the floor can lend a rustic, farmhouse charm to your urban landscape. Incomplete and raw wood flooring has a special cottage charm. Therefore, for some variety in flooring at your modern apartment, select the flooring for a specific room and enjoy the countryside vibe.

10. Make Your House Semi-Minimalist

 Make Your House Semi-Minimalist

Since you are living in a city, incorporating farmhouse decor in an urban landscape will not be very challenging. Avoiding cluttering your house with unnecessary clutter is one of the best ways to do so. Simple accessories like light linen sheer curtains, wrought iron chandeliers to light up rooms properly, and wallpapers with light stripes can work wonders.

11. Include an Accent Wall with Exposed Bricks

Include an Accent Wall with Exposed Bricks

Exposed brick walls can be a beautiful textural piece in your room, provided it is in the right place. By maintaining the rough surface of the wall in your kitchen or in your balcony, you can add some farmhouse touch to your modern space. To highlight the wall, you can apply some varnish on it for a shinier finish or leave it as it is.

12. Add Personal Touches

Add Personal Touches

Farmhouses have a peculiar sense of nostalgia and simplicity. To make your space more personalized and to infuse your personal style into the decor, place family photos, heirlooms, and DIY projects in your living space. Such farmhouse decor ideas add a sense of history as well as authenticity to your modern city apartment.

13. Mix Materials

Mix Materials

A combination of materials like glass, concrete, metal, and wood will create a lot of visual interest. A clean and well-balanced blend of these materials and their individual textures will create a harmonious look that embodies modern as well as organic farmhouse aesthetics.


The key to successfully blending farmhouse and modern decor lies in achieving a balance between the two styles. Farmhouse decor ideas must always be finely balanced with your modern apartment because style is all about comfort. Therefore, carefully curating each element is a must to ensure that the two styles complement each other while creating a cohesive and visually appealing space that uniquely reflects personal taste.

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