How to Elevate Your Interior Design with Shaggy Rugs in Dubai

How to Elevate Your Interior Design with Shaggy Rugs in Dubai


Dubai is a city known for luxury and style. Its bold architecture is one thing, but its interior designs make for sophisticated living.

One such interior decor item is shaggy rugs. Today, we will tell you how to elevate your interior design with shaggy rugs in Dubai.

What Are Shaggy Rugs & Why Are They Important For Interior Design In Dubai?

Shaggy rugs or also commonly known as shag rugs have plush & high-pile build. They are textured and feel cozy underfoot.

For any interior design scene of modern living space, they add both comfort & warmth – making up for an inviting ambiance.

Let’s dive into how these Shaggy Rugs Dubai contribute to the interior aesthetics of a living space.

Advantages of Shaggy Rugs

Advantages of Shaggy RugsThere are countless benefits to having shaggy rugs in your living space. Some of these include the following:

Underfoot comfort

With their soft plush fabrics and textured construct, these shaggy rugs offer underfoot comfort when walked upon.

Great For Lounging

The deep pile with soft fabric build allows for a cozy surface of these rugs. This makes them great to be used for relaxing & lounging.

Design Diversity

Shaggy rugs are available in versatile designs & styles in both bold and neutral color patterns. You can get a shaggy floor covering that matches your aesthetic preferences.

How To Choose The Right Shaggy Rug for Interior Design?

Shag rugs indeed make a bold statement to your interior design in Dubai but how to choose the right one.

Worry not; we have got you covered on that front too. There are many factors to consider when choosing an ideal shaggy rug.

Right Room Size

You need to check for the room size first and the furniture layout. For a spacious room, we recommend choosing a large area rug. This will anchor the furniture in place for a decorative look.

Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the fabric color of your shaggy rug is critical. It needs to blend in with your existing interior decor. For smaller spaces, choose neutral color themes & for spacious spaces, choose bold colors.


You need to check the quality of the shaggy rug. This includes checking the fabric materials—are they durable enough to withstand foot traffic and easy to clean?

Lay Down Shaggy Floor Rugs In Diverse Spaces

Shaggy rugs offer diverse areas of application in Dubai homes. For each room, these rugs serve their unique aesthetic & functional purpose. Some popular areas to lay down your shaggy rugs include:

Living Rooms

Laying a shaggy rug in a living room elevates the interior design & creates a comfortable space to lounge. Make your family gatherings and guest treatment luxurious & comfortable.


Add a shaggy floor rug to your bedroom to transform it into your personal luxury retreat. With the first step you take into your bedroom, your feet sink into softness, relaxing your mind and body.

Dining Rooms

To lay down a shag rug in the dining area creates a textured look for visual appeal. Elevate your dining experiences with a stylish-looking backdrop element.

Home Office

You can lay down these shag floor coverings in your home offices and private dens. For office space, it offers a plushy working surface to improve creativity and work efficiency.

Some Styling Tips For Shaggy Rugs

Some Styling Tips For Shaggy RugsIn order to effectively answer the question of how to elevate your interior design with shaggy rugs, we have some styling tips for you. This will help transform your living areas for improved comfort and decor without much effort.

Size Matters

A perfect-sized rug is all that elevates your interior decor with shaggy rugs. Choose a rug and anchor it to the room length with furniture legs on all sides. Doing so not only keeps the rug in place but also complements it well.


You can also do a layering technique for your shag rug to create a visual appeal & add depth to your home in Dubai.

For layering, you can layer the shag rug with a sisal rug or a flat weave one. Experiment with different types until you achieve the desired aesthetics.

Mix & Match Colors

Just like layering, you can experiment with different materials and colors to choose a rug that compliments your existing interior design in your Dubai home. Choose from bold or neutral hues to make a statement.

Optimal Placement

When elevating your interior design with shaggy rugs, it is very important to place the rug in the right area. Place it in rooms where it can offer maximum warmth and texture, like living rooms and bedrooms.

Final Words

To finish it off, shaggy rugs are indeed very important when making a major interior design change to your homes in Dubai.

Their plush & high pile build adds a sense of luxury & sophistication to the household.

By choosing the right color palettes, fabric materials, layering with other rugs, & effectively placing them, you can elevate your interior designs. Their textured designs make them excellent for a comfortable relaxing & lounging experience.


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