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21 Sleek And Stylish Modern Dining Chair Designs

Stylish dining room chairs are a popular choice for a modern home. The luxurious, mid-century-inspired designs of these dining chairs can look aesthetically pleasing in our homes. Our dining room interior is incomplete without these beautiful chairs. The chairs are available in multiple designs and colors to suit anyone’s dining room. Also, the chairs are durable and offer an affordable price range.

Sleek, Modern Dining Chairs

The modern dining room chairs have a simple and minimalist appearance. These basic design chairs can blend well with modern dining decor. Also, they are made from various materials to meet everyone’s demands.

1. Cherner Arm Chair

Cherner Arm Chair was introduced by Norman Cherner in 1958. The curvy shape and the finish of the Chair make it look elegant. The molded plywood design of the Chair very well reflects the mid-century decor.

Cherner Arm Chair

2. Arne Jacobsen’s Chairs 3107

Arne Jacobsen chair carries classic mid-century charm. The unusual shape of the Chair makes it timeless. It provides great strength in spite of its sleek and slender design. Arne Jacobsen will bring nostalgia to your dining room as it is the most popular Chair of the mid-century era.

Arne Jacobsen's Chairs 3107

3. Wishbone Chair

The ‘y’ design introduced in the wishbone chair is inspired by Ming chairs. The Chair is available in multiple colors. And the unique design of the Chair makes it very attractive. Wishbone chairs can give your dining room a fun and vibrant look with their pop colors.

Wishbone Chair

4. Risom Side Chair

Risom side chair is the first brand that acquired fame in modern decor. The most amazing fact about the Chair is that it was first made by a discarded parachute in 1943. This Chair looks very iconic in modern dining rooms.

Risom Side Chair

5. Panton Chair

The iconic Panton chair is a timeless beauty. The unusual, curved shape of the Chair and its glossy outer appearance make it stand out. Despite its unique design, the Chair offers great comfort also.

Panton Chair

6. Saarinen Executive Arm Chair

The very first Saarinen executive armchair was introduced in 1950. These modern dining chairs have an unusual design with an open back. And the chairs come in neutral colors, perfect for office decor as well.

Saarinen Executive Arm Chair

7. Bertoia Side Chair

The Bertoia side chair was first introduced in 1952. This Chair is for people who prefer metal furniture over wood. These metallic chairs are designed to suit modern decor with their airy backrest and unusual design.

Bertoia Side Chair

8. Planter Arm Chair

Planter armchairs are prepared by molding fiberglass. Planter armchairs have rounded backrests. And a foam cushion in this Chair provides a comfy and cozy seat. These chairs look absolutely stunning and are perfect for a modern dining room.

Planter Arm Chair

9. Kartell Master’s Arm Chair

Kartell armchair is versatile in nature and can be placed indoors or outdoors. These chairs are available in distinct colors, which makes them suitable for any color scheme of the dining room.

Kartell Master's Arm Chair

10. Maxime Dining Chair

A wholesome blend of velvet and golden brass is beautifully used in this Chair. The chairs can add a luxurious touch to the interiors. These impeccable contemporary chairs are perfect for even a formal look.

Maxime Dining Chair

11. Scoop Chair

The scoop chair sits pretty in a modern luxe residence. The chairs have simple brass legs. The scoop chair is an incredibly amazing addition to a modern dining space.

Scoop Chair

12. Amelie Chair

Amelie chair has a simple yet elegant design. The style of the Chair is extremely easy and blends well with modern interiors. The maintenance of the Chair is also effortless due to its extremely simple design.

Amelie Chair

13. Belleville Chair

Belleville chair gives a perfectly Parisian cafe vibe. It is an exquisite yet sleek chair. The finish of the Chair is sophisticated and lends a cozy vibe to the modern home. It is an appropriate choice for those who strive for minimalism.

Belleville Chair

14. Manta Dining Chair

The Manta dining chair is sufficient to bring a modernist vibe to existing interiors. The subtle design of these chairs makes them unique. These chairs can elevate your modern interior experience.

Manta Dining Chair

15. Moooi Smoke Chair

The Moooi smoke chair has a timeless charm. It proudly displays the contemporary taste and spices up the modern decor. The chairs are covered with epoxy to make them appear stylish and luxurious.

Moooi Smoke Chair

16. Eames Style Dining Chair

Eames Molded plastic chair was designed in 1950. The adorable design, easy availability, and cost-effectiveness of the Chair have made it popular among people for many years. Plus, these chairs are the perfect replica of expensive leather chairs.

Eames Style Dining Chair

17. Eames Style Molded Plastic Eiffel Armchair

Eames Style Molded Plastic Eiffel Armchair is comfortable, versatile, and available in different colors. You can even customize these chairs in a wood or metal finish. The minimalist design allows the Chair to blend well with different interiors.

Eames Style Molded Plastic Eiffel Armchair

18. Mod Dining Chair

Mod dining chair has a unique curvy design. These attractive chairs have simple plywood bodies and comfortable cream or rich espresso upholstery seats. These chairs are a handsome addition to modern interiors.

Mod Dining Chair

19. Modway Hop Dining Chairs

The Modway Hop Dining Chairs are the ideal center of attraction for modern dining rooms. The vibrant color makes the Chair seem cool and quirky. You can place these chairs indoors as well as outdoors.

Modway Hop Dining Chairs

20. Muuto Nerd Dining Chair

The irresistibly plain design of the nerd chair is simply perfect. The smooth look of the natural oak or lacquered ash wood completes the minimalist modern look and captivates the attention of everyone.

Muuto Nerd Dining Chair

21. Visu Chair

The sleek and lightweight appearance of the Visu chair is perfect for small or compact dining spaces. The pop color of the chairs makes the surroundings joyful and lively. These chairs are affordable, reliable, and easily available.

Visu Chair


All the modern dining chairs you came across through this listicle are handpicked. If you are planning to bring an exquisite modern vibe, then introducing some of these chairs may help. You can also create a completely new look by taking inspiration from the internet. So, let your creative juices flow to bring innovative, modern dining chair designs to the table.

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