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Slipcovered Sofa: Our 8 Top Choices for a Stylish Home

Slipcovered sofa have become a popular concept in home decor nowadays. While the slipcovers have been around for ages, the lack of style seems to turn off many people away. However, today’s designers have made the concept way cooler by adding various colors and designs to it. In this new era of slip-covered sofas, you can find luxury, elegance, and functionality in the products.

The slip-covered sofas can offer a casual and coastal look to your living room. It is a perfect piece of furniture that can be used by any household, be it a family with adults, pets, or kids. These slip-covered sofas provide everything from cozy seating places to expansive spaces.

What is Slipcovered Sofa?

Unlike regular sofas, a Slipcovered sofa comes with a removable cover that protects the underlying upholstery of the sofa. In addition, the removable cover of the upholstery is fitted with the sofa’s frame to give a more casual look to the structure.

It is available in various colors and fabrics. You can choose a sofa that meets your requirements. Keep in mind to always look for lightweight material while choosing fabric, as it adds flattering drapes on the sofa. The slipcovered sofas have diverse options which can change the look of your living room.

slipcover sofa

Are Slipcovered Sofas Worth It?

Now that we know about the concept of the slipcovered sofa, one question that arises is if it’s worth the money. A simple answer to this question would be yes. The slip-covered sofas are way better than the regular couches in all areas. Whether it be the affordability factor or easy customization, this sofa tops the list with flying colors.

The elegant and high-end look that it adds to the living room is tremendous. Slip-covered sofas are indeed an excellent investment for the future. But to convince you a little more, we have made a short list of the benefits which these sofas provide.

Benefits of Having a Slipcovered Sofa

Easy to Clean: This is probably one of the main reasons why many people choose to have slip-covered sofas over regular ones. This kind of sofa is very easy to clean. Whenever you feel like the cover is getting dirty, or there has been an accidental spill, then unzip the cover and put it into a washer. After washing the cover, dry it completely, and you will have a fresh-looking sofa in your living room again.

Easy to Replace: If there is a major tear or stain on the cover, then you can easily replace the old one with the new one. Also, if you got bored with the look of the sofa design, you can change your sofa style by simply replacing the old cover. With a slip-covered sofa, you can give your sofa a makeover without purchasing a whole new sofa.

Affordable: The slipcovered sofas are affordable for many reasons. One is that they can be purchased in a quick-ship style, and they do not require extensive upholstery and custom fabrics, which makes them affordable. The professional cleaning cost is also less compared to regular sofas.

An Elegant Option: Gone are the days when the slip-covered sofas only came with a plain white look. Because today’s designers have made these sofas a high-end fashion in the home decor industry, there are many styles, colors, textures, and fabrics available in the market now for you to choose from. Please read this article ahead to learn about our top recommendations for the slip-covered sofas that can give your living room a dynamic look.

slipcover sofa

Our 8 Best Recommendations

Through a lot of research, we have found you the best 8 slipcovered sofas that are in the market right now. So, read on to know more about them.

1. Pottery Barn PB Basic Slipcovered Sofa

The Pottery Barn PB Basic slipcovered sofa has a classic roll-arm design with its draped style that will look good in any decor. The sofa is available in two sizes that are 60 and 82 inches wide. It has different fabrics, from polyester to machine-washing materials like basketweave and chenille. The upholstery materials go up to 80 options. Depending on the material you choose, the color options also range from neutral tones to brighter shades.

pottery barn PB basic slipcover sofa


The IKEA EKTORP Sofa is the most affordable option in the market. This comfy and plush 85-inch sofa has neutral bone upholstery and a timeless design that offers great versatility. The fabric on the sofa is 90 percent recycled cotton-polyester material that can be easily washed by machine.

Suggested Product: Slipcovers for IKEA sofa

ikea ektorp sofa

3. Wayfair Custom Upholstery Carly Slipcovered Sofa

This 93-inch sofa has a sturdy wood frame with mortise and tenon joinery. The Carly sofa is available in 72 different fabrics and colors. Some of the fabrics are made from washable materials so that you can choose accordingly. This is an affordable option. The sofa looks very classic in the living room.

Wayfair Custom Upholstery Carly Slipcovered Sofa

4. Slipcovered Sleeper Sofa

The Slipcovered Sleeper Sofa is a very comfortable piece of furniture to have in your living room. The wooden frame with down-fill cushions and neutral-toned upholstery gives coastal vibes to the place. This sofa comes on the list of the top slipcovered sofa. It is made in the United States and is loved by customers.

lahoya slipcover sleeper sofa sleeper sofas

5. Camelback Slipcovered Sofa

The camelback slipcovered sofa with a gentle curving back adds a feminine touch to the room. The cover comes in different colors and fabrics, which can transform your living room into a farmhouse style. The frame of the sofa and fluffy cushions gives you ample room for everyone in the family.

Suggested Product: Slipcovers for Camelback Sofa

slipcover for camelback sofa

6. Kelly Clarkson Aubagne 65″ Cotton Rolled Arm Loveseat

This loveseat slip-covered sofa is a good fit for a small place or a side piece with the sofa in the living room. It has a 65-inch frame, and it has rolled arms with a loose back and seat cushions. It can blend with any decor style.

Suggested Product: Loveseat Slipcovered Sofa

loveseat slipcover sofa

7. Stone & Beam Faraday Slipcovered Sofa

This slipcovered sofa offers the best quality at a modest price. It has a frame made of solid hardwood, with down-filled cushions, and comes with very thick cotton-blend sofa covers. The oversized design and sleek frame give a contemporary look to the room. It can be a good fit for big families.

Suggested Product: Slipcovered Sofa

stone & beam faraday slipcover sofa

8. Sixpenny Amelia Slipcovered Sofa

This sofa is available in two sizes that are 84 and 96 inches. It has 30 upholstery colors in fabrics, and its cotton velvet fabric is very popular. In addition, it has features like a kiln-dried wood frame, solid rubberwood legs, and down-filled cushions with sinuous springs, which makes it one of the best-slipcovered sofas.

Sixpenny Amelia Slipcovered Sofa

We hope that you now have every information that you need on slipcovered sofas. It is a different kind of sofa that is customizable and affordable. It gives your living room a casual and coastal look. So if you are impressed by the simplicity of these sofas, then do include them in your living room. With our top recommendations, we are sure that you will find your dream slip-covered sofa.

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