How to Maintain and Care for a Blue Velvet Sofa in a High-Traffic Living Room

How to Maintain and Care for a Blue Velvet Sofa in a High-Traffic Living Room

A velvet sofa, undoubtedly, is one of the most royal additions to your living room. But being the center of attraction is not easy. It is easy to destroy a velvet piece, especially in a high-traffic living room, if not properly tended to. Velvet has a reputation as a fussy fabric.

While it’s true that there are some common issues, such as a tendency for the fibers to compress, in many ways, blue velvet in the sofa living room is a fairly easy upholstery fabric to care for.

Although velvet is classified as a delicate fabric, it is actually quite durable when cared for correctly. That is why it is paramount to learn how to care for a velvet sofa correctly. This article talks about how to take care of your sofas the right way.

Taking Care of Velvet Sofas

Not all velvets are the same. Natural velvets are made of silk, linen, or mohair; synthetic velvets are made of nylon, rayon, or high-quality polyester. Synthetic velvet is easier to maintain, offering more stain resistance than other upholstery fabrics, which makes it better suited for high-traffic homes.

Now that you have an idea of the type of fabric have a look at the care tag for cleaning instructions. It contains the lettered code that indicates the safe-to-use cleaning products:

  • W = Wet/water cleaning only
  • S = Dry solvent cleaning only
  • SW = Dry solvent and wet cleaning
  • X = Professional cleaning or vacuuming only

Vacuuming for Day-To-Day Cleaning

Vacuuming for Day-To-Day Cleaning

Tending daily to your velvet sofa is important in a busy living room, and vacuuming is the best and simplest way to do it. Vacuum the sofa regularly using an upholstery brush attachment and a light touch; do not push or grind the vacuum into the fibers, which can irritate the fabric, causing bald spots or other damage. Get a velvet brush for your sofa.

You must first figure out which way the velvet fibers are woven. Brush your couch following that direction. You can integrate this into the rest of your daily tasks by simply swapping the attachment fitting for an upholstery cleaner when you are vacuuming the floor or carpet in your lounge, getting rid of any dust, crumbs, fluff, and whatever else off your velvet sofa.

In addition to vacuuming the body of the couch, it’s worth employing the vacuum’s crevice tool for detail work, like vacuuming along a sofa’s seams, where crumbs, hair, and dust collect.

Given the frequency with which velvet furniture should be vacuumed, a handheld vacuum that can be stored nearby can help to make this chore less time-consuming. Upholstery brushes can also be used to freshen up velvet as an alternative to regular vacuuming.

Do It Right- Stain Removal

Do It Right- Stain Removal

Are you scared you are going to get your lovely sofa stained? Getting that messy family member to keep it cool or having your pet get a more comfortable cushion might delay the heartbreak, but it will happen one day or the other. And when it does, let’s be prepared. First and foremost, do not delay the cleaning process. Once the stain gets dry, it might be impossible to remove them.

When you spill something, immediately grab an absorbent light-colored cloth or paper to get the spillage. Do not rub or dab, as this could further push it deeper into the fibers of your settee. Leave it for 5-10 minutes to soak up as much as possible.

Velvet is quite absorbent, and for some spillages, this might actually be enough, not leaving a mark. Giving the area a once-over with a vacuum or upholstery brush will help restore the nap if a liquid spill has tamped it down.

Otherwise, continue the cleaning process by trying spot cleaning. Dilute a small amount of dish soap or laundry detergent. Dip a clean white cloth to make it barely wet and work the soap on the affected area. Do not grind the area, or you might damage the fabric. After the stain is gone, get a wet cloth to remove the soap.

You can also use the method of lime. For this, pour 100 ml lemon juice into a bowl along with a tablespoon of soda bicarbonate. Get a cloth and use this fizzy solution to clean just like the above process. Now, leave the upholstery to air and dry. After it has dried out completely, use a vacuum to clean the surface to make it look smooth and ensure the spot blends in with the rest of the velvet sofa.

Summing It Up

Even though there are such possibilities for getting your stains and dust out, prevention is always better than cure. When placing your velvet sofa in your living space, choose a spot where direct sunlight can not reach it.

Or, if you have children or pets, it may be worth considering placing a protective cover over your velvet settee to avoid damage and scuffing. And if these DIY tricks don’t work, contact a professional upholstery cleaner. You do not want to take a chance on your luxurious furniture.

While it might be overwhelming, keeping care of such a beautiful piece, we both know it’s worth the risk, right?

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