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30 Ways to Make Your Parisian Living Room Look Stunning

One of the most significant spaces in your house, your living room, can be upgraded with the elegance and refinement of the Parisian style. Parisian-style living rooms can either be traditional and classic, contemporary and modern, or a mixture of all these elements.

It is evident that Parisians, regardless of style, love to use their heritage to inspire the design of their living rooms. Parisians are known for their effortless and stylish sense of style, and this extends to the way they design their houses as well.

Parisian interior design is warm, modern, and simple, with the general color scheme being neutral. Although kept simple, the furnishings and decor are elegant and sleek. In a Parisian setting, the traditional and contemporary blend with rustic and refined elements.

Here is a collection of living room décor suggestions in the Parisian style to get you inspired.

1. Use Muted Hues

muted hues

The color scheme of a French-style living room contributes to its simplicity. A Parisian living room typically has stark white walls and neutral furnishings, with splashes of color added for some flair. To give a neutral palette depth and maintain a smart, elegant appearance, you can focus on muted colors with grey undertones like sage green, steely blue, or dusty rose.

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2. A Pastel Accent Wall

dark accent wall living room with moulding

Pastel colors are your friend when creating a living room in the Parisian style. One of the walls in the living room that is painted a contrasting color, usually a little lighter or darker, is known as an “accent wall.” A pastel accent wall defines the living room far more clearly than a single color used on all four walls.

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3. Grey, White, And Blue Decor

french country living rooms

Grey and white with blue is a timeless French décor combination for a living room decorated in the Parisian style. All hues of grey will give you the best contrast as they pair well with light and neutral colors. These colors also have the benefit of never going out of style. The smart blending of the coziness of the grey-toned floor with the white and light blue walls will brighten your room.

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4. Window Frames in Black

Parisian-style living room

Black window frames contrast dramatically with white or light-colored walls and look absolutely stunning. Black windows are a traditional choice for a Parisian-style living room. These dark window frames will help you feel more connected to the outside and merge your indoor and outdoor spaces. These window frames look stylish in practically every environment.

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5. Add Architectural Details

french country living rooms

Herringbone floors, exquisite fireplaces, window casings, and other basic elements are where Parisian design begins. With such a stunning foundation, it’s no wonder Parisian homes have an air of casual sophistication. If your living room is missing these architectural accents, you can always add them to make a significant change.

6. Beautiful Lighting

 lighting in a typical Parisian-style living room

There are two possibilities for lighting in a typical Parisian-style living room. First, you might go for a glitzy, vintage chandelier. In addition to adding lovely sculptural interest to your living room ceiling, chandeliers make a focal point in the space.

Chandeliers, however, might not always be useful, particularly in a small living room. Instead, hang a contemporary pendant light to give the room a modern appearance. In fact, geometric pendant lights in copper or gold colors with exposed bulb pendants create a striking contrast to your traditional decor.

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7. A Beautiful Tufted Sofa

beautiful tufted sofa

In order to create a tufted sofa, buttons or stitches are placed through the sofa cushion, typically in the form of a diamond pattern. This method is both beautiful and useful since it keeps the material in place and prevents it from shifting or bunching up. A tufted sofa is a great addition to a Parisian-style living room and adds a lot of charm to the decor of the house.

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8. A French Brown Leather Couch

Parisian living room with leather sofa

If you’re looking for the perfect traditional sofa for your living room in the Parisian style, a French brown leather sofa can be a fantastic choice. Leather naturally repels allergens, such as pet dander, hair, and dust mites, in contrast to fabric sofas. In addition, leather couches last 15 to 20 years, compared to a fabric couch’s typical 5-year lifespan.

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9. A Wooden Accent Chair

wooden accent chair

You can add a wooden reclining chair, a dining chair, or a bench to your living room to give it a hint of Parisian style. This will enable you to make a cozy reading corner or peaceful hideaway in your beautiful living room.

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10. An Elegant Velvet Ottoman

Elegant Velvet Ottoman

Your Parisian-style living area will appear magnificent and classy with a gorgeous velvet ottoman. An ottoman is a piece of furniture that may be used as a stool or even a coffee table in addition to being a comfortable footrest in front of a couch or chair. An ottoman is made to last. You can rest your legs over it or sit on it despite its small size without worrying that it will collapse from the strain.

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11. A French Cabriole Sofa

French Cabriole Sofa

Your Parisian-style living room’s appeal will be enhanced by a modern French cabriole sofa. On its exposed wood frame, it frequently has wonderful carvings that look great painted for a more feminine vibe or left natural for a French country sense.

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12. A Small Coffee Table

coffee table for a living room

It is important to keep things basic when choosing a coffee table for a living room decorated in Persian style. A midcentury contemporary coffee table that isn’t too large in relation to the size of your sofa is ideal. A dark brown coffee table has a very stylish and cozy appearance in terms of color. If you like, you can choose a more modern coffee table compared to one with a rustic look.

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13. A French-Tufted Bench

French-Tufted Bench

The tufted bench, a contemporary accessory, will look wonderful in your living room decorated in the Parisian style. It complements many different styles and is ideal for any room in your home or gathering place, including your bedroom, dining room, or foyer.

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14. Wooden Cane Chairs

wooden cane chair

You can choose cane chairs as a timeless decorative addition to your Parisian living room. Cane chairs never go out of style due to their neutral color and texture. You might be able to enjoy cane furniture for twenty years or longer with minimal effort since wooden cane chairs require very little maintenance.

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15. Velvet Curtains

Long velvet, linen, or cotton drapes are typically found in Parisian living rooms

Long velvet, linen, or cotton drapes are typically found in Parisian living rooms and look stunning when they are puddled on the floor. Your living room will feel very elegant with long velvet curtains in navy blue, dark or light grey, dark green, or beige. Embrace light colors, keep your walls and furnishings neutral, and use your drapes to offer subtle pops of color, or keep everything neutral.

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16. Walls With Intricate Moulding

Walls With Intricate Moulding

Almost every room decorated in the Parisian style, particularly the living room, has white or nearly white walls with millwork, molding, trim, and/or architectural details. These will look absolutely stunning in your Parisian-style living room.

17. A French Marble Fireplace

Stunning marble fireplace with roaring flames.

French marble is the perfect material for your fireplace in your Parisian-style living room. Because of its design and color, a Parisian-style fireplace in your living room will have an elegant and cozy feel. Due to its robust construction and heat resistance, French marble is the finest stone for your fireplace surround.

18. A Gold Mirror Over The Marble Fireplace

Gold Mirror Over The Marble Fireplace

In a Persian-style living room, the idea of a lovely golden mirror sitting over the fireplace instead of a TV is amazing. We can all agree that fireplaces are warm and attractive, and they make wonderful living room focal points. There is no need to worry if there isn’t one in your house. You can easily purchase an electric one or completely fabricate one using a fake mantle.

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19. A White Fireplace Mantel

fireplace mantle wall art in living room

When the colors of the room change, a white fireplace mantel ensures that the mantle will still blend in. Additionally, it makes the mantel less prominent. If you opt to paint your mantel, ivory and other shades of white are great choices.

20. Flowers and Plants

flower and plants

Living rooms in Parisian style appear to be filled with a lot of lush greenery and lovely fresh flowers. Plants genuinely give a living room a more lively appearance.

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21. Flowers in Frames

flowers in frame

Framed flowers, which perfectly match the French floral theme, are a unique way to liven up your Parisian-style living room.

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22. Artwork For Your Living Room

Artwork For Your Living Room

Adding some striking artwork to your room will give your Parisian-style living room sophistication, especially if your living room has white walls. The various flea markets in Paris are well-known for selling artwork from many different styles and eras.  Amazing works of art for your living room can include paintings, gorgeous images (of the sea and nature), and prints in terracotta, blush, turquoise, and sand.

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23. Striking Accessories

living room

Every living room decorated in a French manner needs a touch of glitz. Similar elements can be seen in Parisian-style living rooms from house to house, but each one is distinctively personal to its residents and filled with unique items.

Rather than buying what everyone else has, invest in pieces you love with a specific mood to make your home look more Parisian. A delicate crystal chandelier, a gilded antique mirror, or a bold centerpiece rug may all instantly transform a room with plain walls and basic furnishings.

24. Brass Decoration

Elegant drawing room interiors with brass décor elements

The display of brassware is said to promote harmony and positive energy in the homes where it is placed. For a Parisian living room, decorative brass accents are a fantastic choice. Your living room will have a rustic feel due to the brass accents you place in it. The brass decor also has a retro vibe and is quite easy to keep clean.

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25. Pottery Accents

Parisian house, ceramic home décor

When used as decorative items in your Parisian house, ceramic home décor items look gorgeous and also make wonderful presents. Neutral ceramic decor in beige or brown tones looks nice and simple and fits in well with almost any color scheme. Sculptures and vases made of ceramic are wonderful examples of ceramic decor.

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26. Cherish The Elegance of Age

Cherish The Elegance of Age

Interiors designed in the Parisian style are attractive but not flawless. Where the Parisians truly show off their interior flair is in the mixing of old and modern with a splash of bohemian flair, which is a simple-to-replicate fashion tip.

The quality of weathered wood, cracked paint, and burnished metal is welcomed in France. Items that gracefully display their age, like a mirror that is scuffed and covered with age spots or an old painted table with a peeling finish, can add a sense of history to your home.

27. Mixing Styles

Parisian Living Rooms Are the Most Luxurious

Parisian-style homes are not just glitzy and “vintage.” Some are contemporary, while others are even eclectic. A great variety of styles is always present in a Parisian-style living room. Whether it’s glamour and antiques, old or new, Mixing styles and letting go of norms seem to be the keys. You want your living room to have distinct personalities and distinct aesthetics.

28. A Parquet or Hardwood Flooring

Parquet or Hardwood Flooring

Herringbone parquet and wood flooring typically seem to be the standard for Parisian living room flooring. Now is the ideal time to install wood floors if you’re in the midst of home renovations or purchasing a home. It would be smart to also explore premium vinyl and engineered hardwood as your living room flooring options.

29. A Parisian Rug

Parisian Rug

Your traditional Parisian-style living room can be furnished with a gorgeous rug. Rugs are frequently seen in living rooms in Paris. You might choose a Moroccan-style rug in terms of pattern and color for your living room. For a cozy environment, you may also choose a grey or beige rug made of a natural material.

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30. A Distressed Rug

Distressed Rug

Distressed modern carpets instantly give the impression of being ageless. Adding a distressed rug to your home’s decor is a delightful experience. They are a unique way to add some character and depth to your Parisian living room, and they can really make your home stand out.

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Wrapping Up

The combination of traditional and modern styles is the main focus of the Parisian style. The best of the old and new are combined in a unique and well-balanced Parisian décor. Starting with the traditional floor components of herringbone timber planks, the overall tones of the Persian style are very subdued.

Floor-to-ceiling white wall paneling, an antique chevron parquet floor, big windows with black frames and an iron balcony, moldings, and marble mantels in the home are characteristics of a typical Parisian-style residence.

The classic Parisian decorating style is based on the colors black, white, and grey, which are always favorites in the decor arena. This style, which originated in the galleries of one of the most stunning cities in the world, is sophisticated and ageless.

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