Best Blue Sofas for a Serene Living Room

15 Perfect Blue Sofas for a Relaxing Living Room

When it comes to decorating a living room and giving it a serene touch, blue color sofas have never gone out of fashion. Placing a blue couch living room is a perfect idea for getting your dull living room uplifted with a touch of serenity. Blue, being such a versatile color, is sure to appeal to any home style, from period properties with luxurious ceilings to the coziest of spaces where deep, soothing blue can help us draw in.

If you are looking for blue sofas to add to your living room, here are some blue couch living room ideas for your preference.

1. Blue Velvet Sofas

blue velvet sofa

Blue velvet sofas are a classy and beautiful addition to any living room. They are quite comfortable and can also be used as a bed. To get the best blue velvet sofas for your living room, you can either visit your nearest home décor store or can also search for them online.

2. Decorating with Light Blue Sofas

Decorating with Light Blue Sofas

The light blue couch living room is perfect to evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity. If you want to have a color combination that will make you unwind after a long day at work, consider decorating your living room with light blue sofas. However, if you are wondering what colors go with light blue sofas, you can try combining them with different shades and intensities of blue. You can also try complementary colors like bright oranges and yellows or earthy greens and browns.

3. Blue Sectional Sofas

Blue Sectional Sofas

If you have a small space and want to give a serene touch to it, blue couch living room sofas are the best fit. However, the color blue is not just limited to a single shade but consists of several shades with a distinct feel and look. If you want to make a statement or highlight only the sofa in your space, a deeper tint is generally the way to go. However, if you’re looking for something more discreet, a lighter shade of blue would be a better fit.

4. Blue Nantucket Roll-Arm Sofa

Blue Nantucket Roll-Arm Sofa

The rolled arms on the Nantucket make it a great option for a casual space that leans toward a traditional look. Adding a blue color Nantucket sofa to your living space provides a calming environment to the space.

5. Blue Charolette Sofa with Skirt

Blue Charolette Sofa with Skirt

With feminine sloping arms, a tight tufted back, and tailored “T” shaped seat cushions, a blue-colored Charolette sofa looks pretty as well as polished. A blue-colored charlotte sofa enhances the serenity of the living room, providing a calming and peaceful environment.

6. Blue Leo Leather Sofa

Blue Leo Leather Sofa

With just the right amount of glamour and a big dose of seamless style, a blue color Leo leather sofa is a surefire family-friendly hangout spot. Its everlasting silhouette, customizable options, and unbeatable comfort add up to furniture you’ll love for a lifetime.

7. Blue Bolster Sofa

Blue Bolster Sofa

Inviting, versatile, and thoughtfully scaled, a blue color bolster sofa not only adds to the serene look of the living room but also delivers relaxed comfort and exceptional support. Set atop stainless steel legs, a white colored slim pliable seat cushion adds softness and a loose, laid-back look and also a contrast to the blue color of the sofa.

8. Blue Imperial Tufted Sofa

Blue Imperial Tufted Sofa

A standalone, majestic chesterfield sofa with a crushed velvet plush brings a touch of richness, especially when paired with patterned cushions, set against an auburn motif-laid wall and completed with a marbled rug.

9. Light Blue Divan Sofa

 Light Blue Divan Sofa

A light blue divan sofa with dark brown wooden legs brings a serene and sophisticated look to your living room and is also one of the popular trends nowadays. It’s a refreshing sight against a plain wall with minimal décor.

10. Vibrant Blue Luxury Sofa Sets

Vibrant Blue Luxury Sofa Sets

Large blue sofas are a perfect fit with an expansive living room. You can go for a large blue sofa with gold accents that can add a dimension of class and serenity to a massive living room.

11. Blue Color Modern Couch

Blue Color Modern Couch

Light blue is a very serene and intoxicating shade that goes perfectly with a large airy room. Wooden furniture in the room also complements a light blue-colored modern couch. However, a touch of green in the room makes the blue colored sofa stand out in the living room.

12. Blue Gigi Sofa

Blue Gigi Sofa

Blue Gigi Sofa evokes a new traditional style and comes with exceptional modern comfort. Its shapely profile with sloping side wings recalls traditional silhouettes, while French seams keep the look clean. Plush cushions and a supportive upright back make for a very luxurious sit.

13. Light Blue Drake Sofa

Light Blue Drake Sofa

A blue drake sofa adds just the right amount of serenity to the living room. The blue finish and the contemporary design elements create a flexible look that you can easily customize with your own personal touches. Ample, angled roll arms and semi-attached back cushions provide plenty of plushness and full visual appeal. Black, white and grey accent pillows and richly toned wedge feet ground this sofa in chic modern times.

14. Blue Percy Sofa

Blue Percy Sofa

A blue-colored Percy Sofa features clean contemporary lines with a slightly flared arm and tight seats. Covered in soft textured microfiber, a blue-colored Percy sofa looks and sits great.

15. Blue Emillio Upholstered Sofa

Blue Emillio Upholstered Sofa

A blue Emillio Upholstered Sofa features deep blue fabric that’s extremely soft to the touch, nailhead trim to outline the curved frame, and a sturdy hardwood frame to last for years.


Blue sofas are a bold design choice that will bring elegance and serenity to your living room design. I hope you found the perfect blue sofa for your home. However, If you want to contrast your sofa, try using a deeper shade of blue as an accent on the wall near the sofa. This will create visual interest in your room without being overwhelming. If you want to use more than one color on the wall, don’t forget that different shades and hues can be used together to create striking effects.

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