Tommy Bahama & Self Magazine #2


Hey friends!  I’m back again with more Tommy Bahama/SELF goodness!  Is this romper not the cutest?!  And so, so comfortable- I can’t help but wish everything I put on was this easy breezy!  As promised I’m providing a full body workout in these four posts we’re producing, so after the jump you’ll find today’s portion- and it’s all about the ABS!  Having a strong core is so important with stand up paddle boarding, so I’ve been working mine like crazy to get in shape.  I figure the stronger I am, the longer I can be out on the water having fun and getting in what I consider to be a sneaky workout (one that doesn’t feel like it)!   Click through for the rest and work out those abs with me!!!  (Here is last week’s post, in case you’re interested!)  xx- Sarah   {Photos: Lou Mora}

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a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-1 a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-3

a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-4 a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-2 a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-206

Is the Tommy Bahama paddle board not the prettiest?! It makes me feel like an island girl, in the best way!  And, this rash guard/bikini bottom might be my favorite. You can call me Sporty Spice now. HA!

a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-201 a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-205 a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-203 a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-102

Boat Pose- Begin in the seated position on your board, back straight and knees up.  Place your hands lightly behind your knees and lift feet in the air.  Draw your shoulder blades together and extend your arms out, palms up.  Keep abs engaged, chest lifted and point your toes.  Hold for 5 breaths.


Modified Plank Pose-  Begin on your hands and knees, hands shoulder-width apart, toes down.  Keeping your back straight, lean forward and hold.  Engage your abs and draw your shoulder blades together.  Hold for 5 -10 breaths.


Plank Pose-  Start on all fours, arms shoulder width apart.  Engage your abs, lift up and straighten your legs.  Keep neck neutral, arms strong and breathe as deeply as possible.  Hold until fatigued.


Knee to Chest Planks- Start in a high plank position, engage abs and bring knee to elbow.  Pause at top, squeeze abs and return leg to plank.  Switch legs and repeat 10 times.


Bicycle Sit-ups- Begin lying on your back.  Bring opposite elbow to opposite knee, lifting opposite leg, squeezing abs and pausing at the top.  Lower slowly and repeat on other side.  Repeat 15 times on either side.

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  1. Emily|

    You make boat pose look so easy! That’s the one i really struggle with.
    I’m liking these style photo posts !