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Hi friends!  I meant to post a recipe today but we got rained in, so I’m going to save it for another day (I’m at the mercy of the weather with our outdoor kitchen these days!)  But I’ve got something just as good for you!  I know that you won’t all be able to join us in Fiji even though I really wish you could, so January and I are putting together some fun posts to keep those of you who can’t make the trip fit, healthy and happy!  We’re starting with a quick circuit training routine that’s great for both beginners and seasoned fitness buffs- a speedy workout that EVERYONE can squeeze into the busiest of days!  It’ll get your heart rate up and work some of your major muscle groups- so if you don’t have time to squeeze in a full workout at least you’ll have moved your body in the day!  I’ve been loving interval training- it’s been the most effective exercise I’ve ever done for toning, building strength and increasing my endurance.  Most of all I love that I don’t need to leave my house or have fancy equipment to do it.  And I find that shorter, more intense workouts are easier to psyche myself up for.  So for this workout I would do a 5 minute warm up walk, followed by a 5 minute jog, then into the exercises with laps around the block in between.  See the exercises and instructions below.  Have fun!  xx Sarah (Outfit Sources:  top, bottoms, sneakers)


Lunge with Knee Drive:

From standing, interlace fingers together and turn your palms forward away from your chest, holding the arms straight out at shoulder height. 

1. Step back into a lunge with your right foot, dipping the back knee a few inches away from the ground. 

2. Push off the right foot, stand tall, and bring your right knee up in front of you. At the same time, lift your arms overhead.

Repeat, 10 times, each leg.


Side Plank Reach

Holding a side plank, with bottom wrist directly under shoulder, have your top arm at your side. Put one foot in front of the other for stability.

1. Reach your top arm straight up and overhead, and lift your body an inch or so higher as you reach.

2. Bring arm back to your side as you lower the hips one inch to the beginning, neutral plank.

Repeat, 10 arm reaches each side. 

(Drop to the bottom knee in plank to modify.)


Half-Burpee (without the push-up)

From standing, 

1. Drop through a low squat to bring your hands to the ground. Step or hop your feet back into a plank.

2. From plank, hop or step your feet back up to the hands, and from your squat, jump high into the air. As you land, bend the knees, and move right into repeating step 1…

Repeat 10 times through


Standing Quadricep Stretch

Lift your left foot behind you, and reach left hand back to grab the top of your foot. Gently pull your heel in toward your butt to feel the front of your thigh stretch. Hold your right arm high to practice balance! Hold for at least 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side. 

Tommy Bahama & SELF Magazine #4


Today we’ve got the last of my four part series with Tommy Bahama and SELF coming to an end!  I hope you’ve enjoyed the inspiration as much as we enjoyed producing this series (see previous posts here, here and here).  It really inspired me to get in shape in a way that only knowing you’re going to be photographed in swimwear can.  HA!  Kidding!  But in all seriousness, I’ve loved bringing some fitness inspiration to the site and plan on finding other avenues to inspire you down the road.  I’m still working hard with my favorite fitness pro January (who I am very much indebted to for helping me get stronger and healthier) so this won’t completely end here!

The first part of today’s post is all about the perfect beach cover-up!  I’m loving palm print ANYTHING these days, and this little number is no exception.  It’s such an easy piece to throw on for a beach stroll, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately as we’re feeling extra lucky to be near the ocean again!  And the second part of today’s post is all about stretching it out before and after a stand up paddle board session.  Stretching is my favorite part of any workout- when I had a gym membership I was the girl who spent the first 15 and last 30 minutes of an hour long workout STRETCHING.  Which is probably why it’s a good thing I cancelled my membership and started getting exercise doing things I love instead!  But even when I’m super into a workout, I still look forward to the stretching session at the end- it just feels so good.  So below you’ll find some of my favorite stretches for before/after a stand up paddle board adventure.  Click through to see more!   xx- Sarah    {Photos: Lou Mora}

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Tommy Bahama & SELF Magazine #3

Hey friends!  I’m back with more Tommy Bahama/Self Magazine goodness today in part three of my four post series where I share some Spring/Summer beachy fashion inspiration and exercises to get you in shape for my new favorite sport-stand up paddle boarding!  {Play catch up here and here if you missed}

Ok, let’s start with these pants.  Crazy good, RIGHT?!  I’m pretty much wearing them non-stop.  High waisted, comfortable, adorable- they check all my boxes.  And on beach days, with this top, I’m just thinking it doesn’t get much cuter (except those two girls running into the ocean with their floaties!)  Click through for the second part of the post- exercises to work that upper body!  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah    {Photos: Lou Mora}

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Tommy Bahama & Self Magazine #2


Hey friends!  I’m back again with more Tommy Bahama/SELF goodness!  Is this romper not the cutest?!  And so, so comfortable- I can’t help but wish everything I put on was this easy breezy!  As promised I’m providing a full body workout in these four posts we’re producing, so after the jump you’ll find today’s portion- and it’s all about the ABS!  Having a strong core is so important with stand up paddle boarding, so I’ve been working mine like crazy to get in shape.  I figure the stronger I am, the longer I can be out on the water having fun and getting in what I consider to be a sneaky workout (one that doesn’t feel like it)!   Click through for the rest and work out those abs with me!!!  (Here is last week’s post, in case you’re interested!)  xx- Sarah   {Photos: Lou Mora}

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Tommy Bahama + Self Magazine #1


Hello my friends!  I’m super excited about today’s post- it’s the kick off of a series of four and something I worked really long and hard to produce and am very proud of!  And by long and hard I mean 15 personally instructed yoga sessions with my very favorite yoga teacher, as well as 5 weeks of daily yoga sessions, a couple of training sessions with Tommy Bahama stand up paddle board expert Brennan Rose, and many hours of shooting at the beach.  I did all of this so that I could partner with Tommy Bahama and SELF to give you some inspiration for your wardrobes + beach days, introduce you to my new love Stand Up Paddle Boarding, pass along a few tips for those of you new to it who’d like to give it a shot, and instruct you on the exercises that I did to prepare my body for the super fun workout that paddle boarding is (it quickly became my FAVORITE way to get in a workout)!

So now that I’ve talked it up, see below for some beachy wardrobe inspiration (we had so much fun shooting this that I now think I only want to shoot on the beach!).  Also, click through to see a peek at my tutorial with Brennan, what he taught me, and the exercises with detailed instructions below.  And look forward to three more of these posts to come- each with exercises to strengthen a different part of your body.  Even if you’re not near any water or stand up paddle boarding is nowhere near your future- these exercises are perfect for an at-home workout to tone you up and build strength and flexibility. I hope you love!  xx- Sarah  {Photos: Lou Mora}

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