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24 Elegant Lush Green Velvet Couch for a Cozy Living Room

Sofas are the most attractive piece of art in your living room. When you walk into a house, the first thing that catches your attraction is the sofas. There could be a plethora of choices for the type of sofa that can sport in your living room. The green velvet couch is generally the top object of desire.

Plush green velvety sofas touch elegance to the look of your home. If you are thinking of bringing home a lavish kind of sofa, then this article will help you get some ideas to enhance your thought.

Ideas for Styling a Green Velvet Couch

1. Sectional L-sofa with Loungers

This plush sectional sofa is a perfect addition to a large family. The green color would be an ideal combination of modern aesthetics. The color is a bold contrasting statement. You will feel a sink on appeal, and it will make a bold statement. A green velvet couch will make your lounge look awesome.

L-sofa with Loungers

2. The Basic Green Velvet Couch

Are you looking for an ecstatic seating system that can keep your peers on their toes, always? This luxury coach is a handcrafted piece with chic brass legs, back cushions, and a sleek design. This simple mid-century designed sofa will redefine the grandeur of your living room. You will love the design and backrest and plunge into a world of luxury.

basic sofa

3. Classic Round Arm Vintage Style Sofa

If you are a lover of mid-century-styled furniture, this sofa is a charming piece of velvet couch that stands apart in any living room. It has a Victorian-like antique appearance and stands as a contrast to the contemporary interior. The decorative foam, the turnip-like wooden legs, and the nail trim details are elegant. The green velvet couch is adorned with rounded edges and back rolling diamond tufted back cushions.

Round Arm Vintage Style Sofa

4. Transitional Square-arm Stylish Sofa

Looking for something different and classy for your living room? Then look for this kind of a sofa that is a boxy transitional style, simple yet glamorous. The backrest and the clean-lined give it a modern look. It has traditional tuxedo armrests and adds a stylish touch to the couch. The green velvet is an excellent fit for any living room and will stand out as a focal element.

Square-arm Stylish Sofa

5. Convertible Futon

A convertible sleeper futon has a split back option and expands to make a bed or a lounger. This mid-century design will be complemented by velvet upholstery that will bring a sense of timeless elegance. If you are looking for something that is non-traditional, then this sleeper futon will definitely win your heart.

Convertible Futon

6. Flared Arm Sofa

This is a spacious three-seater green couch, and it delivers an inviting space. The flared arm along with the simple channel-tufted back, would produce a great ambiance and a luxurious outlook. If you are fascinated with a spacious and well-crafted seating system, then you can own this flared arm sofa; just a desire of yours will come true.

Flared Arm Sofa

7. Round Arm Sofa 

There is a simple curving from here, bringing charm to this old, ecstatic piece of art. When placed in a living room, the green velvet couch completes the appeal on its own. If you are looking for a fusion piece of art between the old and the neo-age style, then this piece will be worth your hunt.

Round Arm Sofa

8. Camel-back Sofa

If your home complements vintage decor, then you may look for this velvety green sofa having a chic camel back with delicate ornamental details and brings sophistication. This adds a wild vintage to the space around it. This sofa would complement the vintage décor of the surroundings.

Camel-back Sofa

9. Back Arm Style

The back armrest sofa would be the most suitable green seating system. This could be the most suitable one for your living room with the minimalist type of decor. Furnished with metallic legs, this sofa will steal the idea of a plush-style seating system adorning your sizeable dining hall.

back arm style sofa

10. Three-seater Shell Sofa

Are you the one who looks for seas shell inspired luxury furniture for your living space? This green velvet couch has a smooth form with channel tufts and sleek brass legs. The sofa is nothing but a combination of comfort, elegance, and luxury.

Three-seater Shell Sofa

11. Flamboyant Chester Sofa

You may go extravagant with this chesterfield sofa. This sofa is furnished with brass detailing and is a treat to the eyes. The masterpiece is adorned with knife edge covering, diamond tufting, and nailhead trim. If you have a wide living room, then this type of sofa would be your most desired choice.

Flamboyant Chester Sofa

12. Trendy Loveseat

The velvety green sofa and the matching cushions can be a treat to the eyes. They are a soulful play and bring a soft quirky charm to the space. This is a cozy, cute, and manageable dimension. You can definitely adorn your bedroom with such a masterpiece.

Trendy Loveseat

13. Armless Loveseat

This is a smooth form, and a simple channel tufting occurs. The elegance attached to the chair makes it a must-have. This is an addition to the contemporary and modern glam style. You will love the green velvet couch that can be a cute combination to your plush sized living room.

Armless Loveseat

14. Smart Sectional Velvet Sofa

Are you an ardent fan of the ’70s and still like to preserve the richness? The grandeur of the futon is adjusted with shiny chrome legs. The velvety sofa has striking and clean modern aesthetics. There is a low profile and customizable and adjusted futon.

Smart Sectional Velvet Sofa

15. The Modern Bench Sofa

If you have a much more compact space, this green-velvety sofa will do justice to your sense of aesthetics. This contemporary, modern mid-century sitting arrangement will fit your space and add a flavor of elegance. The elongated L-shaped extension would serve the purpose of an extra space that would be an additional pleasure to space utilization.

Modern Bench Sofa

16. Contemporary Regular-arm Sofa

The simple, modern green sofa will complement the interior space without much standing out in the crowd. The hues are refreshing, and the couches have a minimalist design but exhibit elegance. The sofas will have square armrests, wooden legs, and button-tufted backrests, making the piece a grand-looking art. If you adore modern furnishing art, then this sofa would be your most desired furniture.

Regular-arm Sofa

17. Square Pattern Sofa

The elegant square tufted sofa could be a sworn-worthy addition to the living space. The bold square pattern can be a gracious piece of art, exemplifying the grandeur of style. Adorn this piece for your modern, contemporary living room.

Square Pattern Sofa

18. Smooth Curved Modish Green Velvet Couch

The soft organic form of the sofa will make a great style statement, and accentuated back armrest will make this piece of art elegant.  If you love a handy armrest, you will prefer this shell-inspired seating arrangement for your living room.

Smooth Curved Modish Sofa

19. Elegant Low Back Snuggish Sofa

Are you a great fan of A vintage-styled sofa having a laid-back feel? You will love this luxurious piece of art with a low back, flared arm, and diamond tufted finish. The couch has an aesthetic feel. The design of the sofa would be adorned with patterned cushions.

Elegant Low Back Snuggish Sofa

20. Arm-chair Soft Couch

Do you want to furnish your home with some modern yet comfortable furniture? Then this couch is an ecstatic piece of art with a handle that will be ideal for an armrest. The soft cushion-type pillow would provide comfort and be an exquisite example of grandeur and elegance.

Arm-chair Soft Couch

21. L-shaped Sofa

You may put the green-colored L-shaped sofa with an armrest at the side of your room to maximize space.  You will find an economy of space and a better area to accommodate other things. The green-colored sofa will be the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

L-shaped Sofa

22. Armrest independent Sofa

The sofa is elegant, grand, and has four metal legs. You can match with the cushions of your choice. The boat-shaped plush sofa is exclusive and will reflect a class of its own. Bring this piece of art home for maximum comfort. The green color goes well with some planters that enhance your room’s show.

Armrest independent Sofa

23. Bold Printed Sofa

If you are bored with velvety cushion sofas, this printed cover might make a difference to your eyes. The bold print would complement the simple bench-like look of the green velvet couch. If you add complementary cushions, that will add a flair of ecstasy to this combination.

bold printed sofa

24. Elongated Adorable Sofa

This kind of sofa is long in shape and has an armrest. The soft, elegant sofa is low height and carries its aristocracy in every type of room. You will get some economy of space as it is elongated, and you can keep it to a side in your living room.

Elongated Adorable Sofa

What Are the Most Important Tips To Remember While Buying a Sofa?

Buying a sofa can be the most crucial decision. The couch is often termed the central showpiece of your home décor. The eye-catcher, the head-turner, and the most delicate part of your living hall is the sofa. So while you desire to purchase one, specific parameters must be checked.

  1. Color: The color of the sofa cover is essential and determines the entire house’s ambiance. The most common color of the sofa is brown, green, and mauve. You can choose some unique colors like purple, green, and yellow in case your walls are painted slightly on the darker side.
  2. Size: The size of a sofa is also the determining factor. Generally, the loveseats are 60 to 78 inches wide, while the normal ones are 80 to 84 inches. So you can match the size of your room, which should fit its dimensions.
  3. Shape: The shape of the sofa is essential as that determines the economy of space. You can buy a sectional or L-shaped sofa to maximize space in your living area. Standard three-seaters or a combination of 3 +2+1 is also a good combination.
  4. Comfort: The most relevant factor determining a sofa’s buying points is comfort. The make of the couch and the type of foam used determines the comfort factor. Anyways, the layout can also be the reason for convenience.
  5. Cushion appearance: Accommodating cushions can greatly determine the sofa’s appearance. You can buy cushions that match the sofa’s upholstery. Cushions add a glamour factor to your sofa. Choose cushions online or maybe from your nearest store.

Essential Points to Cater to with the Body of the Sofa

  1. Legs: Generally, the legs of the sofa are not visible. But if it does, it must be steel, ornate wool, or natural. When you buy a couch based on its external features, legs are important and make a great difference to its look.
  2. Arm style: The arm style of the sofa makes a great difference. The rolled arms look feminine, while the wooden arms look smart. The handles are sometimes nailed, enhancing the sofa’s look.
  3. Frame: The frame of the sofa makes a great difference. You must ensure that the sofa’s structure is solid and doesn’t crumble under pressure. The construction of the base material has to be excellent and well-supported.
  4. Fabric: The sofa cover fabric makes a difference, and that’s the main determining factor of buying. Sensuous fabrics like silk or velvet make a great difference to the item. You may even prefer a floral print for that ultimate look. The upholstery must be easy-to-clean fabric. Stain guard fabrics are the best. Leather is easy to maintain.
  5. Pattern: Pattern sofas are lovely to look at.  Some people shy away from buying that. But they look good in a room designed for a typical pattern-looking sofa.

Green velvet couches are your most desirable object of choice. Green is considered the color of aristocracy and grandeur. A touch of velvet makes your home décor much more approachable. You can choose from the given range of options or even search for some more choices from your own. Match the sofa with some excellent paintings that can finally add a touch of elegance to your living space.  Make your living room the most desirable place to stay and explore.

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