Single-story Spanish style homes feature a distinct architectural design with clay tile roofs, stucco exteriors, and arched doorways

What’s Unique About Single-Story Spanish Style Homes?

Spanish-style homes are one of the most popular architectural homes that is common in the United States. It’s also popular in other North American regions.

Generally, a Spanish-style home has iron accents, a terracotta roof, accent doors or windows, and several other unique features.

Meanwhile, a single-story Spanish-style home has similar features and attributes but is restricted to a single floor.

A single-story Spanish-style home may provide you with additional benefits. It might be associated with outdoor and indoor space, adaptability, flexibility, etc.

A normal Spanish-style house, a single-story Spanish-style house has a hacienda-style layout. Thus, people also call this type of home a single-story hacienda-style home.

In this blog, you will learn some unique facts about a single-story Spanish-style home.

What is a Single-Story Spanish Style Homes?

What is a Single-Story Spanish Style Homes?

A normal Spanish-style home may have two floors, but a single-story Spanish-style home has only one. The function is similar to a ranch-style home.

However, there’s a huge difference when it comes to architectural design. A single-story Spanish-style home provides more outdoor space than a normal Spanish-style house.

Besides these, a single-story Spanish-style home can come with versatile designs and unique interior and exterior designs. It’s a combination of both modern and traditional houses.

A single-story Spanish-style home has the following advantages:

    It’s adaptable, customizable, and flexible.

    Provide enormous outdoor space.

    It doesn’t have an upstairs, and it’s kid-friendly.

    It is also suitable for elderly people.

    It ensures a calm environment.

Unique Facts About Single-Story Spanish-Style Homes

1. Adaptability

A picturesque home with a charming fountain in the front yard, showcasing the perfect blend of elegance and adaptability

A single-story Spanish-style home’s most unique trait and benefit is its adaptability. You can customize other areas as it’s built under a single floor to increase a room or build a large garage attached to your house.

It’s quite an easy task absent in a normal or two-story Spanish-style home. You can customize your roof tiles easily if you want to change them.

2. Enough Outdoor Space

Enough Outdoor Space

A Spanish-style home comes with sufficient outdoor space. For instance, a hacienda-style home. Thus, you can customize or utilize it perfectly.

It can fulfill your desire if you’re a fan of an outdoor kitchen setup or an outdoor swimming pool. A single-story Spanish-style home may look beautiful if you establish an outdoor garden full of plants and trees.

3. Versatility

A versatile house featuring a red roof and white trim, blending elegance and charm

A Spanish-style home is known for its versatility. However, if you build a single-story Spanish-style home, it may convey more versatility in your neighborhood.

The exterior is more properly illuminated than American and English-style homes. The interior, tiles, and architecture are contemporary.

It is a combination of both old-school and modern-style homes. Despite being a single-floor house, it’s heat-friendly and always maintains a cool temperature.

4. No Upstairs

No Upstairs

As a single-story Spanish-style home is built in the same way as the ranch-style houses, it doesn’t have any stairs. It means you don’t have to break your legs to move from one room to another.

All the rooms, including the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and others, are on the same floor. Thus, it is easier to maintain and assists you in cost efficiency.

5. Indoor-Outdoor Combination

Indoor-Outdoor Combination

As mentioned, a single-story Spanish-style house provides more outdoor space than the normal ones. Thus, you can make a collaboration between your indoor and outdoor areas.

It’s one of the most unique facts about a single-story Spanish-style house. You can create an outdoor kitchen attached to your living room.

Besides these, you can build a private pool attached to your living room or shower room.

6. Unique Tiles

Unique Tiles

A special trait of a single-story Spanish-style home is it comes with unique tiles. A single-floor house can brighten up the shades of those tiles. It establishes a vibrant look, whether it’s a floor, wall, or roof tiles.

In addition, the tiles are heat-friendly and assist you in maintaining a cool temperature even in hot weather. The tiles in a Spanish-style home evolve the glow of interiors.

7. Curves and Arches

Curves and Arches

Curved windows and doorways are the most common of these homes but have unique features. The arched windows may allow the sunlight to come into your house directly.

If it’s a single-story Spanish home, it will establish a more beautiful atmosphere. Meanwhile, an arched doorway can assist you in creating a long-lasting impression.

8. Quiet Atmosphere

Quiet Atmosphere

A single-story Spanish-style home is quieter. In addition, it provides a calmer atmosphere than a normal Spanish-style home. If you have kids, you don’t have to worry about them or their running.

Since it’s a single-story house, it doesn’t have any stairs. Besides these, you don’t have to walk through the staircase, and the footsteps of your family members won’t bother you either.


A single-story Spanish-style home has almost the same characteristics as a normal Spanish-style home. Meanwhile, the building process is almost the same as a ranch-style home.

In other words, a single-story Spanish-style home combines a normal Spanish-style and a ranch-style home.

A single-story home may be customizable. Besides these, it provides a calm and quiet environment. As the home has no stairs, it’s suitable for both kids and elderly people.

In this blog, you have learned some unique facts about a single-story Spanish-style home.

Do you prefer a single-story or a normal Spanish-style home? Let us know in the comments.

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