Coastal Chandeliers for Beach Homes

18 Trending Coastal Chandeliers for Beach Homes

Looking for a gorgeous coastal chandelier that will go with the interiors of your beach home? Unsure about which chandelier would make the perfect match? Here is everything you need to know about these chandeliers before you make a choice.

Before you start looking into chandeliers, there are a few things you should consider.

Humans have the propensity to be drawn to chandeliers. Therefore, chandeliers command a lot of attention in the space. Although you can pick where to put your chandelier in the room, it works best in rooms with high, open ceilings. One piece of advice is to make sure the chandelier you choose is suitable for the size of the space. 1:5, measured by width, is thought to be the optimal ratio.

Here’s a list of 18 coastal chandeliers that are great matches for beach homes:

1. Rattan Chandelier

Rattan Chandelier

Rattan chandeliers are known for combining functionality with a modern design. As versatile as it is, it is commonly suited for beach homes. Rattan chandeliers evoke the memories of a getaway or a vacation. It ties organic materials to the home’s décor, thereby highlighting its bohemian features. The beauty of a true rattan work lies in its handcrafted textures and tones. Rattan’s work is light. It will make your room feel breezy and look bigger. These chandeliers provide nostalgic and retro looks while also being casual and comfortable.

2. Wooden Chandelier

wooden chandelier

Chandeliers made of natural wood can have little spotlights mounted on them. It can be used while keeping its natural characteristics intact or can be laser cut to form incredible new shapes. The biggest flaw of wooden chandeliers lies in their composition and the manner in which they are hung. The items or style used to make that hanging structure is the secret behind the alluring style of chandeliers crafted out of wood.

3. Rope Lighting Fixture

Rope Lighting Fixture

A rope lighting fixture is a one-of-a-kind coastal chandelier. They are adaptable by nature because of the raw materials sourced in their making. They are built with flexible LED lights. Every fixture’s brightness is made to appear subtle and covered with woven nylon rope and silicon to ensure pliability and durable strength. This helps the light fixture regulate a fixed formation of light even when it has a cover with free-form woven designs. Chandeliers of this type are unusual and very designer.

4. Mother of Pearl Embellishment

mother of pearl embellishment

Chandeliers with mother-of-pearl embellishments have a vintage look from the 1950s. The retro-style chandelier, when suspended, not only illuminates the room but sets a classic theme for the entire décor. When the chandelier is hanging with all of the lovely pearls artfully decorated on it, the beach house’s overall appearance becomes fancy and appealing.

5. White Seashell Rings

Handcrafted with seashells, such a coastal chandelier is extremely fragile. Their additions to the beach houses represent status and luxury. These chandeliers have come a long way in history. Earlier, they were placed in formal areas, such as the grand foyer or the huge dining rooms. But today, they are the center of attention in any room. These are traditional and meant to fill the room with a shine of elegance.

6. Capiz Chandelier

Capiz Chandelier

Capiz is considered to be an extraordinary material for the way it takes on different colors and their luminosity. This breathtaking element adds glam and a luxe vibe to the whole room in a subdued manner. Capiz chandeliers make common areas of the house appear exotic. They will still look good if you design them using unusual shapes and sizes, vibrant colors, or eye-catching patterns.

7. Sea Glass Chandelier

Sea Glass Chandelier

Sea glass chandeliers and exquisite craftsmanship go hand-in-hand with each other. They foam into lighter shades, mostly aquamarine blue, and such similar colors, that perfectly match up with the beach house vibe. They are delicate and summon an impression of easy-going, flowing, living water. Every piece of sea glass is built with small, crystal-clear glass beads resembling water droplets. They are more New Orleans style, featuring cast metal scrolling arms.

8. Oyster Shell Chandelier

Oyster Shell Chandelier

Due to the fact that they are made from real oyster shells, oyster shell chandeliers are distinctive. The best way to connect with the outdoor beach vibes is through them. These chandeliers are created with a little gap between each shell to allow the light to enter. Their shell sizes are erratic, which adds to their visual appeal. As they get older, these develop a rhythm and typically take on a natural color.

9. White Coral Chandelier

white coral

White coral chandeliers are pretty and aesthetic in their own way. Handmade with love, they can also serve as a warm gift for a newlywed couple. White coral chandeliers are symbolic of peace, purity, and happy vibes. With such cheery lighting, your stay at the beach house is going to be all the more fun!

10. Brass Chandelier

Brass Chandelier

If you want to give your beach home a romantic touch, brass chandeliers are a good way to go. Not only is it stylish and gives a cozy appeal to the environment, but the little brass details add to the soft fabrics and light wood. They make the outdoor colors complement the indoor décor.

11. Galvanized Finish Chandelier

Galvanized Finish Chandelier

Chandeliers with a galvanized finish allow you to bask in the warm, gleaming light that is arranged in a linear pattern. They appear similar to typical country baskets. With the capacity to be fully dimmable, the light fixtures are endlessly versatile. They are ideal if you want to give your beach house a raw, organic look. These chandeliers can be fitted with CFLs, LEDs, halogens, or incandescent to produce a hint of contemporary shine with a vintage appeal.

12. Rustic Chandelier

Rustic Chandelier

If you prefer dim lighting, a rustic chandelier is the best addition to your beach house. With a sturdy look, it brings you adjustable brightness. Your beach house is bound to look royal with rustic chandeliers. The fact that you could get it customized with a coastal hint makes it all the more unique.

13.″>Tiered Jute Rope Chandeliers

Tiered Jute Rope Chandeliers

Fine-quality jute is twisted to form tiers across the chandeliers, offering a coastal style to your living room or dining area. This natural jute allows filtered light to illuminate the room, creating a soft glow and catering to a casual, comfortable atmosphere. It can be hung in the kitchen, hallway, dining space, or living room. This coastal chandelier sets forth a rustic, bohemian feeling in the beach house.

14. Beaded Chandelier

Beaded Chandelier

A beaded chandelier should primarily be hung indoors. They are designed with mini, colorful beads that cast lovely light and shadows when they are switched on. All those beads strung together are a treat for the eyes. For style and aesthetics, a beaded chandelier makes a good match for your beach homes.

15. Boho Glam Wooden Chandelier

Boho Glam Wooden Chandelier

Bohemian-glam chandeliers are to grace the interiors of your beach homes. The warm light that escapes through the boho-styled beads ensures a soothing pattern on the walls of the room. Boho chandeliers make a modern statement, and as trendy as they are, they bring an air of freshness to the beach house.

16. Geometric Chandelier

Geometric Chandelier

With geometric chandeliers, you automatically sign up for modern features that will make your room glow. This organic chandelier is coastal-inspired, which forms a unique combination of rustic vintage style with eclectic nautical feels. Geometric chandeliers are common and widely used. Its authenticity and singularity come from its variety of complexity in designs with soothing rhythmic patterns.

17. Fabric Chandelier

Fabric Chandelier

A fabric chandelier shouts out an artisan’s touch. Its silhouette and design are two elements that make it special. The classic chandelier is eye-catching, and for very good reasons. Your beach house will undoubtedly resemble a Hollywood-style beach house, inspired by pure elegance and classic appeals.

18. Antique Rope Chandelier

antique rope chandelier

It is designed to illuminate your beach house in a twirl with its Bollister style. Antique rope chandeliers have a sturdy metal frame-like structure that has an open, rounded shape that allows light to shine through. The hemp rope covers the metal to provide texture and a contrasting color to the entire chandelier. Antique rope chandeliers give out a rich coastal flair to enhance the décor of your beach house.


A coastal chandelier attempts to bring freshness to the beach house. Its main aim is to soothe the human soul, giving it a break from the mundane daily routine.

The coastal-inspired color palette and design patterns fill your living room, kitchen, dining area, or even outdoor space with subtle magnificence. These chandeliers are different and have a way of combining modern characteristics with traditional art styles and ideas.

Get your coastal-based chandeliers right away if you want a touch of breezy chills with a pinch of elegance in your beach homes!

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