Marble tile assortment displayed on a counter, showcasing the latest trend in tiles for 2024

7 Awe-Inspiring Tile Trends of 2024

Home decor is made from a wide range of features. It takes one’s detailed work planning to make the best presentation.

And if you are planning to refurbish your home or set up a new one, considering the placement of tiles is a good start.

They are a functional piece of ornamentation that can instantly elevate the look and feel of your entire space.

With the French country tile making its mark for interior and exterior use in residential and commercial spaces, 2024 has a wider variety of choices regarding current trends.

And the most exciting part about this is that the range of tiles in trend in 2024 is all-inclusive.

This means there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer minimalistic decor or are inclined towards extravaganza in interior design.

Ultimately, this implies that you don’t have to compromise on your taste in home styling to incorporate contemporary tile settings!

Types of Tiles in Style in 2024 

Here is our pick of the most stylish style tiles trend that will remain at the center of attraction for 2024.

For those who appreciate a rustic yet elegant aesthetic, explore our article on French country tile, a trend that beautifully blends traditional charm with modern approach.

1. Marble-Effect Tiles 

A bathroom with a white tub and shower, adorned with elegant marble-effect tiles

The sophistication that marble offers is undeniable, and with the advancement in technology, you can achieve a similar effect in tiles.

These marble tiles showcase the visual impact of marble and are available in several types, the most popular ones being the large-format marble tiles.

Marble tiles also provide the flexibility of choosing from different designs as per your needs.

2. Stacked Tiles 

A stack of colorful tiles arranged neatly on top of each other.

This concept may sound like a brand-new one, but it is just a more creative approach to the placement of tiles, which has been highly in trend in recent times.

Stacking tiles one above the other can offer a fresh look to your living space or bathroom.

You may use colored or patterned square tiles for the purpose.

But if you want to explore the charm of stacked tiles, we recommend using large-format vertically stacked tiles.

Not only do stacked tiles showcase elegance, but they also add to the depth of the space and make it appear larger. 

3. Terrazzo Tiles 

A modern kitchen with a stove, sink, and countertops made of Terrazzo Tiles

 Terrazzo tiles are making a cosmic comeback in 2024.

Made of chips of marble, granite, glass, quartz, and other stones embedded in a base of cement or epoxy, these tiles are characterized by abstract patterns.

However, the current trend in terrazzo tiles seems to have slightly deviated from their original dotted or asymmetrically veined designs and are now much more alluring and diverse.

From polka dots to bold or neutral tones, these can be as simple or as gaudy as you want!

Perfect for kitchens, countertops, reception desks, or floors, these timeless classics are here to stay.  

4. Travertine Tiles 

Travertine tiles - natural stone flooring with unique patterns and textures

Nature-inspired concepts are always in vogue, and travertine tiles depict the same.

Travertine is a natural stone, and travertine tiles make a statement themselves, owing to their muted earthy tones.

They exude charisma and modesty, and it would be an understatement to say that they radiate a sense of calm and peace.

Hence, these tiles are popular in bedrooms, study rooms, office spaces, wellness clinics, retreats, and art studios.

You can get these tiles in various plain designs or symbolic color schemes that evoke an aura of simplicity and minimalism. 

5. Handcrafted Tiles

A kitchen with handcrafted blue and orange tiles on the walls, adding a vibrant touch to the decor

Moroccan Zellige tiles will finally get the recognition they deserve owing to 2024 tile trends.

These handcrafted artisanal tiles each speak of a tale of human labor and the art of human craftsmanship.

These tiles may seem irregular and imperfect, their edges chipped, and their designs differing in width and texture, but this makes these unique!

The hint of a flaw in these artisanal tiles boasts raw beauty, and the frailty makes them beautiful, evoking an organic appeal to the space.

Consider handcrafted tiles if creativity appeals to you, great for living rooms or use in floorings, wall backsplashes, and walls. 

6. Color Drenching 

A bar with a pink tile floor and a white counter, showcasing the artistic technique of Color Drenching

This tile trend is more of a concept than a tile type. It involves using the same color or type of tile on several surfaces of the same or adjacent rooms.

And with vibrant colors in modern times, this effect creates wonders, maximizing the look and size of a space.

You could use rich-colored plain tiles with smooth surfaces or opt for textured ones.

But when incorporating this innovative idea, ensure continuity in the contact of whichever surfaces you choose for reflecting it.

This effect enhances the area of the space and is a wonderful choice for bathrooms, living rooms, and commercial workrooms.  

7. Patterned Tiles 

Kitchen with black and white checkered floor, adorned with patterned tiles

Another retro style making a remarkable upturn in 2024 is the patterned tile.

Geometric patterns are raging, especially Moroccan-inspired emblems, motifs, and symbols.

These tiles make a personalized style statement and, whether made up of ceramic or cement, can make a standalone appearance.

Both traditional and modern patterns are very much in trend right now and are a great substitute for wallpaper.

Patterns are aesthetically pleasing and exquisite in kitchens, patios, living rooms, or backsplashes.

You can also curate a more modern look by designing digital art pattern tiles that pair perfectly with metallic accessories. 

What’s Your Pick?

The list above is a sneak into the captivating world of interior design and the tile trend in 2024.

That being said, choosing the appropriate tile is demanding. After all, your home interior decoration is an extension of your personality.

So, instead of going with the flow, analyze how you want to decorate your space and decide accordingly.

There are many trendy tiles to choose from, so you can rest assured that there is surely a style you will love!

Which among the above trendy tiles of 2024 would you like to use for revamping your home?

Do you have other types to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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